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$100,000.00 PROFIT IN MONTH? I RISKED IT ALL! $7000 storage I bought an abandoned storage unit

$100,000.00 PROFIT IN MONTH? I RISKED IT ALL! $7000 storage I bought an abandoned storage unit

you will never hit a home run if he
don’t swing the back sometimes in life you fail something might break even if
it breaks you know what you do you get another bat you swing again ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of
all ages we are here we came all the way to Texas to see Grimes to check out this
auction and do a final recap and this is gonna be fun to do but before we get
started I want to say something we on the way to this facility this morning we
were listening to videos a little bit of motivational stuff Grimes was showing us
his favorite video about how to fail and succeed in life
it was very pivotal to how I led up to this storage unit a couple months ago
you guys all know I kind of lost my home I was kind of let my business fall apart
and I was down on my luck I had three dollars and I had to make something
happen where’d I do I hit the auctions I hit the flea market I started picking up
free estate sales and I did everything I had to not just what I wanted to but
everything I had to to get back to where I needed to be and it brought me to the
point where I had enough money to go to the auction and my gut told me go all-in
on this storage unit and that’s the very thing I did and it turned out to be
probably the possible best unit I’ve ever bought and one of the best ever in
the storage business to boot so just let that know no matter where you are in
life as long as you try persevere you can make things happen don’t be scared
don’t be left failure happen because eventually if you keep swinging the bat
you will hit a homerun so without further ado let’s go ahead and check out
everything we got in this auction you got to fail to succeed people fail to
succeed sometimes all this good stuff no reason to hide
there is there the man of the hour Justin Grimes brought us out here to
check out his facility which is a excellent facility thank you appreciate
it and we’re happy to be here nonetheless ready get started I’m ready
well what’s not right here right here boom right here so you know sure people
really can’t get up I don’t think these when this goes to the machine that
applied beyond the next auction there will be a second auction ladies and
gentlemen so right here we have a lot of gun parts these are different various
guns or scope mounts they’re uh do you have any idea about these gun parts
Justin because that’s one thing I don’t special no they’re I mean they’re older
it’s new old stock stuff so it’s definitely gonna sell because I mean
especially right now with all the political stuff going on I mean people
are buying this stuff yeah and your laws are different out here
than that absolutely and this seems to be the whole gun section Justin’s very
good at organizing if you look at each self he has it goes in a theme almost
and this is we’re starting off in ammo guns gun making bullet making yeah and
part of that’s designed to make the catalog easier for you guys and this is
I thought this was for rocks this is for bullet casings huh you can but yet so
they used also to polish brass uh so we check every crevice of everything and I
found that badge was actually down deep in the sand he went digging in the sand
we cover we reach every crevice so don’t come around any unless you want to try
this Jake here we are in the fishing Department there’s a vast amount of
fishing poles fishing lures you’ll see some of that in a minute but these are
definitely the fishing poles very high-end brands things like Fenwick’s
sage I think there was so maybe G Loomis but very quality poles was nice you
could tell the person took care of me had these nice little old socks on them
that’s very nice you can definitely catch a fish with one of these you think
to help you fish better amount of cowboy boots I’m quite certain
that this was just literally this one person’s cowboy boot collection it was
like a husband and wife so there’s like two real sizes here but I’m not 100%
sure but this person was into collecting boots of all flavors boots of all shapes
and sizes what are these boots made for are these
boots made for walking Justin okay and just a quick note to any of the
subscribers or to the bidders if you’re looking at the catalogue from your phone
make sure to click into the actual item and in the secondary description you’ll
have the boot size we’ve got a lot of questions besides the boot sizes are in
there you need to actually click in the link and it’ll have the boot size down
there guys recognize this if you do put it in a comment that is actual product
from one of the videos nice hats with these nice I was very intrigued by all
the bands how quality they were different looking like they’re made from
like horse hair so these are all option two there’s your sterling silver one
okay and that’s got sterling accents on it so these are all in there they’re
individual lots so if you were interested well I’ll say that if you’re
interested saying this sterling silver hat band it’s gonna be lot number
fourteen twelve and so all these will be around it and all of the boots and the
hats are also in the forty niners forward okay guys not sleep on these
very expensive there’s a lot of thing to be like the Spurs are very nice I was I
was interested in seeing how well those do this person highly cooks Perth’s
Spurs are highly collectible sorry they Jim it’s a little early the Spurs give
you spurts of energy get your bids on these because the ads for boots and hats
I’m paying so here’s the deal here’s the dang deal here’s the deal people 107
easy it’s Alex’s fault so here’s the dang deal people the boots I am starting
a paid ad tomorrow I think is scheduled for boots and hats you better get those
bids in because I promise you these are gonna start skyrocketing so if you want
a good pair of boots and specifically product you better get to
the bidding because I’ll pay that starts running Saturday and Sunday for boots
these boots will be walking mm-hmm that’s just what they’ll do so in this
section we have like a little bit of random stuff you know I wouldn’t say
anything of extreme I wouldn’t say extreme value but it’s just different
cool stuff we had sent everything from the unit with them but there is a like
for instance but what making is foot bullet making right here just amazed
look we’re a little tall oh yeah so what this is a bullet casting and so what you
do is you you pull the metal pour the metal down in here and this is
for probably a nine millimeter and so you just pour it down in there you take
it out knock the bullet out and then pretty quick question
yeah every tag is a lot number correct yeah so like for example if you wanted
to bid on these you go to 692 in the catalog real easy or if you’re just
looking for a gun and ammunition stuff go to the top left and there’s a search
bar and you can hit the magnifying glass and start finding stuff like that and
here but this is kind of like a package deal right there’s a great line oh this
was on the box and guaranteed to catch a fish with this stuff yes but have you
used every one of these at least once somewhat on the water you’re gonna catch
a fish you can smell that box that’s crazy
if this smells good too enormous smell like fish we got some more boxes over
here just like the wood boxes up here we got the camera collection radio vintage
radio once again like you said if you’re interested this would be like 685
there’s everything every tag if you go to this video and you see every tag if
you want to bid on that just go to that number and you’ll see it Wow pirate this is a lot of stuff we
haven’t even begun I never named me good we get into some more miscellaneous
stuff there was a small bat collection you’ll see the big bat collection here
in a little bit but this is the small mini bats I think that’s in one law nice
little hand woven basket not sure of the direct derivative of that derivative
might not be the right word but we all know I say the wrong words quite often
remember this law it has the two millimeter guns in it you could find
those on Grimes’s auction definitely want to check those out that was a nice
