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เจอเหรียญนาซี! ที่ตลาดมือสองรัสเซีย Udelnaya Flea Market [EP.12 สุดท้าย]

I want this, I love it. Hitler. How much? 3 stars. Hitler. Hi guys. I’m at Udelnaya right now. It’s sunny today and I’m really happy with that. I’m going to bring you to the second hand market. Let see, how it gonna look like. Because I believe that to know if we want to understand local people I have to go to the market. And this’s the market that I’m heading to. A map. See The Sunway shop there, I’ll come later. I’m heading to the market first. It is located about 20-30 kilometers from the city. In the city, it started to rain. But here is sunny, I like it very much because it does not require me to adjust because the sun is similar to Thailand. Alright, I’m going to the market. Go straight, follow the map. Go straight and then turn right. Many shops here. The price cheaper than the city. Because St. Petersburg is recommended as a city of the rich and being ranked in the world. Pigeon. Which way I should go? Ok, crossing the line. Go go go. I need to hurry. Although there is no traffic light, if someone crosses the road, the car will stop. Do you see the clock here? If in Thailand it is now probably around 6 o’clock over 20. Let’s go. I would like to walk first and then we will meet in the front. Alright, I arrived guys. What’s this? Why the stop is closed? I’m very confused because from what I watch the shop is open around noon or 11:00. And the shop will be closed at about 7:00pm, but when I arrived what is it? See. Why? I’ll try to walk first. This is also a normal clothing store that sells these kinds of shirts. I think that if people like to wear secondhand clothes If you choose to buy here, you will definitely get something good. Especially to buy at St. Petersburg in Europe because most people will use branded clothes. I think you get good stuff at a cheap price. Let see first. Dolls. Dogs Are you a seller? Yes. What, no photo? Yeah. Ok. I can’t take a picture there. This’s a fishing rod. My friend might like it if he comes. I’ll call him. Cannot. I’ll go somewhere else first. This friend of mine is very good at fishing, and I believe that if he says the brand name I might be able to buy it for him. However, I will leave this zone first. The shop owner just warned me not to take pictures. I also think that if I come to these shops. It might be some people who don’t take pictures. I didn’t buy it either. Because I still go to many countries. Excuse me, how much for this? RUB right? Can I take a look inside? What’s this? Food? I don’t know what’s he saying. Thank you so much. Souvenirs. Wow. Very beautiful. People who like to decorate the house may like it. This one around 425 Baht. It might be a popular item. I will take this photo because I show him the camera and he didn’t say anything, so I will take it at this shop. Spoon. For soup. Plate. This is a candle holder. What’s this? I’ll keep walking. This’s painting. Hello. How are you? I’m from Thailand. From Asia, you are good at painting. I’m making a YouTube travel Vlog. Do you speak English? A little bit. Hello in Chinese. I’m from Thailand not China. Can I see? This’s mine. It’s cool man. You draw all of this? Man, he draws all these. Really beautiful. This’s St. Petersburg’s bridge. This one looks like a church. I didn’t make any clip here, I already made in another place. I’m afraid you will get bored. This one during winter. I want to say something before I go. Alex. It’s beautiful. Thank you. You too, Bye. At least this content will not be boring anymore. Tell you the truth, I was thinking like. Can I record the video? Will they say anything if I don’t buy? But my first impression here was like “No camera”. I feel like whata F**k!! Ok, let go. I’m here now. I want to buy something here. I told him that I wan to buy, can I look around first? He said yes, no problems. Because I want to buy it. Let see, what I want to buy. This is like a medal of the Russian military. It’s really expensive. Actually, I want to buy it. But it’s too expensive. This zone must be expensive. How much? Around 300 Baht. I don’t know how to choose. It would be better if my friend can come here. One of my uncle, he really like to collect this kind of thing, if he can come her, I think he’ll be happy. I hope, he’s watching this clip. This’s a camera. See. Who’s like to collect the camera may love this. What’s this? Stalin. Soviet. So beautiful, I’ll take a look first alright. Barak Obama. I want this, I love it. Hitler. How much? 3 stars. Hitler. He’s showing me Chinese character. I wanna buy that one. Can you give me 200 RUB? Hitler? No. No, 200 ok? Thank you. Let me take a look first. I’ll take this one. I really it. Do you have more? This 100 RUB? Bitcoin. No. Do you think which one is better? I want more. This one and one more. What do you think? No. Which one is better? Only one. I want only one. I want want more, which one is better? Here? Translate with your phone. Ok. No. I’m not Chinese, I’m from Thailand. Yes, not a Chinese. Take a look at this. No. Which one is better? Which one is better? Good. I’ll take a look more ok. Ok. Do you have a plastic bag? Thank you. Can I take a picture? Thank you. Thanks. I want to send to my uncle. Bye. I call him but he didn’t pick my call. It’s ok, I’m at the collector market in Russia. Because tomorrow I’ll go to other country. I saw these things and therefore missed my uncle. If Uncle has come here, I think he will definitely like it. It is a Soviet collection. Hitler, something like this. I’ll send the picture. If someone who likes to collect antiques like an uncle. I think that he definitely likes it. You may see first. What do you think? I already sent the picture. I’ll call again and let see what is the answer. Have you seen them? What do you think? It’s beautiful but we are not collecting the coins. Do you understand right it like a magical. Yeah, it beautiful. But we didnt colloce coins. There are so many things. But I bought only coins. But the are various items inside the shop. I would have to think and think again before I buy. Because I was afraid that there would be anything follow me back to my home. It’s really magical. Alright, we’ll talk later. Ok, I’m going to the other place. Clothes. You must understand that, I don’t go to every store because each seller is not the same. Some people are kind and others don’t allow to take items in the shop. I also have to be careful as well. Afraid that tomorrow I will not go to another country. Most people here think that I am Chinese. But if in the city, they will ask which country I am from. Because most of Europeans, when they see Asian faces, they are wondering whether they are from China or not because Chinese people are mostly traveling. Since I was here, I have seen Thai people twice or so, but I see Chinese people almost every day. When I went to buy things from the shop, he brought me a picture with Chinese language, I thought that he must have misunderstood, so I said that I came from Thailand. I wanna eat something. I wanna go inside that shop but. Ok guys, I’ve been walking for a while now. If you see the front there, it will be a slightly better shop. I would rather not go inside shooting. Just look at the outside atmosphere. Because I didn’t want to buy. I want to buy some water and stuff like that. Should have to walk forward. Where is food and drink zone? I want to buy and drink it. Hi. No thanks. I walk until the end of the walkway. Now I haven’t seen any water shops or anything. Strange. Or here, it is not here. Which way? I want some drink. Orange juice. Watermelon. No, yes that one. I need this. Thank you. I bought a bottle of drink and snack. See. She will not give us the item with the price tag attached. She will pick the item without the price tag. I’ll try this. First, let’s spit the gum in the mouth. It’s not from fresh fruit. I prefer the fresh one. Watermelon and strawberry and this one only 10 Baht. It’s a chocolate bar. I really like the weather like this. See, it’s like this. Nice. Ok guys, I finished with my snacks. Let me check my money. [ Counting.] I still have enough money. I’ll go back to the same shop and look for some souvenirs. And I’ll have some games for you because I really want to give them to you. That’s all for this clip. Wanna throw this first. That’s all for today, see you next time. And we’ll see who is the lucky person. Because I really like them too. See you, bye.

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