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13 Signs You’re An Old Soul and Think Differently

13 Signs You’re An Old Soul and Think Differently

Brainy Dose Presents: 13 Signs You’re An Old Soul And Think Differently You may have heard of the term ‘old soul’
before. In essence, it describes a person who thinks
and behaves like someone noticeably older than they actually are. Old souls demonstrate the knowledge and wisdom
of older age, as well as possessing a strong sense of inner worth. They are often puzzled by the things on which
their peers place value, and they do not have the same sense of what is fun or entertaining. Old souls convincingly create an impression
of possessing experience that they can’t possibly have. Here are some indications that you may just
be one of them! Number 1 – As A Child, You Preferred Mature
Company And Activities Preferring to spend time with grown-ups in
childhood is probably one of the biggest signs of an old soul. Of course, you did enjoy playing with other
children and shared their sense of adventure, but you also loved interacting with adults
who took you seriously enough to satisfy your curiosity. You enjoyed spending time with grown-ups partly
because of what you could learn from them; you valued their stories and knowledge; while
you often found your peers to be somewhat silly. You simply preferred more adult-like activities
such as reading, talking or having tea. Number 2 – You Are Independent And Prefer
To Follow Your Own Path Since old souls like to be self-sufficient,
they aren’t eager to be a leader – and they don’t really need one. Therefore, your mantra is “live and let
live,” as you aren’t especially critical of what others are doing. They have their way, you have yours. This is why you are puzzled when others criticize
you. As long as you aren’t bothering anyone,
why should they care? You like to follow your own interests and
have no problem going it alone. Number 3 – You Give Remarkably Mature Advice Because you are quite mature and follow your
instincts, you tend to give unusually sound advice that not only astonishes others, but
even surprises you on occasion. You are a patient listener and take time for
people who ask questions. Also, you can easily read between the lines
and sense things unspoken. Your intuition tells you things other people
aren’t aware of. These traits make you someone others like
to confide in. You come across as authentic, and others trust
you implicitly – even though they might find your maturity and foresight somewhat disturbing
at times. Number 4 – You Spend Time Reflecting On Your
Life Old souls tend to be responsible beyond their
years and don’t always look to others to take care of things for them. Unlike many people, you do not continually
regard life as unfair. You know that unexpected things can happen,
and you know that how you deal with them is mainly up to you. Taking responsibility for your decisions and
actions is imperative for you. This is because you have learned to think
seriously about your life and take time to learn from your experiences, in order to apply
these lessons in the future. Number 5 – You Tend To Be A Homebody Old souls enjoy the comfort and quiet of home. They find pleasure in their own musings and
are able to find their own entertainment. If you find yourself spending as much time
as possible at home, then you are definitely an old soul. You probably LOVE sitting on the sofa with
a good book and a nice cup up tea. You enjoy the peace and quiet your home provides. When you do leave the house, you prefer experiences
that will enrich you and stimulate your mind – or even test you. These are not necessarily exclusively intellectual. For example, you might find rock climbing
to be an interesting challenge, or be curious how quickly you can master a skill. On the other hand, merely partying or dining
out ‘just because’ usually seems to be a waste of time, unless it offers the possibility
of engaging conversation. Your time is valuable, and you prefer to spend
it on something worthwhile. Number 6 – The Classics Hold Your Interest You value history and culture and feel drawn
to classical literature and music because of what they tell you about the human experience. You have a solemn respect for the arts of
ages past. This can mean that you seem out of step with
the interests and tastes of your peers, who might regard you as being somewhat strange. Past classical art forms fascinate you. While others are listening to EDM or Hip-Hop,
you may prefer some old-time Rock-and-Roll. You likely click right past the latest hit
TV series in favor of an old classic film. Number 7 – You Have A ‘Feeling’ About
What Works Old souls seem to instinctively know ‘what
works’ and ‘what doesn’t.’ This doesn’t mean that you think you always
know best; you are open to other ideas. But you have come to trust your own intuition. You often feel that you ‘just know’ what
the best thing to do is. You have a gut feeling about how things will
work out, even if you are not able to explain it logically. You also tend to stick with what has worked
for you in the past and are skeptical about adopting new habits or technologies, even