sort of wooden box I forget what was in there a lot of handmade wooden box type
stuff look at these photos this is the John Wayne photo you know that’s John
Wayne right there which one right here baby John Wayne Horner was probably a
property as a movie star it’s a baby all sorts of miscellaneous there’s a lot of
pot metal style horses that were for trophies and ashtrays oh there’s some
bronze wood bookends and otherwise it would there’s just a lot of Western
motif he was definitely into Western well she was the perfect reason why to
send this stuff out here nice little dolls this is the old clock right here I
think right is the clock I’m gonna mess it up this last one I do is mess them up
on camera get them a lot of our glasses got glasses you
think these our glasses are literally an hour
No 1 2 3 4 5 6 what do we got up top more bucks we’ve
got a lot of box as a military ammo box that’s just where he kept his fishing
and supply this is a Pepsi crate number 636 so good know this is Justin crime
ceiling very nice these are nice right here I know a few people ask to buy the
wood rolling pins those are good for tortillas my mom
loves those can you have your mom make us them yeah she makes excellent ones
too nice and soft cool and I don’t want people to sleep on these these right
here so a lot number 625 so what these are you can tell we did want to clean
these too much because this is kind of tacked so what these are is these are
Japanese glass fishing floats and so what they would use these like they’d
usually I think up to 50 miles they would take these and they tie their
fishing nets to him up to 50 miles and this is what we keep the net to float
and like these big ones that we’ll get into in a minute right over there so
don’t sleep on these these aren’t for mosquitoes or other stuff I’ve heard you
know what it kind of looks like a prop from like Arctic or it looks like a
problem the Caribbean is not from garden rich folks this is it but look at that
look at that almost ant the amber color of that glass that is beautifui the
hand-blown break off mark there and like see look and there’s this set you’ll get
three you’ll get the big one and the two smaller ones but look at the amber glass
that’s just really beautiful so and then those two big ones over there green so
don’t sleep on these guys these are really cool they’re really cool history
GI Joes a lot of people tell me these are big money but I don’t think they
were the super old years you’re right but don’t quote me on that you could
check it all out full details in the auction I love Disney Disney’s always
good so yeah so the dust cover is a little
mess-up but that’s okay cuz look you can take the off there’s Mickey and that can
be dusted off you know what a lot of people do with books like these freedom
they take out the actual picture and frame right yeah cause look there is
this would be really cool for a really nice picture so it’s just kind of like
the history takes ten thousands of pictures ten thousand frames
ten thousand voters got some more miscellaneous different things camping
gear work gear a lot of thermoses he collected stuff in mass quantity over
here you got a nice collection of Pyrex a lot of people always ask for Pyrex
somebody actually the owner would Leon was that it wasn’t me on somebody I got
so hard to Mir everybody’s name really is more just general miscellaneous stuff
that’s a scale for weighing bullets or something like that or your powder maybe
something like that am I wrong I think it is it’s a hot skillet or what exactly
it’s for these are cactuses and if you touch them the wrong with your Pokemon that’s the storage option pirate there’s
a little pipe collection on here look at the trophies these are crazy I just uh that is nice
it’s a golf trophy I think there were several of them if you see them all over
some type of golfing pipe collection was vast you see different ones are sterling
silver different woods different makers as you can see they all have their own
lot number so you’ll be able to VIN a bid on them individually those are nice
but a nice chunk of tobacco in there yeah what I would tell the pie fires if
you look at the beginning of the auction you can also we made two lots that have
two really killer pipe holders and they actually come with five or six pipes
yeah so you can kind of get an instant collection and don’t sleep on those
either because I didn’t put them in there cuz they were cheap I put them in
there cuz it’s a nice starter collection look at all these nice brand-new and
slightly brand-new and once used coaches that’s nice Ralph Lauren look at that
carving on that you got his handmade leather right there
and if you come over here or gonna guess we’re not there yet
down here we have some Tonka toys who doesn’t love Tonka toys brings you back
to your childhood how many people on here really went back when they see in
there let me open this up for you too because I don’t think people need to see
this especially your fishermen so if you make
fly if you make flies there’s all kinds of feathers there’s all kinds of stuff
in here to make flies so this is a really cool again maybe starter kit for
someone who want to get in it or maybe a seasoned person it’s pull away for the
high end purse collection this did not come from the $7000 unit but I thought
why not just send it with him and we’ll see how it does cuz we just had to
sitting around it came from the three pods if you remember the three pods that
I bought you know what you just did when you sent this to him you test the waters
and on top of testing the waters you know that failure might come out of it
at a failure what is it how’d it go this morning the only way yeah you could
fail but you can also succeed and you will not know because you cannot hit a
homerun if you don’t swing your bat like it’s like I was watching that video this
morning and Denzel Washington was saying about his failure and he said so many
people never realized that Reggie Jackson struck out 26 hundred times they
only remember two homeruns and that’s the way your mentality is you don’t want
to focus on failure you want to shoot for success so I said when I send this
because I will see how it does the only way we’re ever gonna learn if we ever
want to do something like this or know how he could do is we have to swing the
back before every failure I mean before you there’s a 16 somewhere in there
right this is another thing that uh we didn’t we say this with sleep right um
gelatin vidcom yeah I think this is already up to 150 something I expect us
to go way beyond this is a very old fishing basket right I believe this this
might be 1940s or 50s okay so what I believe will they catch the fish drop
them in there yeah and so what is it’s called a fishing creel basket and so hey
if you saw one of the things I said we edit it’s because we do have a team that
research is everything and I always go so I use my team to get the general
stuff done and I go backing around it so you probably first
saw that this was said it was for game birds it’s not we changed it we updated
it it’s a fishing curl basket and this one is actually in really good condition
guys do not be afraid to bid on this thing look at this thing okay there is
one online that they’re asking $1,400 for I don’t know how close to true
market value that is but me personally was fishing with that I probably starve
because that little fish that’s where your whiskey bottle pops out
okay then I’ll be good your whiskey or your wine bar mmm then over here we have
the massive duck collection er I also think very much a sleeper item because
you have different ones you have some ones like this that are a little newer
not so much have extreme value that one says Made somewhere but then you have
ones like this loose head so we got to be careful but look at the the aging on
this look at the metal the nails they’re supported I don’t know still weights and
they’re all like if you look at each one there’s what does that one back there
looks very interesting back which lent them what is that it’s made out of like
corn husk oh yeah no exactly he’s right yeah you know how I know that’s core
knows hmm because tamales tamales oh yes a lot of different ducks various shapes
sizes wouldn’t to try one in the mouth which iswhich people on the scene I
don’t how to use duck call I never been hunting in my life I know the duck calls
