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4 FLEA MARKET DAYS OF OUR LIVES! I bought an abandoned storage unit and made money

4 FLEA MARKET DAYS OF OUR LIVES! I bought an abandoned storage unit and made money

and we have how much money here baby
girl 301 301 dollars I always feel my gold sales copies I like to know and the
people like to know what I sold some tallying up everything we left at flea
market became the Jordan D house came up with seven hundred and fifty four
dollars any markets done down today I got six thirty paid George seventy
actually I have uncle Michael took a fifty dollar advance so that would be
seven fifty total out of this garbage this is our gold out of that crappy
crappy unit I bought and just like that Monday came back around alright here we
are the flea market its princess and pirate there’s somebody left their trash
in my space first thing in the morning alex is this year’s Alex why did you
leave your trash in my booth yeah oh they did baby girl you see how
good it’s to her in the morning for this come on mister wake up look at that look
at all that stuff baby go think we got enough stuff here today I don’t know
what I’m selling Harold’s pool he doesn’t want it now Uncle Mike I’m gonna
put in a claim right here yeah so all these minor I gotta put a claim in on
for maybe you uh go ahead where you going to the other ones over
here your face is already read this morning ladies and gentlemen look at the
storage stalker we got a famous celebrity selling across
from us here at the flea market he no longer has a blue cat he’s yelling
at customers sir please I told you two dogs if you don’t like it put it back on
the damn ground and walk away I don’t have time for these silly games see I
told you what are you talking about how does we do I don’t know where the
plug is in my storage bed still that’s pretty comfortable huh you say that
would fit baby Jebus oh my sighs all right
my child is equally as much of a smart aleck as me what Kim oh my baby jebus I
love baby G why can’t he pick on baby Jebus it’s not nice he picks on me all
the time shoutout to baby Jebus you guys can check him out at Frazier 5 to 9 my
little homie Mikayla is always mad when I’m picking
on people I pick on you I’ll take on you so princess look see we can pick your
nose I can’t make my hand work backwards on Lucy some money Alice probably beat
us you got better stuff than us today 500 is that only from that unit you
bring some other stuff about your complaint it wasn’t a good unit where’d
you pay for it 945 and how much you have there six okay
and you have stuff somewhere hiding that’s good stuff so you have all the
Nintendo games are gonna be profit that’s not bad
and you got a cool video for the whole world to see
that is $15 I like chocolate ja there’s Alex right that it’s a man just
hit 30,000 subs if you guys don’t subscribe to him well I’m just saying 30
things at 31,000 cetera et cetera et cetera
subscribe to his channel what’s your channels name chubby love I thought was
chubby though no he doesn’t like when I call him chubby though he calls me what
do you call me sticks or Wonderbread or what is it 25 almost almost got a trick
let’s see it see a good trick let’s see if you could do it can he do it you
almost got him he was trying for that basketball hoop over the lazy gonna be
miss look at that hat ladies man that’s old yeah comment below if you think Alex
should wear this hat in every video 3 all right right here Alex is in his
Jumanji hat he’s there the Jack Black Jumanji I don’t know but I think that’ll
be cool cuz like Liz just said every uh-hmm
what does it feel what feels right to you what about sideways 20 have you had
that you’ve had it for a while I haven’t sure you over on my video several months
ago yeah yeah what unit was that in there was that in look at the six
hundred dollar coin unit with the Nazi helmet stuff
comment below if you think Alex should wear this in every video store stalker
and then go to one has videos and comment storage option papyrus said you
should wear their hat in every video good then you saved me to these job that ship I just want to nice cuz you’re to look
at you have it what do you guys you guys do this for any special occasion oh nice what are you doing here at the flea
market again I might have lamps someone taught you
how to answer yeah did you really did you think there was somebody or do you
know him he’s little kid right here somebody looked at about to do something
stupid with their hurt on their showed up at the flea market on us and surprise
attack this nice shirt what are you doing at the flea market there’s this
drunk guy walking by to take his clothes off ladies and gentlemen okay good 1014
here at the flea market as you can see the customers are not here this season
right now is cherry picking season strawberry season so a lot of people are
not here normal customers we do got some friends Oh check it out who’s that actor
