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3 Stylish Christmas Wreaths: DIY DECOR on a Budget!

Coming up on this episode of “Designed to
the Nines” it’s the ultimate Christmas wreath
playlist I’ve teamed up with Jennifer from a little bit of calm and crazy and I
have three awesome and easy wreath ideas so if you’re looking for a
one-stop shop for your Christmas wreath inspiration you found it right here so
stay tuned Welcome to “Designed to the Nines” I’m
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
channel where I teach you the skills you need to renovate and decorate your homes
and do it on a budget if that sounds good to you I’d invite you to stick
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on so you don’t miss out on any of my episodes I am so excited about today’s
episode because I’ve teamed up with Jennifer from a little bit of calm and
crazy to bring you the ultimate Christmas wreath playlist which is
exactly what it sounds like a whole list of Christmas wreath inspiration more
than you can handle so let’s get started last summer I made
my very first burlap wreath I just loved how it turned out I love the big floppy
bow and it just was very patriotic and super easy to make and in the comments
section I got a lot of comments about how this would be so versatile that I
could use it at Christmas and maybe even Valentines and so here we are and I’m
not gonna do one look for this wreath but two… both easy both very affordable
now if you haven’t seen the episode where I make the burlap wreath I’ll link
it below so don’t worry about it it will be in the description box so the first
thing we need to do is remove the patriotic bow from our wreath so my
first version of this wreath is going to be so easy it’s gonna blow your mind
what’s so cute now what I want to do with this red burlap wreath is turn it
into Santa’s belly oh yeah and so to do that I picked up this black grosgrain
ribbon from Walmart it’s three inches wide you can pick this up probably
pretty much anywhere I just happened at Walmart remembered to get it so that’s
where this is from so we’ve got our wreath flipped over on the back and
we’ve got our wide ribbon around the middle section and all I’m going to do
is take my hot glue gun and kind of run it back here on the wire and hold it
down and that should be good there and then you want it kind of firm but not
like crazy tight so that’s not very much a ribbon that you need kind of do the
same thing over here then we’re gonna flip it over make sure there’s no
fuzzies on it then I picked up this tiny frame from the Dollar Tree it was silver
and I spray painted it gold just because I envisioned Santa’s felt being gold but
I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen it silver as well so if you wanted to just leave
it alone you don’t you don’t even need to do that step just hot glue it right
on the middle that’s it I mean seriously come on isn’t that so cute and it’s so
easy to do I promise you can do this one if you can’t do anything you can do this
one so all you need to do is get the red burlap wreath made not so hard so
now it’s time for version number two of the red burlap wreath and before we can
start that we are going to pull off the ribbon that we just glued down but I’m
going to keep it close by because I really like this look and it might have
to reappear so we’re not gonna let that go too far we’re gonna keep that handy
and just set it over here I really liked that version what did you think let me
know in the comment section below I’ve got a whole host of ribbons here
I’m not quite sure where this is going to go I kind of have a vision in my mind
but we’ll just it will kind of just form itself as it goes what I do know is red
buffalo check is hot again this Christmas you see it everywhere they’ve
got a whole bunch of stuff at Walmart they’ve got it at Dollar Tree they’ve
got it everywhere Hobby Lobby so the
red and black buffalo plaid is still in and I think that could be fun with our
red burlap wreath and then also animal print like leopard or cheetah print is
also hot I’ve seen this around and I love the two of them together I know that
that seems kind of a little busy and crazy but I can be kind of busy and
crazy sometimes so I’m going to probably use a combination of an animal print and
a buffalo plaid we’re gonna put them together we’re going to tie it on there
make sure we have like some streamers that we can kind of weave in and out and
obviously we don’t want anything to be too permanent because what we’ve
discovered is this little red burlap wreath is very versatile if you have an
idea for this little red burlap wreath let me know because apparently it has
multiple personalities I think I’m gonna take this wider cheetah print that I
think I picked this up at Joann’s or one of this I don’t know one of the
craft stores last year I got it on super clearance afterwards so it was like 90%
off so I paid like a dollar for this roll at the end of season so that’s a
little note for you and then I got this at Hobby Lobby just in the regular
ribbon section it’s not in the holiday ribbon section 50% off so this was $2.00
for this roll and I think I’m going to use a combination of both of these so
yeah oh look how pretty that is and this one kind of has a really cool texture
it’s kind of a velvety texture I’m going to teach you how to make a bow so what
we’re gonna do is I’m gonna put this one on top of this one and right in the
middle and we’re actually going to do quite a long tail because we’re going to
kind of weave that in so that’s about a foot and then we are going to twist and
then pinch it right here and then I don’t make a small loop
because I want it to blend in and we’re gonna pinch that and twist keep
