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$65,000 PROFIT in $7,000.00 STORAGE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

$65,000 PROFIT in $7,000.00 STORAGE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

whoo ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
of all ages we are here in this $7,000 unit for the umpteenth time starting
another unboxing Herald says we’re going box 102 it is Marfa Dan we’re gonna get
started right away it’s been an amazing storage unit so far startled mallards
are we see it a little bit closer what is that word this could be like a
thousand dollars just proportionate value I used to I don’t know see that
lure right there pulled it out do you know how much that cost in the store
$250 I found two of them already yeah it’s more like it’s a hobby thing but
they sell them for 250 bucks what’s this sure there’s nothing like
money well there’s a winner bucks a gun bag hazing gentlemen
where’s the safe even the town in there kiss the fish looks like a 50 our bill profile sander and held one if they hit
it with the hammer this is stuff for days I don’t know what
to do I can’t could see and go through a lure shamon oh you need to have that look
down must feel slugger Paris H V Clement Paris they play 25 this wasn’t that one
other wood cabinet over there I get a brain freeze from these every time
ladies and gentlemen that is a halogen leak detector that’s
neat my swivel he bought for $4.99 just to
hand me HK Porter bolt cutters those look kind of cool that they’re made in
USA or something a little bit having out China get a rigid this goes with the
drill set we already have saws all nice tool 30 bucks whoo-hoo and then pour the table this
one’s in great shape no model number model f4 350 a model at
birth 958 hmm this is a certain quality to it almost ain’t interesting still not
a bad rocks right there poreless that would have been a nice one I think
a Dirty Harry gun right there Wow another mag 77 my cords getting in the
way you sold the other one to our good buddy today he’ll be like everybody’s my
buddy when they want a deal look at that 35 bucks right there tomorrow nice we
got nails we have to vault radios it’s I just I mean it’s gonna be at least a $20
box right there maybe 300 that’s not safe to meet under let’s say 40 40 22
it’s about $20 bucks still pretty dope that’s a large
painting comes up to over my belly button right there not painting as a
print printer one of the greatest of all time right there I would love to find an
autographed Babe Ruth in this unit 100 grand salient sales for for service call
that’s gonna fall it’s plastic though this unit so good even the lamps are
cool this is amazing look at this dude do you do you and my hands in there
sorry sorry lady sorry I didn’t mean to grow up you look at that this is
something else man I just like I’m blown away by the quality of things we’re
finding in this unit people who what we got to look in this bag right now almost
for a second there basic instructions of Sam’s flame oh it’s an emergency care snap light the money war fishing stuff
snare play system say we got real she wants to Abu Garcia ambassador something
something plus a little damaged pipe from going in the salt water we’re gonna
boo Garcia 6500 c3 that’s pretty cool and we have a pin 940 that’s pretty
legit – what that’s worth ok you guys are just this is beyond me
I’m just bewildered fishing like strings gloves this man really took his fishing
seriously we got more wheels we’ll see what’s in there more real Garcia
5000 see what is that a $50 $100 bill it’s a very quality fishing TX 4000
gx4000 quickfire – who makes this Shimano Wow
that’s a good one this one’s brand new in the box here an international 9 v pen
real international 9 5 5 I’m talking brand spankin new
ooh wow this is has to be over $100 Fisher I don’t know I’ll top my head but
I could guarantee is minimum 100 probably upwards of a few hundred
dollars right here it’s vintage Pepsi Cola twelve bottles that’s F Oakland
Sunnyvale that makes it even cooler because you know what’s the bay area
that’s a few dollars right there ladies and gentlemen don’t underestimate these
things specific reason why I grabbed this one where’d it go
yeah right there I saw that and I was like okay I have to go through this one
right away I’m shaking you don’t even know what the
heck there’s no words this is strain hold I don’t even know Wow
look at there quality in this the primitiveness at the
same time ladies and Jim I don’t even know what to say about any of this stuff
you guys are seeing some of the greatest traders ever found a storage unit my I
don’t know what this is it’s an axe obviously chopper chopper one do not
strike this for firefighting fishing poles that we got here we got a
gale man we got a Qi Liu Miss oh my good a Fenwick oh this is just like that I
can’t see the words on this one come over here and it’s just I can’t even do
it right now I can’t even go through it I’m gonna have my guy rich tomorrow at
the flea market me so after this video will be a blog of selling the tools at
the flea market cuz that’s what we’ll be doing tomorrow sell at the flea market I
probably will be selling much of this stuff I’m gonna take it out and get some
better quick footage of it and then we’re gonna go ahead and wrap it up and
take it back to the storage but I’m gonna let him describe each one of these
poles to me tomorrow because I just don’t even know oh man
this is just insane right here we have to go to this in much more detail later
on Kennedy toolbox empty the sorted tools well here we go that’s about 80 bucks
and wrenches right there how does think it’s it’s kind of nuts Pacific Trail
that is a great hunting Jetta oh he bought like everyone oh wow ultra angel $79 oh we got reals here
let’s lay these all out here whoo so let’s go continue on here Bristol
fishing and we’re gonna get back to the lures in a second or the reef I can’t
even think straight Ward’s and master quality some hacks
Johansson’s could be worth money this is crazy – I’m liking it there’s so much
stuff all right we have now a Shimano Triton G very nice it’s in decent shape
we have at Abu Garcia 6500 c3 fairly good shape and Abu Garcia ambassador
can’t read the words right there it’s alright
Abu Garcia Sweden 5600 see good shape and Abu Garcia ambassador 4600 c-4 in
great shape and then we have this guy right here a Shakespeare wonder cast
number 1795 guys I don’t even know this is just adding up just everything’s
quality Columbia I didn’t even notice that because I was so busy Columbia
fishing waders that’s like if you go to buy fishing waders that’s like a hundred
bucks no no no I’m crazy that’s far like to 300 I don’t know I
don’t know this stuff alright let’s done with this unboxing I got I mean like
this is just getting better and better as you can see we’re this far lien it
was full floor to roof we’ve only gotten this far in this sequence this is the
halfway mark ER right there that’s halfway we haven’t touched this whole
wall over here we’ve just been kind of going right
through here every box is great like I hope you guys just hope you guys are
cool with the way I’m doing I’m trying to take my time on this one just so you
know there will be a big reveal at the end of everything just one big video of
everything that I thought was cool anyway don’t forget that the like button
share button subscribe button and I love you all for watching my eyes I’m so
tired from doing this uh this unit is crazy when you buy a storage unit and
you get your excitement this is like beat at the poker table going all-in
five thousand on one hand and that rush every box that opens
huh and my my energy is so crazy right now because I ain’t seen stuff like this
in a while but anyway I gotta go gotta get another one of these ready and I
love y’all

