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100 comments on “1920s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is

  1. Ugh, i remember an old guy from my church saying “it all went downhill in the 1920s; that’s when women started wearing those short skirts, and slutty clothes” i think i should tie him to a chair and make him watch this video. And then leave him there. I don’t think anyone would miss him.

  2. My family has been costuming for over 100 years, I've had this conversation so many damn times lol about several eras, but 20s is always a big one

  3. 1.3k dislikes, I'm willing to bet a lot of money that most of those are from some fragile people that got upset the moment you had an annotation that said 'old Hollywood was pretty racist'.

  4. I love your lipstick shade I must say .Is it called Ruby Woo from Mac or something else ? Anyway with your hair twisted up with a silk tie you look beautiful ,my mum was born in 1929 and really enjoyed this too .Thank you Sophie x

  5. Flat chest. Check.
    No butt. Check.
    A little bit "meaty". Check.

    I was born in the wrong era. I could have been an icon of fashion!

  6. Was obvious makeup long before the 20s, the Georgians wore very heavy makeup, and the ancient Egyptians were make up experts!

  7. I like listening to you talking about these things. The way you speak is almost if you were there. I like to think of you as an imortal being who just lived through all the eras and that's why you know what people wore.

  8. Hemm-hemm
    Last time I got an ancle-long skirt for a teenage-girl, half a year later, it barely covered her back….bone….

  9. I love listening to you talk about this subject. To be honest I did not know what 1920s fashion looked like outside of stereotypes but I wanted to know so I’m so glad I found this video

  10. I love how you are so passionate about the historical mindsets and fashions, its like me with history in general…but people forget that the small little bubbles in each historic setting has reason, cause, purpose, and even an ideology. I think it's way to easy for people to just think of the past as some misunderstood chapter in human growth.

  11. What are your thoughts on "the house of Elliot" series, about a fashion house in the 1920 ies? Is it accurate?

  12. I specifically cut my hair shorter- further forward and over the top layers- and left the underneath, and further back longer. I did this a few years ago, and just keep it trimmed.

    That way, I could choose between "short" hair and "long" hair. (I change my mind a lot).

    I also have a fringe, but I always have.

    I had no idea this was done in the 1920's. I just thought I was being odd.

    Although, it really does offer a wider variety of hairstyles.

    Just wanted to share.

    Thank you for a wonderful video!

  13. My grandmother was busty and she complained she had to wrap her chest really tight. And she had the wrong figure. My mom was born in 1927.

  14. My grandpa was a tailor. When I discussed turn of the century (1900) styles with my grandmother, she told me that when they married shortly before WWI, "My husband shortened my skirts." I responded, "Yes, to the tops of your high button boots; scandalous!" Showing of knees was only for streetwalkers.

  15. How do you know you're not in the 20's? Because you have to end a joke by saying "joke". Dear oh dear. Oh there's another clue, you consider identifying with your ethnic group (your extended family) to be racist.

  16. The long gloves were worn for dinner anytime you had a white tie occasion because black tie Is casual i but if it's formal you have on gloves and it stays that way we'll the 70s opera length dinner gloves are done but i know my gloves and white tie formal rules if you were having dinner and were well bred you wore gloves till well the 70s 60 evening wear featured long gloves and I know the 50s did because my grandmother always has gloves on in the pictures from the 50s she wore lots if Dior so that was huge .I think the 70s saw them go for good the urge for glamour after the war brought them back because they did fade but for a certain group like if you were a debutante you always wore gloves and it never faded

  17. I could never be an ideal flapper. I have too much of a curvy body of a 1930s gal. When I was a size 4, I had what my dad calls the old Coca-cola bottle shape, which he explained further to me was the very ideal in 1930s and 1940s. This could explain why clothing from those eras looked really nice on me during my skinny years. I also looked rad in 1970s clothing. ^_^ I loved my palazzo pants with loose collar buttoned shirts… really comfy clothing. I do want to get back at that, which is a slow process, but I'm one dress size away to my goal again. ^_^ I just need to get away from stressful family members. Anyways thank you for your video. Really informative and clear cut. Thank you so much for the time you took to make this. thumbs up

  18. I have tried to google this so many times, but I can not find out why makeup came back for women only. We went from little to no makeup back to wearing it more overtly, but why only for women?

  19. Could the flat silhouette be of Oriental influence? Some of the clothes I've seen in pictures from back in the day seem to denounce some kind of Orientalism/Oriental influence, so I wonder if the flat ideal might not also be related to this.