we got Jebus Abra Jebus baby Jebus mamas Jebus mama she was in storage doctor all
here at the flea market what a crazy dingus got stabbed at the
flea market how does the flea man who did that
so princess did you stab him saw princess did you stab baby Jesus you
didn’t see nothing leaking everywhere the mom and me carries a first aid kit
everywhere I go I liked it don’t worry maybe go open us up we got a fixed baby
Jeep who’s here before he bleeds to death at a flea
market yeah we got hits it is this enough some of you picked it up free
stuff is disease organizing all your teeth teeth that lamp right there that’s
a that is a twelve dollar lamp twelve dollars sir I’m gonna have to have my
security attack you Alex you take care of this guy I think Alex and baby Jebus
sumo wrestle I give my money back it doesn’t work huh what are you doing buddy offering Wow
free Jebus he’s giving away free hugs oh you got motive
give us a hug come out with a mouthful of hair oh you wanna dance with them
soon dance with them baby Jebus dance with him
don’t be scared I saw that in your video my favorite part of the day this is
where ii saw princess counts the money she’s counting will get a total here in
a minute here we are it’s the end of the flea market now we’re off to glee lunch
with storage stalker and a trade you’re heading with Jebus and we have how much
money your baby girl 301 301 dollars that is a horrible monday at the flea
market I was expected to do 1300 1500 something like that no we got 300 on
whatever my favorite time of the day is the new thumbnail post we just make a
ridiculous basis I couldn’t even do it this is an awesome they have free cats
here I am so excited that the jeebus family came out to visit us all princess
meet Jack and Alex that I wet myself on the drive home baby grew you’re touching
you’re touching urine okay not really I dumped my whole gallon of water this is
ridiculous we were trying to figure out where it went
it’s right here we just got done eating in and out oh fast so we’ve got done
eating in and out there’s Alex he’s getting a suntan Hey here we are back to
the storage minor alterations to my week my good friends the treasure hunting
with Shiva’s family are in town so I’m gonna instead of selling tomorrow
this load against somewhere else we’re gonna go look in a unit that I have not
touched in a while I bought it and haven’t touched it so I got their house
so I’m gonna spend the next few hours reorganizing that I may get prepared to
be unemployed for the rest of the week having fun with my homies done with my day I did all my sorts of
organizing unloading prepping for my big day tomorrow and I’m off to see like I
said I’m out of you know almost two months ago I haven’t touched it I don’t
know why I ran to the back you guys might remember it was the preacher unit
they paid like over 70 grand and rent Mikayla Jordan talked me into buying it
paid $5.00 it’s been sitting untouched this whole
time and the cheapest family is gonna come make unboxing with me tomorrow so
I’m coming to stay the night and their little MTV Cribs house that are here
written well him walk across the bridge we’re out here in Rio Vista I love this
dance with my parents and I went and watched Howard the Duck be filmed one
Cyrus what’s up good morning it is Monday morning one of the greatest days
of the week why always fails good it’s a new day and a new week and here we are
we at the flea market Stockton California unloading units gonna have a
day of selling moving loading I’ll get to the like button big thumbs up
leathery buddy know you love this video and don’t forget to share this video
share it anyway you can’t just share like this like a Care Bear stare share
and to say something beautiful like pirate the Sun glistens off your face so
nice it’s like a rose in the morning dripping one I don’t know if that even
makes sense but whatever doesn’t matter anyway sailing with today we are selling
the unit the Jebus Jebus amber Jebus baby Jesus and Mama Jesus we all bought
together we have a special guest appearance today by Uncle Michael
yeah very rare sighting these feelings you don’t come and go you wouldn’t have
what would you don’t know you had told Jesus no oh no I know I saw those
Raiders I was like you know mediocre college football team ruin that helmet I’m not here sitting on the couch and a
little tired had to wake up super early drive an hour just to get to the trailer
to then drive another out of the flea market we’ve unloaded this whole out
kind of exhausted from the this man right here wants to cry cuz
he’s got to sit here and collect money will I sit on a chair absurd but Michael
decided it was a dollar sale time so we’re having a dollar sale whoo we try
to take somebody’s dollar stuff dollars advice huh he wants to free let’s get
rid of it this is the part of the flea market that I love cuz you get rid of
everything this is where I like basically repurpose everything instead
of taking to the dumps we give it to a new home