if they are supposed to represent improvements. There’s a pretty good chance that you still
handwrite your to-do lists on paper pads and tack them to a bulletin board, while others
eagerly record everything using an app on their smartphone. Number 8 – You Don’t Confuse Being Busy
With Being Productive As an old soul, you see no need in unnecessary
stress or drama in your life. That’s because you know how to organize
your work and your relationships, without constantly placing yourself under pressure. You know how to relax, you value your peace
and quiet, and you find ways of avoiding the stress that seems to follow so many of your
friends and acquaintances. You realize that being busy and being productive
are not the same thing. Therefore, you prioritize your work, with
an eye for doing what needs to be done while leaving time for yourself and enjoying something
worthwhile. Number 9 – You Value Learning Old souls have a love for learning new things. And it doesn’t even have to have any practical
purpose! You simply enjoy expanding your knowledge
and feel a deep sense of accomplishment in mastering a new subject. You are the type of person who takes up oil
painting – just for the heck of it; or learn another language, just so you can better converse
with your foreign friend and to understand more about their culture. For you, learning is a form of growth and
personal development. Number 10 – You Don’t See The Fuss About
The Latest Craze While others seem to be frantically trying
to keep up with the newest fashions or fads, you tend to regard it all as a waste of time. Where’s the sense in all that? After all, “here today, gone tomorrow”,
right? You like to stick with the tried and true. Sure, if you can really see an advantage in
having a tablet computer, you are perfectly willing to get one. But what’s the use in getting a new smartphone
with a higher-resolution camera, if the old one still takes perfectly acceptable photos? You do not define yourself by the latest gadgets
you own or how fashionable you are. Your possessions serve a practical purpose,
they satisfy your own sense of taste or provide for your entertainment. Number 11 – You Feel Connected To The Past History holds a fascination for you. Your own past and the lives lived by others
are a source of knowledge and wisdom. This is why you feel more connected to older
people. You value their experience and appreciate
what they are able to teach you. You also see history as a dynamic process
and are deeply interested in how people lived before the advent of modern technology. Heck, you even see YOURSELF as a product of
history! Because of this, you also appreciate older
people and have no understanding for those who show little regard for them. You believe in taking care of the elderly. Number 12 – You Are The Epitome Of Calm If you are able to remain calm and stoic – even
in times of crisis – then you are probably an old soul. You may seem rather unconcerned or detached
to others. But you just have another way of dealing with
pressure. What’s the sense in getting agitated and
stressed out? It won’t make anything better. When others around you are in a panic, you
keep your calm and simply work the problem. You are the eye of the hurricane – you may
bend, but you don’t break. Number 13 – For You, What’s Inside Is What
Counts Old souls don’t look for approval or admiration
from others. They know their own value. They don’t need to rely on “Likes” or
“Followers” on social media for a sense of their own worth. They also don’t need a prestigious profession
or a fancy car in order to make themselves feel important. If you are an old soul, then you know that
your knowledge, wisdom and character are what really count. You don’t need to waste time, money and
effort trying to impress others. You know what you have to offer. Relying on the opinions of others for validation
is a never-ending quest, constantly subject to changes. Your own life and your own opinion of yourself
are far more important to you than what others think of you. Besides, if you are genuinely true to yourself
and your values, you will win the esteem of people who are worthy of your respect. There you have it. Now you have a much better understanding of
what it really means to be an ‘old soul.’ How deeply do these signs resonate with you? Based on this list, would you consider yourself
an old soul? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
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2 comments on “13 Signs You’re An Old Soul and Think Differently

  1. Im an old soul because Millennials suck big time so hanging out with the elderly especially Native Americans from church has been the best! I blame the helicopter parenting no wonder Millennials put walls against each other

  2. I have always considered myself as an old soul. Due to the fact when I was younger I always tried to hang around adults. I cherish them when they talk about. What happened back in their days. And so much more. I'd almost give anything to be a part of their generation. God bless the elderly.

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