repeating this process and I don’t want it to be too ginormous but I kind of
like that floppy look from the fourth of July one so so we’re gonna do
probably two loops on either side and then of course our Center for a total of
five loops and again you just fold it underneath and twist okay now we’re
going to also have this one be long as well because we can always cut these off
so take some good sharp scissors I’ll make it look prettier in a second right
now I just got in full hands take a wire you can use a pipe cleaner or whatever
you have on hand I just have this wire handy and then you wrap it around and
then you twist it and make sure that it gets really tight and at this point then
you kind of come in and fluff out your ribbon oh that’s so much fun I love this
and then we need to find a good spot for it and I am thinking right there and
hopefully we can find a hole and thread it through attach it to the wire frame
all right so now it that doesn’t look good so we’re gonna kind of zjige it we don’t need to wire them I mean if you
wanted to you could but I think that it can just kind of nest in some of these
folds and there we go okay so that’s kind of fun now that we’ve got our bow
in place I’m going to start by adding some poinsettias then I add some berries
some small Christmas ornaments and pinecones all of these items I picked up
at the Dollar Tree you’ll notice that I’m just setting
these into the wreath and not actually gluing them down for the most part the
items that I do glue down I glue to ribbon or other things but it’s not
actually attached to the burlap wreath because I want to reuse this for other
holidays if you want to use this on your front door you will definitely want to
glue and wire these down much better than I have but this would be good for
maybe on a mirror or a wall or somewhere that’s not going to see a lot of
movement okay so I haven’t decided what direction we’re gonna hang it we’ll kind
of play around this will probably be my most complicated one or I wouldn’t say
complicated time-consuming but what do you think I think it’s kind of fun and
sassy so you can see two totally different looks from the first to the
second one… the jury’s still out you’re gonna have to let me know what
you think I’m just going to go ahead and narrate this short section since the
audio was off I really need to get somebody who is on sound because
sometimes my microphone clicks on and off and I don’t even realize it
but what I am saying here is we moved into our home and it was fully furnished
so this is artwork that I wouldn’t normally have picked out for myself
but I liked the size and the shape of the frame so this will be going into our
master bedroom but you’ll have to stay tuned for that episode because I’m
giving my master bedroom a little Christmas makeover at the end of this
month so make sure you have the Bell notifications turned on so you are
notified when that episode goes live all we are going to do is take the middle
section out and we are going to wrap them in Buffalo Check wrapping paper that
I picked up from the Dollar Tree and make sure we do a nice tight wrapping
job then we’re going to replace the glass and the wrapped artwork and secure it back into the frame and this is good little trick if
you want to give any of your artwork around your house at a holiday look and
that is so cute I love it okay so we’re going to set this down for a second and
we are going to get our wreath so I have these wreaths in my collection and we’re
just gonna kind of fluff them up because we’ve been in the bin feather the
branches a little bit then I have these fairy lights to add kind of a little bit
of light and sparkle I thought it would be fun to add some fairy lights to our
wreath with fairy lights they’re battery operated so it’s super easy to turn them
on and I’m gonna have them on while we wrap so we can kind of see how the light
is being spread out so if you want to get some fairy lights I’ll put the link
below I decided to just go all in on the Buffalo check and just double up with
the ribbon and the wrapping paper I got this ribbon at Hobby Lobby on 50% off so
it was five dollars for a huge roll so I usually just eyeball this part but I
take about 18 inches of ribbon and loop it through the wreath and then match it
up on the edges so we want the wreath centered and then we’re gonna take some
gorilla tape you could probably get away with duct tape but gorilla tape is super
sticky and you want to take off about maybe 8 inches so that it has some good
overlap and good adhesion on either side and then what we will do
is take our gorilla tape and simply just tape this ribbon on the back so easy
just like that and then flip it forward and voila what do you think I love it so here’s a little sneak peek of the
wreath pictures in the frames I’m not gonna give you a full look at my master
bedroom A… because it’s not done and B… you’re gonna have to stay tuned for the
episode that’s coming later this month but you will have to let me know what
was your favorite wreath was it A, B or C? let me know in the comment section below
now coming up next week I am teaming up with Heidi from happily
thriving Heidi for a Christmas ornament collaboration I am so excited because
I’ve got some unbelievable yet super super cheap
I’m telling you dirt cheap almost next to free ornaments so you’re gonna want
to watch for that episode that’s coming up on Monday now that you’ve watched my
episode make sure you pop on by to Jennifer’s Channel and check out her
episode and then just bust through the playlist of all of the inspiration on
Christmas wreaths I know you’re gonna feel inspired so I hope you learned something
today I hope you had a little fun along the way and I hope to see you again
very very soon

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