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(في كوريا مع دينا – الحلقة ٢(الأسواق الشعبية

Hi guys! Good morning! today we are at a place called “Dongmyo” We woke up pretty early to come here This place is popular for the sale of many used items or items for very cheap or they have what you call “flea markets” flea markets are like ‘moving shops’ but there is a certain part of Dongmyo that is very popular for selling vintage clothes or old-school clothes that are like hidden gems for very very cheap prices So me and Mabel- Actually, personally I’ve never been here before, But Mabel has, multiple times and I’ve always wanted to come with and find vintage pieces and other special items So, today’s mission is that me and Mabel will have to find an outfit for each of us using only 50,000 won 50,000 won is… this one umm its around 50 USD So, usually 50 USD is not enough like when you’re shopping in regular stores, It’s usually not enough for two vintage outfits But in Dongmyo, it should be enough So this is our mission; to make two outfits that are nice and fit mine and Mabel’s styles I’m not sure if it’s possible or not, so, let’s try! everything looks like it came from the 80’s it’s pretty but I don’t like the fit the colors are nice, but the fit isn’t great what should I do guys I really like this jacket but… I don’t want to buy the first thing I see we have a problem I asked her how much it’s for (the jacket) and she said 20,000 won and I only have 50,000 won so if I buy this… half the budget is gone I’ll give you one advice since most of the clothes here are vintage, it’s hard to be 100% sure of their current state whether they’re stained or torn or something so before buying any item, we hold it up like this right against the light and check for any tears or stains but for now this one seems fine Mabel: I’m gonna get this move, it’s my time to shine Oh dang! I really like the pattern on this one I like these colors a lot I like black, white and grey so, with black pants, a black inner shirt with a longer neck, and a nice chain/necklace, it will look perfect “Thanks a lot” Mabel bought a dress, and I bought a shirt, and what we have left is… 26,000 won out of 50,000 won we’re done with like half the mission, and we still have more than half of the money so that’s an achievement, it’s a good thing I usually like this over-sized fit clothes that look bigger than my size in the beginning I felt like this may be a bit too big but, I don’t know, I feel like it fits my style and I don’t own this color at the moment it will be a new addition to my closet I think it will also look good with the shirt I just bought I bought the last piece for today, the jacket and I still have 6,000 won remaining like 6 USD so we bought a dress, a shirt, and a jacket, all for under 50 USD for 44 USD so.. that’s awesome! actually it’s even less than 44 USD, it’s like 40 USD (due to currency rates) so, it’s really cool since it’s my first time here and I had a great time! I think I’ll come here more often because all of these items are usually brands, but are just not being sold anymore or are old and vintage, from the 80’s and 90’s so it’s difficult to find these items anywhere else Hi guys! now we’re at a place called “Gwangjang sijang” or Gwangjang market this market is in Seoul and is known to be very traditional, people here sell fabric, food, vegetables, fruit, especially traditional Korean dishes, there’s a lot of traditional restaurants so we’re here today to try out some Korean dishes, not just common ones, but more traditional special dishes that you can usually get in markets like these so there are a few things I had in mind today and I heard from the people around me that the best place to find these things is in Gwangjang market so, let’s see what we can find! this is a type of Korean pancake made from a certain type of beans it’s called mung bean “Bindae-tteok” I’m not sure what exactly it’s called in Arabic I tried searching it up but couldn’t find much you separate your chopsticks and you cut it up with both your hands like this it’s hot you get onions covered in soy sauce on the side so what you do is… you take a piece and dip it – You know what this tastes like?
– what? – Ta’ameya (Egyptian traditional food) it’s fried so.. it really does taste like Ta’ameya a little or Falafel they’re all made from beans anyway – right
– right like different types of beans so the flavor is very noticeable personally, I don’t really like ‘Fool’ (Fava beans) I mean I eat it, but it’s not my favorite but I don’t know, when (beans are) fried like this, they’re really delicious this dish has great demand people are passing by and ordering 3~4 pieces, they even take some out so it’s cooked in bulk, and these trays keep them warm “San-nakji” or “Live Octopus” but of course it’s not actually alive, it’s chopped up but you know inside the tentacles of the octopus there are nerves that make it move around even after it being chopped up so yeah, but in Korean it translates to “Live Octopus” this is a dish I tried already but its Mabel’s first time chew quickly, it sometimes sticks to your tongue personally, I really love this dish I’m the type of person who loves sushi, raw food, I love salmon, so it’s one of my favorite dishes, and this is actually an expensive dish this costs around 15 USD Mabel just left for work right now and we’ll continue the day with just me alone we’re here for an event it’s pretty special I won’t tell you just yet I’ll go check it out first and if I feel like it’s all clear and we can film, then, I’ll tell you today’s event is all about kimchi kimchi is a huge part of Korean cuisine most of the dishes have kimchi in them it’s in the (pickled) side dishes, in the stews, it’s eaten with meat, with vegetables, everything so today’s festival has been going on for 3 days and it’s all about kimchi how it’s made, activities to make it, its history, everything so this behind me, apparently takes place annually a lot of people, like hundreds, gather here and make kimchi together all that’s made is donated to people who need it since it’s winter now in Korea and the weather is getting colder, the poor really need anything we can give so this event is held for 3 days where everything about kimchi, from its heritage, how to make it, and shows about it, are displayed, over there as well we can hear music it’s like, historical? traditional Korean music so as you saw, today was a very ‘traditional’ day we had traditional food, we went to traditional and vintage shops, we visited the kimchi festival, which is basically the most traditional thing in Korea so… honestly, I had fun a lot of these things I had never experienced before, even though I’ve been living here for 4 years yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed as well, Insha’Allah next time we can experience different things maybe more modern, get away from this traditional vibe and do more modern things like visit cafes, go shopping, you know, things like that so look out for the next episodes, and I’ll see you guys next time insha’Allah love you guys, bye!

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