guys don’t just see this as a duck call duck calls actually hold value and I
would value these just because it’s a condition stuff I would still value
these two black ones a lot for 84 and 41 I would value these somewhere between
$150 a peach so don’t don’t sleep on these these are these have collector
value and useful values they’re still used but they got collector value nice
down here we got more that guy had so many wood boxes in boxes because he had
so much small things so he was very organized below then we have this
crazy-looking an axe collection is that another fishing thing donut
floating corks or anything super old or Native American anything are they just
really these are newer but these are throwing axes and so lot 489 you’re
actually going to be bidding on all three of these and why is because
especially here in Texas axe throwing is a new thing it’s a new fad it’s gonna I
do believe it’s gonna spread all over the US but you just what it does is you
go and you throw these at targets on wood and you can order beer and wine and
stuff but these are throwing axes this is actually a sport but so you and you
have three in the game kind of like a cornhole you get three beanbags
you get three axes so this is a complete set I don’t remember
recommend necessarily drinking when you do over here we got a bunch more fishing
stuff the fishing stuff is fast these are a little bit of boxes tackle etc etc
then you come up here and a lot of people are very concerned about these
lures they were afraid that we weren’t gonna pay attention when we
underestimated them etc etc but as you see we took the time and everything has
its own lot numbers for 27 for 26 you can bid on these individually or any of
these in a lot let’s see so most of these are the ones that I’d deemed to be
worthy by themself when we researched there may be a few in here that is an
actual fish mm-hmm it’s not big mouth Billy he does not sing I thought he’s
sown you found something really cool if you want to learn about these so what
these are if you look at this picture Alex show them that picture Moby Dick
he’s it so what that is those guys are there
tuna fishing with just poles a string and one of these this is a it’s a to a
tuna gig and so you throw this on there what they’re doing is they’re basically
just throwing these in the water they bite on and they’re ripping them into
the boat so that’s what these are these are image tuna it’s less mass per tuna
so you can have fishing poles and lures you got to have real good look they go
together like peanut butter and jelly you know this is probably the most
valuable in my eyes because a lot of people who have comments on that is
brand-new in-the-box pens a very good brand not that the rest
of these are to be underestimated there have little use of good quality very
good brand names of course most of them are can if you look 10 and then we have
Abu Garcia to quality I like peanut butter and honey I like peanut butter
jelly banana and government cheese but my favorite sandwich when I was a kid
cheese on your si government cheese I would healing everything I mean out
there remember government cheese if you do comment below
ooh that’s cheese in the world I miss it have you ever have any hit me up I buy
it I’m serious I pay a hundred bucks for a block of government cheese right now
it’s 100 like $25 of grandma government cheese hey right here
the audition yeah so if you want it to let me get this down for you so lot
number 380 okay this is a great magnifying glass you could actually use
this for coins and stuff but what this is for is so if you wanted to buy this
slot and you wanted to buy that lot this is what you would look down into make
the to make your flaws and so that’s what this is for
which way is there I would look to let’s see if we can get you that’s the shot I
was trying to get yeah he did huh so this is and this is a nice quality
one too it’s nice and hell yeah the library with the with the candelabra to
these without on the emotes Japanese efficient clothes these are the two are
nicer ones are bigger in my opinion that’s a very desired color right there
you look at the you can definitely a Dayton agent that’s
nice then we come over here to binoculars let’s not use some high-end
ones some low-end ones we like binoculars if you guys notice Alex has
Alex’s avatar first channel is a picture of him and binoculars so we’re gonna put
that right here because I took a picture of them using one of these will hold
right here somewhere right here more tackle more boxes wit tackle each has
individual locks you could see those go on there’s 378 we’ll show you what’s in
that one 376 will show you what’s in that one very nice and we got Kings
these are nice Kings different reason a lot of these all individually they’re
all individual sweet and don’t y’all don’t sleep on these freaking umbrellas
man look at these umbrellas oh these are just really not live
I might Allah this is really pretty I think this is the one that’s really just
pretty beautiful that carved handle so look this is still functional y’all you
could buy this and go out and be out in style don’t go buy cheap umbrella buy
this one looks like the fancy one you take out on the weekends yeah and it’s
long number three forty-seven day 47 I feel like Cain’s back in the day were
also used as weapons they were they always had they always had big football
tips or whatever that’s crazy to lulav clothes stuff like this this
will sell well in here in Dallas Texas greatest football team ever San
Francisco 49ers I’m sure this is going to be a hot item at no firestarter got
all sorts of different clothes ironing this one’s gonna be a fill since this is
a very top quality brand I learned a lot this is something like I learned myself
storage auction pirate I did not know this brand til I bought this storage
unit but now I know whenever I see Filson it stands for money very quality
sells well no matter where you sell it I do got a lot of new clothes a lot of
there’s a dose of frontier there’s a feel sing we got leather bomber jacket
some of them military some of them regular a slew this was a nice one I
wasn’t sure if this was Native American handmade or just leather from a store
Hawaiian shirts Hawaiian tradition has been screaming to me to go to Hawaii
that’s what it’s been telling me another jacket by the greatest football team
ever San Francisco 49ers and we got some
off-brands like Tennessee Titans Denver Broncos stuff like that more jackets
these ones are nice here that one of these was a really nice this is military
right hands flying jacket man’s you can see the stats on it number 138 quality
don’t underestimate military leather bomber jackets do those are money man
now you make a Berkeley jacket just it tons a nice clothes these are all up to
right Justin all in these are all in the catalog alright there it will be more
clothes though right in there there is so many clothes guys and I’m not I’m
talking about collectible stuff new stuff with tags he had a lot of great
stuff a lot of vintage hunting jackets there’s Native American sweaters I mean
there’s a lot of good stuff so stay tuned this is not it yeah don’t forget
this is only the first option there will be a
please second auction nice sure but yep stores option pirate here we have some
more two-way stuff like this is Tonto he has a Tonka toys vintage oh this was
some type of trophy this was intriguing to me I don’t know if was high school
yeah high school football trophy probably out Bundy Oh bud I think it was
three touchdowns do you think this is a lot but you buy them individually but
it’s times three times the money money very essential for you to understand it
people are very intrigued by this one it’s weird it’s like an Easter hunting
trophy all sorts of just random ooh let’s not forget this people are really
intriguing who isn’t that knock over the world’s biggest lava lamp we stand next
s we criticize and so I hear Justin is 7 feet so we want you to so here’s a lot
of y’all have asked if this works the mechanics on lava lamps are really good
and usually if they’re broke that’s all the reason they don’t if they’re leaking
the only reason we couldn’t put things have you guys this is a big one so we
did there’s not a light bulb in it because you have to have a flat light