no sense in paying to dump it no sense in bringing out something that sell for
dollar twice and no sense in letting it go to waste to the dumps often forgot
when it comes to buying storage anybody can buy them but it’s selling the stuff
that’s important so if you sit there you try to sell the stuff over and over
you’re wasting time we can’t keep buying storage units when you ain’t selling so
let go oh you got a queen-size bed for free Uncle Mike nice I’m actually just
sitting down to couch uncle Michaels doing all the work earning his money and
then all the customers are here to precess so much it takes to keep the
show going time is money here we are load done
crash right here a little bit of trash there but I’m getting my garbage cans
back but all that it’s gone George will take care of that we’re all together
here we gave him a pretty cap you try to leave one piece Uncle Michael says no
you’re gonna take that piece save that energy we had to pick up a unit
gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages welcome to the rockiest Road on
earth I am your host the storage option pirate and I will be driving you through
this bumpy road I always feel my gold sales copies I
like to know and the people like to know what is old Sun for 700 argument that
I’ve sold so far I have might have find something that’s a good find silver well
he only likes certain silver and I’m selling on eBay baby girl you got a lot
of furniture here what time is it Scott what are you trying to sell do ya I
wasn’t gonna buy it alex is cheap why don’t you keep the
laptop yeah you do to run your YouTube business we got all this stuff for that
$5.00 unit we’ve already made a little bit of money you have to go to the full
unboxing as well look we got Scott over here Scott’s got his collection of junk
out here this is his booth he’s got a massive
stuff he’s already got a dump run inside of there but you go to his channel store
Scott and you will see all the stuff from his unboxing then we got Alex over
here with his stuff this antique unit if you haven’t seen that you have to check
it out alex is working hard over there Alex how much is all that stuff how much
100 I thought you said free this is the aftermath of my load now I will here
just a minute when we get in the car McKay the Jordan D ha ha princess she
will tally up what we sold today this right here I’ll pay Georgia Hall off he
takes care that Brenda haven’t sold that I’m done
it’s yours this is sold Opel Michael sold this right here how many you sell
my uh couch set for Michael you got 45 for the table couch loveseat Olaf Uncle
Michael starting a YouTube now Uncle Mike what your YouTube channel
Oh your snapchatting what I’m coming home with is that bike and the TV those
are things that I’ll take out tomorrow cuz I got a Thursday market do you say
pirate I want you guys to see that with don’t stop Uncle Michael you’re just
being a camera me you guys just see Uncle Michael was making his first-ever
clip for YouTube on his own hook it Uncle Michael he’s trying to look out
for Scott Storch Scott over there I’m gonna subscribe to his channel
once again assault princess I know she promised you guys videos at a thousand
subs I know a lot of you out there are mad at me keep saying pirate princess
don’t put out new videos and we all subscribe to her and we feel hurt
because she subscribe and is not putting out videos now
alex is out here trying to have to cut though for a customer bought plaintiff
is Dahle you getting a play if your dolly your dolly I mean I don’t care
putting that on camera it’s going on my vlog good all right wall playing for you
darling now Scott is having a dollar service what we do it is to come out
here and we just have sales after sales everybody look it’s just storage units
throw up all option all right so after tallying up everything we left in flea
market Michaela Jordan D Haas came up with $754 now mind you 300 and 320 that
was from the goal from the hundred dollar unit and then I had to pay George
40 bucks plus I had to give how much we pay to get in the free market girl okay
yeah we would have been over 800 now on with the rest of my day packing items do
storage option pirate and salt princess type stuff
except like cut right here on this is my favorite part now not my favorite
probably a lot of people like we like when you make a thumbnail face I can’t even with this I mean on this
rocky road what time is it Uncle Michael I think 6:30 or 6:30 we’re at the flea
market we’re getting unloaded you want to wave say good morning we’re not live
baby GB Schwann say hello good morning everybody in the whole world
halfway done here what time is it 7:00 alex is just finally showing up as
normal everybody this is normal normal hours for Alex say hi to everybody Elex
got everything out here this is our gold out of that crappy crappy unit I bought
ladies and gentlemen if you remember it’s gonna be uh where don’t describe
we’re just say the worst George you never bought we’re doing our best they
