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🔮[타로카드 언박싱🧐] 미티컬 크리쳐 타로(The Mythical Creatures Tarot Water-colored Edition)

🔮[타로카드 언박싱🧐] 미티컬 크리쳐 타로(The Mythical Creatures Tarot Water-colored Edition)

Hi, everyone. Today, I’m going to unbox The Mythical Creatures Tarot, published by Baba Studio. In fact, when I started this channel, I thought about introducing tarots in historical time order from 15th, 16th century, … , and so on. but on second thought I’d rather not make it look like a kind of history lesson and it might be boring, too. Further, it would be losing opportunities for covering new-styled and newly published tarot decks. So I go to the other extreme for this time, by unboxing one of the latest tarot decks, published in 2020. So, we are going to unbox this item, In my case, I bought this from Baba Studio website, By January, they offered pre-orders and the price was $75. But now it’s changed into normal order and is $95. Quite expensive, isn’t it? Actually, many BaBa Studio’s tarots such as Alice Tarot and Victoria Romantic Tarot are famous for their high quality and they are sold in a limited number at relatively high prices. thus, I guess the imported items of this tarot will be sold for way over ₩100,000 (Korean one) at South Korean online tarot stores. Expensive, indeed. From my experience, however, the cardstock and design make it worthwhile for sure. So… Let’s open the package and continue talking Here, Three of Cups, or “Mermaids card” is included as an extra, it says. As I know, it selling was delayed so they expressed an apologetic gesture–a duplicate card with different image. We’ll take a look at it later. And this card, A gift card for purchasing You can buy the deck on the website here. It’s from Alice Tarot that I also have. The Magician card And They offered 20% off tarot bag for those who buy the deck that I couldn’t resist, although I rarely use tarot bags and just use original boxes to keep tarot decks. But this time, I bought one. Very silky texture, I’m gonna use this when bringing my tarot outside or just keeping it Yet another one is the companion book I bought together With what intention the deck was created how it can be used and as the concept of this tarot is based on mythologies, it explains what kind of mythical backgrounds and creatures each card is associated with And Sample readings Reading instructions Other than that, maybe colored illustration with detailed explanation on each card. As I expected, it not only talks about each card’s depiction and meanings but also symbolic objects, persons and animals which mythologies they are derived from it’s dealing with them altogether. It looks interesting. It’ll be fun as if I read a Greek and Roman mythology book. What about the cards? The box is very robust, Matte surface, and luxurious feel Little white book this booklet seems like an excerpted version of the companion book focusing on each card’s meanings. Just as booklets in other tarot decks so-called “Little White Book(LWB)” it has similar contents. It’s peeled out without a cutter. Cardstock-wise, very silky and soft and flexible Alright, then we’re gonna take a look at each card First, you can see the designers, Illustrators, and water-coloring artists respectively This deck first came out as b&w version(monochrome edition) a couple years ago I’ll show you the description on their website It looked like this, and was a limited edition Although it was sold out quickly, some seem to have complained about a bit too busy lines and complex artwork maybe because, For some tarot users, depending on their perspectives, the virtue of a tarot lies in the simplicity that enables intuitive readings When I first found out it would be reissued as a water-colored version though, and saw a few pictures in advance, the images looked much simpler and well-balanced overall, which gave me much anticipation. That being said, let’s get started. The card back The recent BaBa Studio’s tarots, to add shiny effects like this, are using a technique called “metallic ink overlay.” It can hardly be found in other tarot decks So definitely a plus Previously, many tarots used to add gold foil(leaf) highlights on surface to give shiny impressions The problem of this, as time goes by, is the “gold” part could be tarnished, worn off, or even fingertips could be smeared with the powdery particles came out of it. But this tarot, before its final coating process, using cold-stamping. The metallic ink is put under the varnish, and then it is varnished. So it doesn’t wear off At the same time, it maintains the shiny and matte finish Is is a very advanced technique. we can fairly think that the price is high accordingly. As you can see, depending on the viewing angles and the light, the glint varies without popping up too much. It’s elegant. I don’t know if it’s a pig or a cow. cute in either way. every card is The Mermaid and The Prince, by the way. in The Lovers card. Wow, amid swirling storm a worrier is breaking it through. It doesn’t look like a chariot This creature has a human face, but she’s actually a bird. Look how they described The Hermit not as a human but as a dragon. The Wheel of Fortune Not sure with what object the wheel of fortune is symbolized. I need to study further. In my opinion, It partially follows the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith(RWS) system, but also contains variations. So, it requires a bit of study and imagination. For example, this card, There’s no tower in it. Instead, the impending threat is not illustrated as lightening and thunder, but as a monster that looks like a big octopus what is falling down is not a tower either, but a ship. you may need to use analogies to read these cards. Wow, I love this violet color. What an ugly beast. Look, there’s merely one mythical creature on the card. So I think we need to know what kind mythology this creature is from. Only by doing this, we will be able to avoid reading the card only with generic keywords of each card. We if learn mythologies behind this, we’ll be able to naturally follow the storyline and eventually connect with this deck better. Minor Arcana They’re not entirely scenic, nor do they present the specific mythology you can tell immediately. Wow, look at this. Different looking mythical creatures are entangled. Oh Genie in Aladdin? Actually, Minor Arcana cards are not boring at all, the images on the each card are very beautiful and filling the entire card. For each suite, corresponding symbolic color is used. I love this card. It’s so beautiful. This tarot uses various subtle colors not cannot be describes as one color name. And these colors together with shiny metallic effects, evoke mysterious and elegant feeling. And they perfectly mach the tarot’s main theme: mythical creatures. There seems no Court card I can possibly neglect. Of course, they didn’t hand paint every deck They have painted on the original b&w deck and printed from these originals. But I can see they put much efforts on this. Antique feeling This is the extra card they promised. I actually prefer this one. So, we’ve finished walking through the cards. It shuffles very smoothly as expected, like other BaBa Studio decks. your hands can feel very soft touch One thing, I don’t usually riffle-shuffle tarot cards as I do poker cards, like this, because In a long run, as you use your tarot for longer time repeating this methods many times might cause scratches and bendings to them. Nevertheless, at least this tarot deck is so soft that I wanna keep riffle-shuffling. For those who believe that shuffling is one of the biggest pressures when using tarot cards, and those who just don’t care any wear naturally created by age, You can of course shuffle in whichever way you like. Especially When you deal with a tarot with a very good cardstock like this one, I recommend you shuffle in such way, which you will enjoy a lot. Although the water-colored images are very pretty, I don’t think it’s for beginners who are trying to focus on “reading.” because basically to read these pip cards you need to at least have a basic knowledge of Tarot de Marseille(TdM). At least as far as “reading” is concerned, I think it’s more suitable for those who have enough experience. So, I’ll warp it up here. The Mythical Creatures Tarot Thank you so much!

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