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20-Year-Old Millionaire Drives Lamborghini | How To Get Rich: Trading

I’m 20 and I’ve made
almost £2 million. Oh, I hate shit like that,
so cringey. This is the new Evo.
640 horsepower and to 2.9 seconds to 60. Is that quick enough
for you? -Yeah.
-Yeah. I think loud’s the most
important bit, because you can’t really
go that fast in the UK. Can you, you got limits? Well, there are speed
limits which obviously we have to obey. Yeah. It’s always been my dream
car to have a Lambo. It’s mad though that hopefully
I can make it happen. It was last night,
traded Canadian dollar against the
Japanese yen and Euro against the New
Zealand dollar. I am currently £694 up. So I’ve got that on there. I check my phone like for
trades sort of every hour. I trade foreign
exchange based in simple terms,
exchanging currencies and profiting
off of movements. Everyone trades ForEx,
even you when you go on holiday. Say you’ve gone on
holiday to America. You exchange £100
and you get $150. Come back after a week. You haven’t spent
any of your money exchange it back
in pounds. And because the
exchange rate is different, they’ve
now given you back a £110. So there you’ve
made £10 profit. It’s probably a lot
more stressful than a normal job. You don’t have a
routine, so you have to create routines
for yourself. Shall I press it? It does feel good
sitting in a car, but it’s gonna feel
better driving later. My dream car. I started trading ForEx as soon as I turned 18. I was working at
the Thai place. Lost like £500
to start with wasn’t like amazing at it. I started studying
for ForEx, got better at it
over 6 months. I knew it was working,
I knew it was doing well. September 2018 is when I’d realised I
hit my first million. Just turned 19. So I was a bit gutted
that I was wasn’t 18. Now I’m fairly close
to the next million. Not far off. The most I’ve
earnt in a day. Probably about £35,000. You do get like
people try and be friends with you
or like girls that try and get close to you. But I don’t really
like making new friends because I’m
like, perfectly happy with the friends I’ve got. The most expensive thing
I have bought is the house. I got my lights out
on my fence. Hello welcome
to my house. We’ve got a map
of the world, my fridge, this is the games room, this is the gym. And I actually got the biggest
room in the house, which is good. What have you got for tea tonight? Me and Billy are
doing fajitas. He hasn’t changed in
terms of who he is, but obvioulsy
he’s sort of put the Primark shorts
back in the wardrobe and now wear
more designer brands and drives
a nice car, but he’s still very down to
earth and humble. Everyone who knows
him well will say to me, “I told you that boy, you would
be a millionaire.” We went on a holiday]to Menorca. He rung us up and said,
“Keep this date free.” Mum, who’s that? Who? It’s our pilot. He’s not. Hello there. Shut up! Shut up! You haven’t?
Oh my God! What? We’re going private jet. -No way.
-Yeah Really?
Yeah. -Really?
-You’re joking. No. Oh my God! He’d booked a private jet to come and pick us up. How is it? Its marvellous. How is it? I’ll put up with it,
I’ll manage. Amazing! That was something I
never thought I’d experience in my life. You know, it’s something
that you see the the rich and famous do. I think a lot of young
people are looking for ways
to make money on the Internet. I like to be able
to give the opportunity to
teach people to then practice
and then actually get good at it
like I have. Yeah, really proud. I am I mean, he,
I do tell him, but typical boys though, “Mum stop it!” you know. But I am, I’m exceptionally
proud of him. He’s done well and he’s
followed his dream. I think the best
thing that money has done for me
is being able to treat my friends
and family. Being able to stop my
parents from working. Creating jobs, really. Going on holidays,
nice places, travelling the world. I wouldn’t have been
able to do that at the Thai restaurant.

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