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oh yeah today we’re doing the world’s biggest
three marker challenge wait no with these these are way too
small we got a big way to go bigger oh yeah bigger would be absolutely
insanely huge open these things Oh everybody open up oh my goodness
these real today work they look real to me oh they work I’m pretty sure I don’t
know what’s trying to remark the challenge what’s that first to read in
the drop first up first we’re going to be doing giant size picture do this and oh yeah okay oh my goodness this is
actually really hardly strong with these things
Wow I feel like it’s easier to do what you’re doing my hand actually hurts this
year’s hurt murder no but this is so cool it’s so cool oh
yeah my actually looking good this actually could take me use the back end
of this this is so amazing you giant cranes are so cool I can’t believe they
actually work it’s crazy I’m going for the orange Bob I’m going for that
traditional yellow that’s gone for a little bit different gold sponge bob is
a little bit yellow though maybe he’s fun – Rose has like a tan or something
yeah this is fun fun I went to the goo lagoon they got it
the blue lagoon the goo lagoon what is that what it’s called yeah Thank You
Lagoon so everybody wait is that the beach then
he goes to yes first great stuff come on I always called over that cool one
no it’s not blue it’s cool it’s the good Lagoon yeah I got throw some purple and
green in there hmm I’m gonna do a purple suit he’s gonna be wearing purple suit I
think we have the same colors no you oh they got purple too but I also have
green green is gonna be the winner shares this green is epic it’s shared
eating green oh yeah this is gonna win it until we’re a green tie I think and
it’s gonna look so good so if you haven’t already pom ‘add come right now
have to take Steven because I think I’m gonna win this round or combination card
if you think I’m gonna win with my orange spongebob okay god I’m gonna use the great I’m
down to my final color everyone still in their first color I’m actually working
fast this time my sponge I was gonna have green shoes the green shoes are
gonna be epic they’re kind of like Carter Carter I thought you were green
shoes a lot yeah my shoes you like blue and green they’re super awesome shoes
yes all right everyone hurry up I’m almost
done over here giving spongebob green eyes ooh all right Sharon I think I’m
done that my spongebob is done now it’s time for me to do the waiting game love
this everyone hurry up hurry up hurry up or everyone thought no no no more
waiting hang on by the way sure if you want $100
to win some epic merch in the swag store like this how you got to do the whip is
make sure you subscribe to everyone in the sheriff families if you haven’t
already whoop see you subscribe button right
here yeah alright that was time to bring out the folder Sheriff and that’s you
okay spongebob round whoosh everything is the best these
things that is like life sighs spongebob hey they’re the world’s biggest yeah
this is world’s biggest market challenge oh yeah
oh okay so shares time to both starts now who’s gonna win who’s gonna win it’s
gonna win oh it’s close oh it’s really it’s really close yeah we tried to bring out right now for
our books round number two I’m gonna grab it here comes the next round the
next okay so let’s do that who’s gonna get
the big Krantz this time Oh idiot eternity crowd all right I’m gonna
shuffle them up for you this one or this one okay here we go
have a good feeling about this one okay I got these three go what I get warned
minion with how those big markers turn out for you it’s so hard they’re like
they’re like really big nice because they can’t get more surface area drawn
in it’s heavy though it’s like a wave of like a hundred crayons it’s super heavy
yeah they are really heavy Carter how does it how’s yours coming
along I’m going with a blue Bob get crazy they turns our fault do they never
be I have seen the movie evil minion that’s not good I don’t like
evil yeah you turn these and they won’t ever seen an orange minion before like I
think that’s pretty ya know they’re yellow cuz they eat a lot of bananas is
that yellow yeah they’re like flamingos they a lot
of strips that turn pink it’s not true yeah all right I’ve actually seen a
little bit of the movie bat remember that part okay so I did an orange body
of the minions so now I’m gonna do I got pink and blue left while do blue for the
goggles perfect what color you gonna make the teddy bear my teddy bear is
gonna be pink pink teddy bear yeah maybe orange oh car this is cool yeah I
got a really good color this is coming up so awesome
I like mine too same but Sharon I mean the final results are up to you it’s up
for the shares to vote so because it’s just such a big crayons you fun here we
go so I got this orange minion with blue goggles like getting ready to fill it in
with pink let’s see how this thing turns out okay jump what do they wear over all
their jumpsuits over overall they’re gonna be pink overall this could be
pretty cool I don’t think of minions ever had a pink overall oh and speaking
of pink we got pink channel of buddy’s basically brand new place or check them
out they are so hey if you want a chance to win them for free subscribe below
these channel for the $100 gift card to the swag store these are my favorite
they’re like electric lime green and grey these things are sweet and of
course you can’t go wrong with an awesome channel on poster I love them
they’re side by meet Carter and Lindsay oh yeah right once again I must be