bulb but we’ll give you the model number you need me you’ll be able to figure out
they saw them at Walmart but I do believe this to work and for some reason
did not refund so don’t be afraid to bid on this I believe this words can you
carefully put this back on than half sold I almost broke it just now then you
come down here we have lots of I think this is a toy section if you ain’t pay
attention we got metal toys metal skates some
classic BB guns these are not just your regular BB go this is a one of these the
original Ben Franklin the others that Daisy was it come through here and this
is absolutely hands-down the nicest one I’ve ever had in here I’ve seen easily
rusted shut and look at the wood on this one I’ve seen them on eBay go as high as
two grand when I was looking him up yeah look I think this has been Franklin
right here but just look at the wood this is usually rotted that this was
really this is a the best condition Ben Franklin boiled that down wants to look
good there’s the hoozy that everybody thinks was real enough innocent
able to even have its a BB gun everybody’s like it’s got a serial
number but so check this out the cool thing about this is it’s a reproduction
of an Israeli okay Israeli shown the clip you show them the
clip inside of the magazine so I always say the wrong thing airsoft yeah yeah
one of my subscribers is a little worried about you and you seen it yeah I
got a few subscribe I got emails and Facebook and everything these are this
was one of the first items I found this is a listed I believe Chinese artist
this didn’t have a maker on it but that is a very old handmade we got some cool
things like Roseville pottery shops key style glassware let’s show them this
y’all don’t be afraid this is and again Mike has had some of the nicer examples
of things that we get in here all the time but you’ll see right here
USA Roseville Ohio look no chips and things around the rim of that that’s
very very rare to have that no chips no dings no scratches this is a if you like
old pottery this is a very good example bit high this is absolutely gorgeous
right here I think I like it that’s beautiful it’s a pretty piece it’s
exotic looking at their animals is it Moroni I no I don’t believe so but it’s
still just a beautiful piece more more great pottery some of it nicer I thought
this was one of the nicest piece didn’t I’d have a marking on it like said ma or
am a lot of people were commenting on it that was a certain maker yeah okay so
there’s some kind of signature on ma yeah those people were like it’s not
it’s not that because the EM is over the a and instead of said it’s X I think it
has the possibility of being Native American but I’m not 100% sure make sure
to look at all your pictures on this guy’s don’t bid loosely bid with
confidence but go through all the pictures for each item because each
piece of pottery will have a picture on the bottom that’s a nicer piece of
Roseville they’re older than the brown one
it’s more decorative because I do believe that this should be go way
higher because this is a beautiful example look at the delicacy he uses so
again you got shown the stamp that’s a beautiful freakin piece right
there this is a 1 3 6-9 Roseville it’s in great shape if you if you saw the
video to almost look like there was a it was like dinged but that’s actually just
kind of does have one little it’s not a chip it’s like the paint flaked off what
we call in the industry a chigger bite a chigger bite okay yeah it’s just a tiny
ding on it that’s repairable where you wouldn’t be able to notice it not any
chip it’s we just learned something now it’s trigger business once again we have
more of these well Japanese what’s the name fishing floats I don’t have a cool
name like Japanese glass fishing floats okay I thought they’d have something
cool like there goes this big rug that’s maybe you gotta think these are
collectible these were everyday items for a fisherman just you know laymen and
but they turned into something beautiful they’re considered art now lot number
147 is a buffalo from the home on the range let me tell you all about this rug
if you like buffalo hide drugs again I’ve had a lot of buffalo hide rugs like
if your thing is buffalo hide rugs he’s saying this is beautiful because look if
this was cleaned usually there’s big patches out if you do this you’ll see
the hair coming off if you do this this is how you know when it’s really good
and look there’s no patches this is absolutely beautiful like he didn’t get
a chance to use head and shoulders before he this is a very very good rug when we come over here and we got a more
random assortment of nice items more Tonka toys people are really interested
in this but they thought was a Salesman standing ok salesman samples not a toy I
said it was for dolls it’s not gonna take
yes how they would because obviously the cast-iron stoves back then we’re too
busy to take around and they did this in more than just those salesmen made
miniature samples of everything washers all kinds of things like that and so
that’s what this is they take this around trying to sell it we got more
just neat little neat little things these are little gun books those are
nice sadly we did not find a gun collection I was really hoping to find
one of every one of these but that didn’t transpire I don’t know how this
trash mmm 49ers in the house a lot of stuff hanging oil yeah when we first
looked at this we try to open it we didn’t know how to open it it’s a law
Grimes undid the puzzle he figured it out but one of the reasons so let me
tell you all something report because we’re getting a lot of comments if
something’s not in the auction there’s a reason why there’s always a method
behind what we do to look forward to this like so one of the reasons you
could tell that they had put glue on the string but we you know so we thought it
was one piece but this is actually a locking mechanism you see that mm-hmm so
when it was locked like that you know people are trying to twist this part but
she just twists this part so this will be a piece that will be in the next
auction and so something to look forward to is yes this did not come from the
7000 are lock if your memories came from that amazing auto parts unit about 400
bucks that Scott made a ton of money selling half it to most of it the cowboy
plus cash now and a few things sent that along the wakes I figure why not throw
it in let me run through this let’s run through the art let’s start over here
some of the greatest baseball players at all time many strikeouts but they got a
lot of home runs why why did I get a lot of home runs they swung the bat nice
artwork that came from a locker I bought with Scott these piece right here people
been waiting for a follow-up on that this is the Howard William Jones mixed
media art listed artist has art in the Smithsonian it’s on this on the auction
right now no reserve sixty sixty two you can get a piece of listed art on this
auction right now how often you have a chance to bid on something of that
caliber with no reserve shout out to his camera man’s story
started that was a beautiful I liked that I just light as know it’s one of
those photos that tell a story you know or pictures like she’s willing to step
down from the throne just choice and once again right here did I hit a home
run or a strikeout doesn’t matter cuz I swung the bat another Howard William
Jones artwork number 81 listed artist this man does have one piece that
Smithsonian not to be underestimated that’s the cowboy that’s nice
the horse is like he’s over here we got a little more artwork woodblock print
scuba diver michael arrow thursday i say that because they wanted it
hey bid on it who’s that song but i can’t read the signature
drugs for this piece remember when I dropped this because it wasn’t attached
I think it’s magnetized and it sits in that so old thermometer
I like this clock this reminds me of a jaeger-lecoultre minee but is still nice
tons of little the intricity of the things that this man collected was just
phenomenal they really took time and passion to collect each one of these
pieces this was a nice weather vane it’s got a lot of attention we’ve heard
things as much as this would go for 15 grand people have sent me things thing
and thinking this was like 15 grand I do not think it was get the anatomy there sometimes you have to have that when you