can to interrupt Alex’s sales play my favorite things to do to my
homie how much did he tell him ten dollars can you kindly comment below
what you think this is worth and what year it is it’s a it’s like white where
is it yes when you get rid of it we got help for that sound trim and go uncle Michael work then buy that for a
dollar come on Charles uncle Michael you want to pick up all
this stuff no I don’t want that we’re driving off having convocation that’s
the best thing we could do right now is get rid of everything about all the
Michael’s upset cuz this got carried over to another booth and a guy made $2
immediately and uncle Michaels crying over there crying I could have made a
planter out of that having a dollar sale all this right here everything is the
dollar house this dollar sales on your strip club you be great free free free
free free okay good it’s not see work is done down today I got six thirty paid
George seventy actually I have uncle Michael took a $50 advance so that would
be 750 total out of this garbage today I can’t make a face now that you’re doing a free sale nice
toss a piece nothing about all this dory it was thick with George
it’s George’s the man yeah I’m on Thursday morning fourth of July
got the whole squad out here know Jebus little D house Uncle Mike got a good
load its fourth of July so we’re gonna bring all the good stuff out stay tuned
for this market get that ladies and gentlemen seven hundred and thirty
dollars right so good way to start your day off right there whoo good morning
everybody it is fourth of July and Babel Uncle Mike you baby Jesus
okay no we’re just talking about happy motivation fourth of July step real
quick I need you have motivational headmen you know be safe everybody drive
carefully fourth of July drunk driver hurtfully all right you didn’t drive it
aboard the day anybody quick causative work positive work place I’m positive
come on come on guys oh my gosh why we do this is why the most positive thing
we come today why because we have no other choice the only thing we could do
a show by example how to be positive every morning keep the energy high how
to smile how to keep that hustle and whine attitude that is oh my gosh why
happy fourth everybody blessings everybody have a good day
can I get a kiss blow e everybody blow a kiss we get some kiss blow Harry good
morning free sale watch your stuff disappear
that’s what’s left after that race all we kept right there that little bit of
course you know that that didn’t come out because it’s going to the flea
market and this right here let’s come back to this and this is our free sale
it’s gonna all disappear watch mark my words really good clothes
Michaela pause it cool Monday morning here we are back at the flea market
Stockton hustles reiner wine is in full motion as always we actually have George
here someone came up he actually showed up who and I think even showed up with
an empty truck ladies and gentlemen miracles do happen
must be nobody else in the flea market with a good low because we got all the
customers so far all the customers all the customers boxes full of good stuff
we’re selling the cheaper end stuff or cheaper it’s still good but from the
$3,000 pods see what Jack is doing but more storage unit fines over here the
Stockton flea market good old Jack I don’t I don’t always use it yeah I got
like literally like nine flea markets worth of why is that funny someone just
told me that I need to start buying better units because all I find is crap
and I need to start finding better stuff like you barely you’ve been finding tons
of collectibles in all my videos lately have garbage of my mind but what the
person fails to realize two dollars sales holding holding them to door those
the person fails to reside as I found the pieces of art by half Howard William
John Jones was a very expensive artist in then hundred dollars often no I
didn’t know either panelio vey googled he has an artwork in the Smithsonian and
I have two pieces from him out of that unit I have the one with the creepy
ghost faces and I have the one looking good that looks like a face those are
both listed artists yeah I guess I found only crap in it do you get a lot of
comments like that in your channel heart them you’re telling me love them and
then you hide the user from the channel you never see them again but they think
they’re they’re still commenting to me the error for somebody to say you can
look at a unit and no matter what if you I think the word we use on the
Internet’s profile no offense Jeremy cuz I know that’s your
word but when you profile that does not necessarily mean you’re ever gonna have
what’s in there you can say all you want you see something on the surface here
the only thing you could do is see if you see what we’re looking at a storage
unit we don’t we don’t know it’s in this box
hold on a second baby go that’s what I was saying say you’re looking at storage
unit okay you know this is here can you see it you know that’s there you see