working fast because I’m almost done here
okay everyone was done this time last time I was done way before everybody
else everyone was done almost I got the
bakery on this isn’t looking good at cards looking good too I think mine
looks good too yeah well it’s pretty good hope this
names her minion should we name our minions in and yours Bob this is really
I mean mine I my name mine my god I got a good name for money okay I even named
my minion I’m it all set and ready to be scored damn done all right Carter you
done yet oh I think card is naming his card
all right we all done it’s always really good yeah these look awesome I need my
hashtag Carter that means an you vote hashtag Carter I’ll win
I named my pinky but just both have sex do you think my name is Bob yeah comment
voting begins now check it out sure is play my teddy bear
has got cotton candy colors that mixed up this looks so good Oh hashtag lizard hashtag Carter who’s it
gonna be who’s it gonna be oh they’re so close really close I know
there’s a lot of Carcharias mansion like button come on smash it check it out mix
the colors wow that looks actually so bad I love this one we’re gonna hang
this up yeah this looks super coition on the fan though the wall you ready for
this yeah I got the big crayons for this little card against the big crab oh this
is by the way shirts I actually drew all these pictures that faced about and
copied every single one yeah that’s really good okay let me mix about a ball
mix it up okay yeah all right go oh I think I want this one oh good choice um
this one okay yeah yeah good clothes what’d you get oh I got
pink blush and green and okay okay okay and purple that’s awesome a that work
are they crazy minecraft drawings but let’s get to work okay I got the giant
awesome you ready to do this Carter yeah all right here we go
start already started let’s do three two one go go go go go I’m gonna make my
multicolored everywhere it’s my idea my multicolored thing is looking a little
interesting share is coming out if you like this see that’s not gonna look so
good I’m definitely gonna win this round wait nobody’s use this yellow this one’s
fresh little you’re right I want to pick the giant yellow one get the first giant
yellow oh good this how’d yours come in it looks great I mean I can’t even
explain how it looks because you could just look at me did you just see mine is
always that sucker uh ones coming up really good too yeah
my Kafka – but sure you to vote who’s gonna
win this last and final red wolf thing we just realize what shares partners
left-handed and you’re still sitting on the wrong side what do you mean the road
side I’ve one of the feet last time last three marker challenge we’ve are they at
any row because reading such small drawings and karna had no room for his
elbow he was like banging into everyone to use drawing but I get see they’re
bigger so doesn’t matter as much yeah this is the world’s biggest
marker challenge so there’s plenty of room and I’m using like both hands so
basically double hit me right now well Carter’s don’t look good so I guess it’s
working in this is really cool looking she’s doing like some multicolored
things yeah sure is cover right now I know we’re not done yet but do you
thinks gonna win that’s the like funny thing Stephens gonna win the entire
three marker challenge today or come in who else you think I’m gonna win a
Stephen isn’t gonna win would it be Liz Liz might win her first three mark
around minecraft what are your favorite video games ever because even though I
and Liz are starting to play video games so what game should we play
yeah shares common past night games in your favorite game oh by the way we all
have our own gamer tags my even shared to it might spur to share who is what’s
yours mine is just money sure you may know oh
so we all have gamer tags now so sure is you can add us on Xbox Live comment your
favorite time if you have one I think cards online the most part of
you Carter tries to get his skill level up like to the max he’s really hard to
play in any games yeah I’m starting to play a lot of games I think the next
game I want to try playing is minecraft because that game looks so awesome but I
haven’t played it yet did you guys play Minecraft to comment your gamertag so I
know what it is and then they can play together oh really good how fights so
far behind I only have the upper body done oh I got a boogie let’s do this I’m
done waiting and look super awesome and I use the big grants Liz are you most on
yeah alright I’m speed rush in this one but
it’s still looking good I think I think it’s still looking really good the few
more finishing touches and I’ll be done in a jiffy and done I’m done mom looks good I really like mine whoa
these all look really good I think this is the best round whoa this is really
cool yeah me her girl looks so good I think we should make this round
double points Oh rubber wins this round wins it all that means whoever wins this
round is the winner for today under the giant three marker challenge oh okay
let’s start the voting round around the boat who’s gonna win this round let’s
start looking at the comments they’re going in now okay oh yeah sure that was the best world’s
biggest three marker challenge ever come with three marker challenge we should do
next and until next time you know what to do. Stay Awesome, and share the love, peace!


  1. 2019 anyone ??? I read what stephen wrote in the description box and it said that lizzy was his sis but lizzy is carter's ex girlfriend !!!!

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