buy storage units let that be a lesson if I want to get that look horns
we got a plain collection and do not fly in plain wood planes and you got a
Winchester one though that’s pretty I never seen I hear planes have a very
good collector ability people love planes a buffalo where is the wing out
on the Buffalo here this is a people love this I was gonna make her dance but
I can’t just blow on her dress trench art world war two era maybe limit or
maybe look after trench art is where they basically took military type stuff
and when they’re in their downtime they would do stuff like create this
beautiful art this is what kind of show is that yeah so if y’all want to know
they do repot this kind of stuff and here’s
here’s the deal this could have been made from someone
literally sitting in a trench that’s where it came from because they had
downtown like bike mark site but they do but look so you can tell this is a
legitimate shell and this went to a 50 Cal right there and so you’ve got all
the legitimate breaks this is a real case of the real deal this one’s kind of
cool that they made a coffee mug out of it
I wouldn’t accidentally you might that’s freakin killer 50 Cal that’s just killer
it was discharge you can see where the pen hit it nice I do want to tell about
this because I think this is need Mike I don’t know if a lot of people know this
so it’s a bate canteen and people are like why would you put freaking minnows
in that it’s made out of court so what you would actually do with this is you
put dirt in here okay and this is what you carry your warm water okay so but
this is again this is a nice example of this specific one it’s just a really
nice example these are usually it opens on the bottom in top because worms like
to dig do it yes yeah so you can get to them either way so that’s what this is
for it’s not for minnows guys it’s for worms this was neat this came in the
first reveal the horse stats you’ve got a lot of comments on that a lot of
people love this a lot of people think it has extreme value I’m not sure
because when you the way we’re doing the auction always determines what the value
is it’s not what you think it’s not what you go on the internet and research but
something is only worth what somebody’s willing to pay and that’s the beauty of
an auction is you find out that value by letting the world determine that so I
went no reserve on everything and that’s probably how you do most things anyway
right no reserve because things are only worth with somebody’s willing to pay
here is lot number one anything you want to say about that judgment you’ll just have to contact us there are
some special rules and regulations for this piece but you’ll just contact the
auction house but this is just another another killer example this guy had
really good examples of each piece yeah it really was
it’s not like you had a bunch of the exact thing he collected just everything
we have a lot of these signed scrimshaw type things this one’s signed it was
this one of the unsigned ones yeah it is I’ll show you where this one’s more
clear though if you want to see this one it just be it’ll be easier for the
camera that was my favorite yeah so if you look right here it’s signed by the
artist oh wow okay and this was probably a sperm oil
tooth but I did have a guy who’s been doing sperm show up for decades look
these over for us because I can usually identify if it’s real or not but I
always get a second opinion it’s just always more but if you look down here
he’s got a lot of good examples this one’s actually one of my favorite this
letter opener my commercial on that one and that signature on that was real
clear to was this an Eskimo one because a lot of people did this possibly Alaska
right here Frank and he’s a he’s a known artist no lot number 26 you imagine that
as a fishing motif this is I think it’s go go yeah actually again it’s a really
good example this is really good for discipline if you have like a man cave
this is really great to put on your wall or table this is one of my favorite
pieces because I don’t usually find sterling Spurs but it says sterling here
somewhere right there yeah these are definitely old very antique II yeah just
look at this y’all y’all need a bit more on these do not sleep on these look at
that Inlet look at that silver in life these are very detailed
there’s even silver inlay in these wood lockers in this lot would be ticket or
did it this is at the very beginning of the auction where oh so 1330 as my lucky
number he’s right my friends are mark sterling beaut look at the detail and
areas like you’re there if you’re a little ant you’ll be not precise you
have to be to use like a little tiny knife and carved cork like that and it’s
a not good damage not only is it just like a pitch you could actually like 3d
ish like it’s like you can feel like you’re in there having dinner you know
it’d be nice if you had this and you put in your house and you put a nice light
behind it to let it shine through oh that would it be I was number 14 I would
put a nice colored light right behind it like an orange or green yeah to let it
shine I had to be beautiful Yogi Berra that’s another one of the greatest
baseball players of all time another man who was not scared to swing the bat and
why he ended up with such things like never we had one of those Mike right
there oh we had Yogi Bear every so yogi bear’s actual catcher’s mask did
you really yeah so this is a lot of signature guys it doesn’t come with the
CoA but this is it’s a nice frame yogi signature those are binoculars are
binoculars when you go to the operon you want to be my mother oh really
you’re singing whoo that I’m singing yeah this is one of my tell us about
this cane and this person that was on him okay so this is really cool so all
you people who ask do we research how do we have you got our say I have a whole
team of people to research this all we do and this is to the level so if you
look at this cane you don’t see much do you
it’s a nice cane but so right here okay it says AE or it says presented to a e
Shafer and it says I can’t remember this ayat I don’t have my glasses but this
was by government officials so AE Shafer oh this isn’t a town in
Ohio is what’s engraved right here so I googled this town this name and this guy
actually so Roosevelt president Roosevelt actually took over as
postmaster for like a two-week period when Congress was at recess and AE
Shafer is actually the one that came in and took over the postmaster in Ohio
after Roosevelt kind of stepped in so we were able to draw that connection and I
do believe here’s the deal a Schafer no one is going around banking
au Schaeffer I do believe this is a legitimate presentation this is this was
presented to a government official guys his whole guy real quick with the old
face got it presidential ties where we learn the old
face for my homies the Halos and and Jebus shout out to them taught us how to
make them great thumbnails did that so East Coast Oh face they call it what you got there okay so this is a
really really cool pin really cool yeah it’s sterling silver so you’ll read
down here and okay so I’ve taught Biblical prophecy for over a decade and
Israel is a big part of that and so in 1948 is when Israel actually it was
after the World War two after the Holocaust and the Israelis got their
land back in 1948 and in 1967 there was a six-day war where they actually
expanded they push the Palestinians back and that’s the borders now and if you
hear in the if you hear all the the politicians talking about Israel what
they’re trying to do is is they want to bring the borders back to pre-1967 so
this pin represents when Israel had the six-day war where they try to come in
and destroy Israel and Israel successfully defeated the enemies and
push them back to the 1967 borders and this pin represents that and the detail
on this is beautiful do not sleep on this pin this is history right here guys and sitting next to it was just a
regular old Mont Blanc she regular 14k mama right won’t you there was a joke
Mont Blanc 14-karat pan not to be slept on either if you know anything about
pens Mont Blanc is like the name right just like their I don’t know if there’s
better pens than Mont Blanc someone could tell me below right now but Mont
