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147 million dollars found STORAGE UNIT GAMBLE PAYS OFF i bought an abandoned storage unit

okay so I bought this unit the other day
yesterday I don’t know why bottles on the phone pissed off with my credit card
people who are irritating me and having some personal issues I barely even got
to look at the unit and I just bid I don’t know what I was thinking probably
a fucking idiot we’ll see is your boss down a couple of ways
because it’s death what is these mental states constitution Plains Williams see if we’re the keys this game you turn on the side
don’t touch the button did a recording and gold coin it’s nice research it’s cool stuff seems to be in these
little pouches with everything I found just get a coin collection so homeboy
right boys oh but it’s not like super value will be popping chancy stuff
there’s a maybe a couple hundred bucks and not please oh that’s cool grasp onto the paper plates at the end of the day here you picked up
one of the unit’s today did all the dump around the audio de yada but this is a
lot of stuff I found in that shitty little $450 unit this right here course
suitcase I saw one sell for like a little over 300 empty this has some
parts or fabrics from Porsche kit I found like a hundred and forty-seven
million dollars right here 147 million got a bunch of foreign money got some
several silver coins got some non silver coins got some commemorative silver
coins I know this is pretty dope right here it’s an old plaque from the hotel
got some $2 bills got some Indian Head pennies this is a roll of buffalo
nickels I got a look for that three legged Buffalo maybe I’ll get lucky got
a bunch of silver certificate dollar bill some old five-dollar bills silver
certificate two dollar bills I’ve even got a Terrell Owens and Jerry Rice one
dollar bill and I thought this was the highlight of all of it is this railroad
poplar watch here it’s made of two Mexican silver coins have not figured
out what that’s worth but nonetheless four and $50 you know I’m pretty sure
that’s gonna give you back 300 this puts me into the profit somehow I’ll make it
work but ya didn’t lose

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