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(1386) Antique Yale Railroad Lock

All right, guys. About a week ago, I found myself in of all
places Elkton, Virginia. Sounds exotic but it’s just a little bitty
town, but they do have an antique store. So lots of spare time, wandered through it,
and in the very back, there was a glass case. And I could see this Yale through there, and
it grabbed my eye right away because this is the thickest shackle I have ever seen on
one of these Yales. We’ve seen this before. I picked a couple of these on the channel
but never with this weird-looking shackle here. And I’ve also never seen one with this tie-down
strap. So I saw the price tag, it said $80.00. I said… just walked away man. I didn’t even, didn’t want to look any further. And a little bit later, I thought, you know,
gosh that is weird. I was buying some other stuff, so I asked
the guy, “Can I see that lock?” And I took a look at it and I said, “What
will you…? Can you give me a break on this thing?” I mean I’m buying all his other stuff. He goes, “Yes, $60.” And then I found out he didn’t have a key
but I felt obligated at that point. And then I flipped it over and I didn’t really
feel so bad. In terms of collector item, not only do we
have this really weird shackle and this tie-down chain. It’s in great shape and located right here
is a stamp that represents Southern Railway. So it’s a railroad collector’s item. Obviously used on a railroad. They probably had had these specially made
so nobody could crop through these very easily. So very cool. The other thing you notice is, it has a reduced
diameter down there. So when they made these at Yale, they use
the stock body. They just made a special shackle force. So this is probably one of the few surviving
ones, but this also is one of my favorite ways to get into these locks, to shim them,
and now you can’t do it. So this is an unshimmable version of the Yale
padlock. Obviously, Yale. We got a Yale keyway. Not too bad. It doesn’t hardly have any curve here at all. So we should be able to pick from that ledge
on the left and just go straight up there. Shouldn’t be too bad at all. It is in great, great shape. But anyway, let me go ahead and clamp it up,
figure out how we’re going to tension it, see if we can’t pick our way into this. And I’m going to give it away to a collector. I am not a collector but Jeff Moss is. And since Jeff Moss gave me this, you guys
seen this a hundred times, the least I can do is return the favour, and give him this
once we get it picked. All right, guys. This is the 0.8, the SP 13 from Multipick. I tried the 1.0 and it was too fat. Kind of like me. All right, let’s go ahead. Since we have a pretty open keyway here, I’m
going to pick from this ledge. Use this guy, it’s the hybrid from Sparrows. And that is tight. All right, let’s try him. And we can always change picks if we have
to. All right, a little bit of tension. These are made with pretty good tolerances. And they’re going to be all standard pins,
go all the way the back but I think I’m going to start from the front here. All right, standard pin. So we shouldn’t get any fault set. I’m not even going to bother. A little click on one. That was three. I’m not going to bother with the line. Okay, that was two again. Everything in the back is bringing it right
in the front there. Let’s try that. That was pin one hiding right behind the tensioner. That was three. Stuck on the bottom. Come on, I probably should have shot some
Wd-40 up inside here. Oh, that was two again. Could be something living in here. I’m going to put a little more tension. I think there may be more spring tension on
this than what I gave credit for. Pin five, all the way down. And there we go, pin 5, hold me up. All right, let’s take a look at this guy. These are, since they’re all standard pins,
they are pretty easy to impression. So Jeff, you should be able to make yourself
a key. These are common keyways to keep the blanks
are still available. I think right there you can see right away
that it’s just been turned down. So standard shackle. I was thinking it was some kind of sleeve
that might be screwed on and then bent but it looks like it’s actually cast that way. These are the standard bodies. They are spring-loaded. Unfortunately with that overhanging lip, that
makes it unshimmable. So pretty cool locks but I’m not a collector. So Jeff, this will be coming your way. I will leave it open for you. I don’t know that’s going to help you a lot
but it certainly can’t hurt. I appreciate your time, guys. Stay safe. Stay legal. Man, I’m going to use some WD-40 in this thing. If you like the idea of growing a lot of support
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