Blanc is the pen then down here we got some neat little things that’s like I
believe a civil war style pouch is that actual Civil War so what they do that’s
black powder so what they do is is you push this button and you can open to
that fill up with powder but then they would just build you want to had black
powder pistols and stuff that’s what they would tell it was nice when you
feel the cool besides in my hand this is a real gun
this is a two millimeter gun the only thing that this is missing is there’s a
little looks like a pill that holds the actual bullets but this is a two
millimeter gun is actually fires I’m not gonna say you can go out and hunt
Buffalo with it but this thing is an actual real eyes are like a mosquito
bite yeah speaks Kiev I don’t talk with do get some more scrimshaw’s here some
more I forget what kind of art you call that
what do you call that that style collectibles here black Americana and
then down here we have what I my personal thought is that one knife with
the leather sheath was probably the nicest knife I found but I’m as hard for
me to say I’m not a knife collector a lot of people think that the randall
which you’ll see here in a minute is the best one but this one is possible Civil
War era not saying it was used in a civil war but the age on that one has
some some depth to it the front one the leather sheath there there’s a clear
that the Cromwell or is a different one look at that Native American statue
number 41 often CDs and like smoke shops and so forth but that’s nice this was
not the Cromwell yes it is no it says something field Steph Phil Sheffield no
reason why I thought it was intriguing scuzz Harrow was so obsessed with this
one if you guys remember Harold from our videos Harold Edelman oldest British man
in the entire world he would he like this one too he seemed to value that at
like one to two thousand but Harold’s sometimes you guys have watched my
videos he’s a little bit of Krista it’s the eccentricity inside of him talking
about he groups some pipes together you can get them there’s two different lofts
75 and 74 we got some statues nice
these are nice put that in your pipe and smoke it new that one still got some
1902 you could use this for tobacco or your medical purposes depending on what
state you live in fun fact it actually had medical
marijuana’s nice statue there number 64 look at that lot it’s the floor what
number is the floor going for yeah you can bid on the awesome you could bid on
the whole house here’s the rest of the cane collection individually you got 150
for 157 all sorts of canes different styles different woods different motifs
equally as collectibles each other it even you can even purchase the umbrella
stand so if you need a place to hold your umbrella collection that is very
possible to be obtained over here I thought these were need these intrigued
because it made me wonder if some of the things he collected had anything to do
with these photos this is very old Mexico army police me or these would
artis just on these policemen the military that’s a chunk my father
lawyers tell me about Sancho look at this look at this I’d like to walk down
the alley Allah said these guys popped out of nowhere yeah three they don’t
look but look very serious this mean that’s a nice outfits hat we got a
couple hats if you remembered looking back all right
then we go on to the sort ment of military-style items hats holsters
that’s what family style holsters you know what this is gonna be an
excellent auction excellent auction you guys need to hurry up and go and start
bidding and then not to forget you only have so many days because it will end
what Monday night on this lot so after this video comes out you literally have
two days to go bid on pretty much everything you’ve seen here we got some
World War two helmets if you remember Harold taught us about them the front
seems this is number 240 is there any makers marking here because he said that
was very essential don’t know about that can we make some trench art with this
good danacarr no I just get some sharpies I bet the world would like a
storage stalker trench or what is the one that was here’s the beautiful knife
collection and handcuffs down there Alex if you pan through all these which ones
that that’s the Randall right there right
that’s there when it people are going Lady gaga over and the one that and the
one there was no kept saying was in Damascus blade people were going crazy
over that one Randall is one of the most best knife
makers I heard stuff as for instance they’re like eight months behind in
production nice could be very expensive these average 500 to a thousand used on
eBay for this knife were used used this is I think right now where prices are
and here’s nearly all here’s the deal they’re gonna skyrocket in closing but
this right now this knife is low this has made them soldier Germany saber and
it’s a monarch saved it’s a nice that’s a nice knife this one is intriguing III like to
listen to the subscribers out there and a lot of people know things that I don’t
and everybody was crazy over so I’ve heard things like this could be five
thousand dollars they say they’re keep saying Damascus steel telling me the
process of it I have no clue it’s not marked right there’s no route there’s no
markings on anyone but this is a beautiful Damascus pattern you can go to
one of my favorite shows is forged in fire and the process that goes through
like Mike was saying is amazing you guys better go bid if you get all the nice
down there yes sir those handcuffs not to be underestimated there’s a some
Crockett handcuffs in there there’s a every set of keys they’re all attached
if there is any maker marks on and they are in the descriptions holy crap you
want to try these out no you know these are the Crockett right here Crockett and
Kelly this is a very good brand when it comes to collecting things like Spurs
handcuffs etc etc Crockett Kelly very good comes with the key several several
handcuffs several knives all of different backgrounds dialogue one ear
videos oh yeah that one was crazy Errol was obsessed with that one
it’s got Captain on there so look at that look so if you want to
learn real quick about the value of knives
what makes nice valuable this right here so if you want to learn about the value
of nice real quick so what you see is you see all of this somebody’s like
taking sandpaper or a grinder to this okay what people are wanting is like
this randall guys okay so you’ll see this I can tell that this blade has not
been sharpened and that’s what you want an unsharpened randall is beautiful now
if somebody would have took a sharpening stone right next to each other make the
value see this so somebody took something to try this was probably older
it had rust on it and they were getting the rust off which I can repolished that
with the rest is good but on this look that’s an unsharpened this is a steeper
knife to most people just look at it as like a K bar or something right that
would they’re called K bars okay bars yet official Marine Corps not m9 probe
is three you look this up 399 sold on ebay for most of them a great shape used
that’s kind of a rare for a military-style knife of this nature
that’s not super old that’s a sleeper item not well that is
beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful now hold everything we just seen was
beautiful where do we go right on over here eaters these speakers there was no
brand on them were there that’s it’s weird is there’s some type of modern
Danish I know they have the birds I don’t know handmade of some form these
could be you know I didn’t really know much about furniture at all until pirate
started showing me telling me look you got to look at this because it’s certain
furniture that goes for I didn’t believe until we hit the antique market or
where’d you say all the time with you that’s a what that’s a what you’re the
guy’s name a Danish know the words you always throw
that’s the that table chair Herman Miller you are merely these Herman
Miller now in others everything’s Herman Miller but you know what I started being
more interested in old furniture when I went to that to that antique flea market
I seen people out there selling furniture sets for close to 2
10 grand 15 grand for 3 pieces of furniture go to the descriptions make