  20. Wish I could post pics of my grandmother in her 1920s heyday. She looked like the cats pajamas, a real Miss. Fisher Murder Mysteries (one of my favorite lady detective series) type gal. The 20s is by far my favorite fashion era, from golden age Hollywood glamour to the plain attire worn by everyday ladies.

    We must face it, the reality tv loving masses usually demand things simplified, a condensed perfect version of everything that only tells them what they already believe is true.

  21. The great thing about dressing vintage is you can choose which era to represent based on your God given silhouette. I always feel bad for the ladies in the 20's who were "cursed" with boobs and hips. They were just out of luck fashion-wise. I would never have been able to look good in those clothes.
    (See :16 – :25)

  22. the first half of the 1920's was pretty much the same as the late teens. Then the influx of all the new technology- films, the airplane, the first electrical appliances- added to the pop culture at the time, particularly the well to do and big city people. By the 1929 Market Crash, the 20's free and easy stereotype had been instilled.

  23. Show more pictures, or you could model some self made looks, yourself. Where are you from? I picked up an accent. Good video, but need more visuals. Thank you..love the Kitty..

  24. Thank you so much for making this video! I wanted to be a 1920s person for halloween, but now I know to just call it a flapper girl costume instead of a 1920s costume

  25. Have you ever seen Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries, and if you have, what do you think of the shows 20s costuming? Do you think they mostly head on the nail, or there are still a few inaccuracies?

  26. My sister gave me some money to go buy her a costume for her works 1920 party so i got her a drop waist dress a size too big and low chunky heel shoes. I had to shower her pictures to prove i wasn't crazy and we both were partially raised by a woman who was born in 1902 and was considered scandalous in her youth. I had to point out "do you think Auntie would of worn a "flappers" costume? And she basically kept the local speak easy up and running"

  27. I'm not gonna lie, as the "phone call" first started, I was preparing to cringe at terrible jokes that would cause me to quickly skip over this video. Could not be more wrong! Very funny, entertaining and a GENIUS introduction to a video that is meant to be informative and historically accurate. Good for you, girl!

  28. Does Downton Abbey get it right? 🙂 I assume so! I feel like I'm almost an expert on fashions of the 1920s after rewatching the whole series this month. Getting ready to go see the movie!

  29. Of all the gin joints………..here you are so perfect and so vulnerable at the say time. Always loved the music from this era. Midnight and the stares and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  30. Just stumbled on this video, and I am curious if you have seen Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Period mystery drama made in Australia, excellent clothing. I am curious if it is realistic at all, or what liberties were taken.

  31. My teachers at HS make me cringe when they go on about flappers and short dresses… I just sit in the corner, biting my lip going “mhm,mhm” as they talk…

  32. As a fan of fashion history, I loved that you are taking your time to explain this stuff to the general public! FANTASTIC! This was awesome!

  33. Thanks for doing this video. I was looking up make up and a few you tubers are saying that the heavy eyes, etc is accurate. I've been watching Downtown Abbey, and everyone had almost bare eye make up on..

  34. Funnily enough, Hollywood is the reason I know that flappers wore corsets and knee-baring styles were for showgirls and no one else. Some Like It Hot was one of my favourite movies when I was a teenager (it even contains the line "Loosen your corset and spread out"), and Orry-Kelly's costuming had a strong hand in shaping my understanding of the decade.

  35. As you said, people mix up the 'scandalous/liberal' style words of the 1920s with the modern images of what we consider scandalous. People seem to forget that the 1920s, was by all comparisons to current style, EXTREMELY conservative still? Like there is actually nothing sexy about real 1920s clothing lmao, flat and baggy was pretty much the theme.

  36. This is so obvious to me. If a person from the 2070's or whatever /whenever was to try and emulate today's fashion, they would most likely miss the mark, big f**king time, like we ALL do right here, right now 🙄. Time travel is a delicate art, fashion wise.

  37. You really waste a lot of precious time , with not being prepared with your presentation. As a fan of NB you do him a disservice .

  38. Damn, if only someone else would go as in depth about 1980s and 90s fashion as much, and debunk myths. Then I could become a retro fashion god.

  39. Thank you so much for this video. I was curious about how 20s fashion looked like, especially there are tons of photos showing this stereotypical style.

  40. It's amazing how sunglasses change your face shape! I work for a vintage and costume store and this hit home for me. I cringe Everytime people come in for the "flapper" dresses

  41. You sound like a total bi*** can't continue watching the bitterness and know-it-all mentality when you are not even from that era. You trying to be sarcastic its painful.

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