this you don’t know it’s there so you can’t profile and think that and then
you see stuff like this to Jack Jack should actually have on eBay so you know
that so you see you look what is right there in the front so you know you can
get 15 20 for that three for that empty boxes in ten I don’t care how much you
profile six bucks and stuff tops that’s what you’ll be able to see no storage
unit whatsoever can be profile to the fact that you can
just bid whatever and make money I don’t care what anybody says I’m here to tell
you I’ve bought in 1,300 storage units I’ve lost on 34 now of them and you
cannot just profile any it’s always always probability is the probability of
something being in there and is there something more than
to actually see point-blank period see what else jackass eight bucks in comics
Xbox one just all gone close this close and it’s a little inside joke that we
make youtube videos and I’m always making fun of them because he likes the
Raiders of my uncle likes the Raiders keep the players attention the Niners oh yeah how he longs great Marcus Allen
Cheryl to Marcus and like I wasn’t born until 1978 so I didn’t we got to see
that and we got low end stuff I think this is low end stuff right yeah
low-end stuff over here Jack’s doing it today Jack didn’t like me so he sold way
across from me you putting a lot of videos I see lately you’ve been really
busy your subs are going up you’re almost a 10-gram almost that thing
if you guys don’t subscribe to Jack or any Locker nuts
I’m gonna tell you right now go to his channel share his video
go to your Facebook’s your instagrams your MySpace’s your Linkedin through all
your things share his videos let’s help him get the 10 grand because that is an
exciting number for him I think it is absolutely and right now today we’re
putting up part 13 old ones this is a couple that I’ve bought in Hamburg most
of these stuff no matter and that’s where people this handful and all the
good stuff you got 13 videos at one unit look at that that’s how you do it I like
it like I’ve been doing that on the pod on
the winter cause I’ve been milked every single box I still have two more videos we should probably hit we should
probably hit 40,000 subs by the time this video makes it out I’m like within
600 right now 40,000 I got to get back to work this lady what’s that these are
really cool what you do is when people are being out of pocket you run up to me
and throw them at him throw one at him bullseye right in his nose actually
darts which is what you might not know about Darcis he could be these three
four bucks or they could be like 300 yeah you should sizzle google and see
what they’re worth on eBay everyone’s me do you remember anything
remember eBay it’s looking a little slow now they’ve already ransacked us still
got some good stuff over here on the tables Tony’s in all orange today we got
some low end stuff starting over here low end low end some furniture low end
low end Uncle Michael is low end and all these customer just tony we’d like to
say good morning to the whole world good morning this is a wrap as we have left this is
junk I did not have a dollar sale it’s still here all these items saving them
for George and Tony aka Harry and Lloyd I hope you wanting all washes and hear
me say it I don’t know which one of y’all is Harry which one’s Louie but we
got this leftover someone else purses didn’t sell me those today nobody here
wanted cool purses gets up one pair of Uggs
leftovers leftovers got the Alameda this is all going out to Oakland tomorrow
right there good I was already good Jack’s booth my mom my mom do good I did all right
you’re on camera yeah how much yourself I don’t even know I
think I sold a little bit more than Jack but I also have like expensive labor
overpaid I’m overworked because of then and then I have over here
over here I got once again Harry and Lloyd a part of the team
leaving the Miss so takes a lot to run it’s pirate ship
I don’t know what they’re doing that’s their job I didn’t do a dollar sale so
they actually get to make money I gave George 40 bucks for hauling that off but
he’ll consolidate that down there like six boxes by the time he dollars is out
til three o’clock milking it so what it takes to run this pirate ship every
pirate ship it requires a team so everybody’s got to make money what it’s
got in hand with she’s counting the money or thirteen not good at all we get
some thumbnail poses you got do you want to have a so many
champ do cemani Chan I say yeah I want to point to the point of the money on
your face no get a point all over the place all the Michael’s how to do it
I’ll go Michael practice your thumbnail protein Oh we’re all in on the Oh patience now all
I walked away with after that entire day of expenses is two hundred and forty two
dollars my whole face is gonna look like this that’s the best I got today for my own
face luckily we had them giving up their own faces

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