sure to click in there the maker everything in the saddle is in there to
be able to do the proper research on your own
don’t take always tell people don’t take a work for researchers informations in
there then over here we got several of the
Native American rugs blankets this is not all them right there would be more
on the next dog but there’s a several of them they are very nice quality you’ll
have a good detail mucousy lot number 859 don’t underestimate the Native
American blankets or rugs these are blankets that are not per se
Native American they’re more like a Pendleton style right oh yeah
very valuable some of the higher value ones you have very quality there’s gonna
be full photos of them laid out this is actually a very nice if you got saddles underneath the worn you get just some
things there’s pool balls this was kind of nice this is a Native American see
Navajo I love Navajo and if you know anything about me you know I’m Navajo
Indian 872 I love Native American stuff we got some Thomas Kinkade prints some
little my sister always talks about Thomas King oh she loves him maybe I
should bid on them for her that would be sweet which sister Pauline the one that
comes and helps are helping Sanger this was a cool piece of pottery
I remember that came and I think Michaela is unboxing you come over here
you got some neat things like this these are police trophies right you know what
it was just visit yeah this one’s a police
trophy San Mateo Sheriff’s Posse I know that was an ink trophy I was one of one
of the first reveals we did in this unit I’m obsessed with getting close-up shots
on the the trophies they look so nice he’s nice
does my impersonation of a horse what the whoa whoa whoa a lot more these
little trophies a couple M more silver right can you imagine the trophy this
came off of a second place yeah yeah Majan the trophy like that how big that
trophy had to be overcompensation this world over conversation trophy in
there’s stuff in these georgia no mmm that’s a silver set a not silver though
but it’s uh it’s actually a very nice super play set so this is actually a
knife right it’s for beating it was Rogers to write and from being Rogers it
still is nice it is the flare flare pattern beautiful here are some of the
best items we found innocent it is look at it it’s a pair of shoes in there
thank you resumes over here or the shoes stepping on that road we got some more
trophies golf trophies this is for a rifle competition very old
what is it 1934 yes we that looks silly and handle you you’d be wrong because
handles look more silver yes they actually look less silver than this part
but that’s what I was thinking we have a nice this I really like this lamp I
don’t know why usually I break lamps throw away good way for but something
about this lamp I like I don’t know why doesn’t have an artist name on it but
has taken their that really a tree does it’s like a water snake you know the one
that’s those like an octopus and those are always alright your song I can’t
hear you lot number 100 this is a lap steel
guitar is it electric yeah that’s why you couldn’t hear me as electric it’s
not doing okay got you I believe you it’s good for playing folk songs any
songs any song lot never had a very I think that’s a sleeper item over here we
have a slew of what I believe is Native American stuff not one percent on every
piece but I know there’s a few pieces in here that are definitely Native American
I know three this one has a weird little circle at the bottom we’re break off
point it’s not signed this one matches cattle
so here trying to say cuddle I like this one a lot the crudeness of this bowl
number 9 10 handmade pottery crazy this is some of the nicest things I think
I’ve ever definitely found in my eyes because I like Native American stuff
manse sand of all see if I didn’t have people like pirate or even people like a
message and stuff about certain things I think a lot of my stuff would really
just go to the domes look how oblong something like that when
I first started I think I read it for like five bucks at the market because it
looks something like you and I would have made in preschool huh it looks like
something like my grandma just had in their front yard just yeah the flower
was in there a little bit not even a flower all our old toys are not doing
much of Legos old Legos in a $10,000 pottery pot nine twelve a hand-woven
basket of some fun this is something Harold like – I don’t know why Harold
Ickes the weirdest thing looks like Japanese thing over there don’t know the
rope around it that’s actually Roper yeah they make that’s nice yeah you know
me I’ll break them this is the baseball bat
collection very significant to the start of this video and the stuff we discussed
this morning not just for its value but like we keep saying you will never hit a
home run if you don’t swing the bat sometimes in life you failed something
might break say it if it breaks you know what you do you get another bat you
swing again is that a signature well that’s another thing you do they’ll be
Derek Jeter breaking that bet he’s retired he broke this actually his first
little again what happened maybe over his niece well yeah I got a man and
snapped it yeah he left he kept swinging it became the greatest baseball player
of all time Lisa not the only say the greatest family like one of the greatest
of all time very significant s what I want to leave this to the end because we
started off with their little little fail thing and everything and I think I
was want you to come in for don’t be afraid of swinging especially
in a storage business the auction bids what are you doing a life you will not
ever hit a homerun if you don’t swing a bat 100 percent of shots are missed if
you don’t take them right absolutely I mean if you don’t think it took a big
swing of the bat for us to decide to fly to California then I mean you’d be wrong
right because we you know we flew to California the people think were not
stroke a truckload of you all all the way back to Texas so yeah that was a big
swing of the bat I could have got out there well I so here’s how much I trust
mine is I would tell you the auctioneer don’t ever fly out to the state don’t
invest that much money unless you truly trust him that was a big risk for us but
I knew I could swing the bat and here’s deal we’ve already hit the ball exactly
I’ve heard a lot of things to people one saying why why do you do this why you do
that if I were took this whole collection and I would have listened to
myself and take me in the next two years to Ebay this the fact is we did what we
thought was the best thing we stand to Grimes he listed his stuff and almost
like what 24 hours the way that this is moving is time time is money – don’t sit
there and just sleep on stuff and spend the next 2-3 years trying to move
something when you can go out and buy this again by swinging the bat you can
find all this stuff on Grimes option we’ll put the link below everything with
no reserve right yeah I like that – the world determines the value because
something is only worthless some you can go look at any book in the world
anything on Google it’ll show your price that doesn’t mean that’s what it sells
for something is only worth what someone’s willing to pay period but
here’s where we’re building if you build the right competition like we’ve done I
think the ball is going out of the park right here’s it here’s – so all these
crazy numbers that people want to throw out doesn’t mean it’s realistic could we
get there absolutely but like Mike’s saying market values determined what
someone’s willing to spend on an item can market value be driven back up
absolutely can’t like auctions like this because people are understanding I think
the way we presented it the way you presented on the YouTube we’re teaching
a lot of people I don’t think a lot of people know about this
in these days and so hopefully we’re helping loose the market value of
everything with this auction Alex do you have any closing statements for me in
this video um actually I don’t but I’m just happy that we met came out here
because why we expect you say you put trust in a soul on your chest I mean
that’s why you came with me cuz you’re the one I trust and have my back yes sir
yes sir anything you want to close this with no I mean I appreciate the
opportunity I love y’all ah

