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3 Figures to 6 Figures Episode 4 ONLINE Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Waress

3 Figures to 6 Figures Episode 4 ONLINE Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage Waress

good evening everybody this is Eric White of Vintiques of Maine i’m bringing you episode 4 of going from three figures to six figures that’s right let’s grow the business let’s figure out how to do this together well I know how to do it I’ve done it i’m here to help you do it now listen I get questions all the time… my god dude that is the coolest thing ever where’d you get it from man? my god you got some stuff in here oh my god oh my god oh my god I can’t believe how much stuff where you get it all at? you know really sound like that sometimes the first thing you must do and this is a must is make a flyer look make extra cash then Vintiques of Maine phone number now buying the following items two columns of items very very simple reason why this is trifold I don’t carry business cards i carry the flyer. I fold in thirds i put my back pocket when i go yard saling the flea markets auctions I pass this out to everybody i’m passing these out for four years now, four years in fact I just got a call last week from the very first guy I gave a flyer to after four years he’s ready to sell moving to kentucky does not want to bring everything with them you can’t beat that four years he’s had that flyer four years he’s had the thing sitting on his fridge and now he’s ready to sell now he calls me best news i had last week absolutely or the coolest news i had last week so make a flyer post it everywhere posted on the supermarket Buliton boards put it in the laundry mats make a deal with the Chinese restaurant to staple it to all their our takeout bags there’s so many things you can do to get that flyer out there hell I’ve even had my children my nine-year-old my 17 year old who were seven… back up… yeah seven & fifteen when I had them distribute the Flyers here on Main Street I said want each one of them up one side of the street handing out flyers to the business owners into the people that work in the businesses. it’s paid off dividends in spades and diamonds and clubs whatever suits you want it’s paid off dividends make the flyer carry with you handed out to everybody someone shows the slightest interest your business give them a flyer say hey this is what I do this is what I buy. Give it to someone who doesn’t show any interesting hey this is what I do have a flyer you just never know where they may not be interested right now but all of a sudden a year and half down the road they’re like hey I have so much stuff I gotta get rid of some stuff who was that guy and they go digging through there purse they find it crumpled-up down the bottom of the purse…oh yeah let’s call this guy it happens make the flyer now right now right now pause the video pause this video and go make the flyer right now it’ll take you six minutes then you come back to listen the rest… ok… alright welcome back so where do I get the stuff well the flyer i handed out… private sales number one i buy a crap ton of stuff from private sales go to people’s houses barns atics basements they invite me over and make me dinner give me coffee let me pick through you know I mean geeze how cool is that I get so much good stuff that way number two that I like to utilize facebook groups and craigslist listings facebook groups all the buy sell trade groups the the what they call swap and sells join them all follow them make them show up in your newsfeed so you don’t have to go to them everyday and search them everything shows up automatically something shows up to your smartphone beap! you look at it, not interested you ignore it you look at it oh that’s cool i’ve got to call this to hold on a second you know and then you get on the phone and call them, go to this house you buy some cool stuff and make a fortune it’s cool it happens it actually happening to me before about a year-and-a-half ago on facebook group guy said I got taxidermy call me so i pick up my phone call within 45 seconds and he’s like yeah I got this taxidermy but I gotta warn you it’s some weird shit it’s really really weird I’m like what’s weird so he starts sending me pictures of it you know it’s like rat fish what is this you know rat fish crow duck it’s just weird weird stuff you know 2 animals all together three animals melded together we had one that was like a fish body that had like a like a crow head on it and then you know the tale wasn’t a fish it was like a cat or something it’s just really really weird stuff you know I mean I don’t even know how to explain the stuff i listed on ebay I’m like weird taxidermy number one weird taxidermy number two that was my titles. I didn’t even know how to explain this stuff but I bought off from the guy you know and so utilize it facebook groups get notifications right on your smartphone perfect call if you want to ,ignore if you don’t craigslist i follow craigslist somewhat probably 2-3 days a week i will look at listings on craigslist i follow four categories four categories only… you can follow as many as you’d like I follow antiques I follow vintage I follow electronics and I follow video game so the only 4 I follow… that hits the nuts and bolts of everything that is on my list speaking of facebook groups in the list and craigslist in the list post your list take a picture of the flyer turn it into a PDF postit on Facebook in the group say hey this is the stuff buy you’d be surprised how many people messaged you ok so that’s another great way to get the private sales ok after private sales and Facebook and craigslist i like to go to yard sales and garage sales yard sales garage sales you can find anything and everything under the Sun you know don’t know it’s a crapshoot some weekends you strike out some weekend you strike it rich, negotiate negotiate negotiate the more you buy the cheaper you can get it all at do it up after yourselves and garage sales flea markets I love to go to flea markets I carry this with me to yard sales garage sales and flea markets, tri- folded back pocket don’t lose it that way it’s not a card people won’t lose it is easy the end of the yard sale they’re like you know we got all this crap leftover let’s call that guy you go out there you pick out a couple good pieces you give pennies on the dollar what they’re asking earlier it works you make some money leave the flyer for the yard sale trying to negotiate early for the flea market right negotiate early give the flyer to the dealer introduce yourself tell me or another deal you buy to resell you’d be surprised at how many deals will cut the price in half for you so you can make money to it happens happens all the time I do it for other dealers I’ll have dealers come in i’ll have some pieces i just sold some stuff to another dealer that was in my store the other day i had a hundred and sixty dollars on a set of lamps i sold it for 40 bucks happens you know it’s a cashflow game it’s a capital game it’s a build your relationship game you know so don’t be afraid to talk to them don’t be afraid to give the flyer my fifth in absolute favorite place to go buy stuff at and when I say favorite because it is so fun is auctions absolutely love options go to auctions if dot-com that’s auction zip VIP dot-com you can punch in your zip code select the radius around what kind of auctions you want to go to hit enter they’re going to the calendar that shows you what all the auctions around your area are best tool to utilize the fine auctions they even show you pictures sometimes everything is going to be an option C can talk to waste your time going or not they give you information on the auction terms of service and all that stuff terms of payment in buyer’s premiums and stuff like that arm auctions are great every you can get every everything and anything there i go to auctions five to seven days a week right now I just got back from picking trip to Florida where I went to 18 flea markets over 19 days couple each day that I had three marcus go to arm i went to 26 different options there’s even one day when i went to three auctions that same day they’re all over the place there’s so much money that can be made at auctions you my only advice if you’re new person to auctions watch the auctioneer for a little while figure out how he takes bids so you don’t run into a situation where you’re bitten what you think is 10 you’re actually bitten 30 or 40 because that’s not profitable that that us into the working capital is just not good so take your time if this is your first auctions the other one learn the auctioneer each auction has their own different style not every auctioneers the same some take bit superfast summer slow taking bids because they want to make sure they’re taking right kids other bids like I got 10 20 30 other guys are like I got ten i had 20 now I have 30 does anybody want to go 40 so be careful that’s my only thing for your auctions there but there’s so much good stuff you can buy at auctions i would say thirty percent of my stuff that i sell comes from auctions I’d say forty percent of it comes from private sales and the other thirty percent comes from somewhere else that’s all i got for today that is episode 4 of going from three figures to six figures you have any questions leave them down in the comments or you can text me 2077 390 559 you can email me at antiques of minion @ gmail.com find me on Facebook Eric white or you can find my face my business Facebook page antiques of Maine thank you very much for watching we’ll see on episode five

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  1. Hey Eric, noticed the episodes go from 1-5 then 9 & 10.. wondering if 6,7,8 are uploaded somewhere or if I'm missing something. Hope you keep making more! Thanks

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