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#156 Royal Wooden Sofa Set in Antique Gold | Luxurious Living Room Furniture @Aarsun

Namashkar Friends,
Ashish Mittal again from Aarsun Woods All this time, I have been talking about the
royal sets with you. Now, in all these videos that we have posted
on YouTube, we have shown you several Royal Sets to you. You call them Royal Sets or Premium Sets. That’s Your Wish. But what makes them royal or what makes them
premium is Our Brand : Aarsun and our efforts that we put in every set,
that makes it unique and as per your requirement also. Now, have a look at this set. Here we have a three seater. A beautiful 3 seater with Antique Gold – as
explained earlier also. This is the most light color in our furniture
and we have been making 100s of sets in the same color. The best part about antique gold is Look at
the back of this Unit. This Flower you see here, this flower . Now,
the entire flower is coming out clearly. Antique makes this fine thing in the unit. Royal Set is something that matches to your
level and it should look more than beautiful. That is the thing. Beautiful is just one word, but more than
beautiful is the thing that we want in each of our sets.now here in this we have a three
seater, a diwan. It is a little extra size diwan. If someone wants to lay on this, he can also
sleep for a while and take rest. And then, we have a settee here, open back. Now this one is both sides, can be used from both sides. Just reverse the pillows and it can be used that
way or this way. It looks exactly similar from both ends. And then in the middle, we have this table. A well crafted, well designed Table. On top you require a marble or glass as you
want. you can keep it. Here, Lets look at this 3 seater first. The work in the legs. and the top. Matching this is a diwan. Different Designs that can be done as per
your choice. You want a chair along with this that can
be done you want a 2 seater a 3 seater you can add more seats, open back settees, this
one can be made in single seats. So that depends entirely on your requirement. As you order us, we’ll make it for you. But the best part is about the quality. You can see it right here. Teak Wood design with antique finish, gold finish,
royal set as per your requirement, we’ll make it. Thank You.

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