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  24. So much fun! Fun with friends and forever fantastic memories! Such a great experience for you PIRATE!!! You have been able to get away for a bit and unwind! I'm so happy for you, it makes my heart hurt with happiness that you are finally getting some of your mercy and Grace back that you have given to others. I can't think of anyone better than you that deserves it. Your heart is HUGE and has been proven in the many videos I have had the privilege to watch. I am in awe and amazed by your thoughtfulness as well as feel blessed to be a witness to your kind, caring, gracious, chilvorous, compassionate and tenderhearted heart, personality and soul. You are definitely one of the very few rare species of kind hearted old souls left! With love and friendship, ❤️❤️❤️Spring❤️❤️❤️

  25. Government cheese.. we brothers. I loved me the government meat/spam in a huge can. 😃 Love your videos bro.

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  28. I am in utter awe. Just to think each individual item you unboxed & shared with all of us, then Justin & Jeana took over with the crew. The displays are so tastefully done, with so much respect to each item, it looks like a Museum. Well done Justin! You out did yourself.
    Pirate, I am so happy for this video. Alex brought to this experience, the true meaning of true friendship & dedication to you. People need to see what Miracles are evolving from this unit that Pirate bet it all on. I was so touched at the comodrity between Justin & Mike. This is a beautiful thing all the way around. Congratulations! God bless. Much love.

  29. First off I have to say "BRAVO"! As I watch many storage reveal videos I cringe when I see flea market sales that end in $1 prices! The values lost, finally your letting someone who knows values sell it! It makes me smile

  30. your voice is annoying, who makes you king all mighty getting lucky one time, sickning.> Next step motivational speaking quack , but I have to say good score .

  31. That hole in the lid of the old fishing basket is where the wooden handle of a fishnet goes. I'm not sure if any of those old nets you have go with that basket or not.

  32. Hi! I look to see more items soon too! [I managed to unsnarl my brains and find the items for auction. And put in a bid so far.]

  33. Do you really think soldiers had the time, tools and skill to produce those hammered shells in a muddy trench? Of course they didn't most of those shell cases were shipped to the middle east where they were worked on in the 'Souks' Real trench art are much smaller items like button hooks or 'sweet hearts' little objects made for their wives and girlfriends from bullet casing or bully beef tins often incorporating regimental badges. After WW1 there were millions of old shell casings lying about.

  34. 30 years ago a friend found a lou gehrig baseball bat in a house clean out it sold at sotheby's auction house for $425, 000

  35. Those are 50mm artillery casings. Not to be confused with a .50 caliber. Anyways wonderful art my grandfather came back from France with a couple his buddy did.

  36. nice score. Inspirational. In the first video you found some pens. One had gold marked on it. Did you sell those? I think this was 3 weeks ago. Do you sell stuff online, and if so, where?

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  38. A little math for you….

    $7000 + 1 (crazy pirate dude)=$33,707.72

    That's a 582% return in about a month.
    Annualized that's a 6,978% return. Walk into any stock brokers office and tell him(her) you expect a 30% annual return out of the stock market and he(she) will laugh you out of their office.
    You did good Pirate, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  39. Maybe not $100,000 for the contents of this unit but (if my math is right) it looks like with the close of the auction, you cleared $35,000. Not bad – quadrupling your $7k.

  40. Just a quick question, why not just get a fricken JOB? Rather than play the lottery with re-selling stuff from people who are down on their luck and they can't afford to pay on anymore. And hope you get what something is worth. Glad for ya with the great locker but no sympathy on the i had to risk everything for this.

  41. I can't get to the site to bid. It keeps thinking I'm a robot. I have no problem with picking which photo has what in it. But when it comes to copying 15 lines of scrip and symbols in less than 2 minutes. I can't do it.

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