100 comments on “$65,000 PROFIT in $7,000.00 STORAGE! I bought an abandoned storage unit

  1. Great video! @16.39 Nice Pirate sword! Hey Pirate, did you un-ding my bell because I called you my boyfriend? I haven't been getting notices. I was just messing with you. Tyfs.

  2. Regular wood log splitting i had one when i was a teenager the buckles in the head help seperate youre 2 halves

  3. youre killing me!!!!, all the buyers are watching your videos and the lockers are going for triple what they usually do, all because they want to hit it big like you did

  4. I’m so happy for you. It’s a good thing you don’t carry scared money or I wouldn’t be having such a good time watching you unbox this unit. Take your time and have a blast. Love to you.

  5. Dude you can open up used tool shop on all those tools youve found. Think it was scrap vulture a while back got like $20 k of lures etc. Of fish biz. That closed down or moved and tossed gobs of stuff…bet he could help you some with fish stuff maybe..if you want it. I loooove that Pepsi box!!…. Memories of bottlehunting and putting in pepsi crates

  6. With all the gun boxes and no guns, ether a gun safe in the unit farther back. Or the guy didnt put it in the unit. I wouldnt keep guns loose in boxes.

  7. hey pirate me and my wife watch ya all the time we are from wilmington NC we have a big store here by the beach east coast we learn new stuff every day the fishing lures that you had in the video 1 or 2 there Rare Tuna snagging commercial barbless hooks they snag they and pull over head into boat i have been commercial fishing for 25 years i would fish and the wife run the restore we have its called BACK ON THE SHELF. what will you be selling the gold penn international the one that you just pulled out on this video if everythings ok i can pay if youd be willing to ship my name is TOMMY and wifes is MELISSA THANKS PIRATE we take some west coast to the east coast.

  8. Oh man…think you are underestimating $ profit by bout $100k. Let me say again i am so glad that you didnt take 15k offer!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think you should keep that one sword as a reminder of this unit.
    It screams pirate and you deserve to keep it just because. ❤

  10. You just keep getting blessed with more and more amazing finds. I look forward to seeing the next video. I like the way your doing it cause it the storage unit that keeps giving.

  11. Your so respectful of everything your finding great 👍 to see. Some storage stalkers just throw stuff around. Mrs T

  12. Please do highest sale items at the end I've been trying to guess what will sell for the most from each video.

  13. That Penn Reel is worth about 1000+++ if it is an og deadstock with ball bearings!!! Seriously…some fishermen i showed here in Fl are Drowling!!!

  14. Alot of that stuff I would get appraised and try and auction or Ebay it for Maxx value….but anyways Great locker Pirate…Daily I just see more and more money in there…now you should sell and get a Great Nest Egg for that Dream House you always Wanted!!! So you and da Salty Princess can live comfy…happily ever after!!

  15. Like so many other subscribers I am fully enjoying the daily unboxing and showing what you have found. May you be blessed more than double on your thoughts as to the value of this unit.

  16. old large glass buoy sell for +$250 each, leak detector sold $45, old cast iron level sells $30, crude handmade primitive duck decoy SOLD $50, hula lamp if real worth $450 SOLD , otherwise $100, Penn 955 Reel $400 SOLD, other reels all +$40 ea

  17. I think we need to start calling this the Energizer Bunny unit. The awesomeness of it all just keeps going and going and going and…

  18. If you plug in that hula girl lamp and turn it on her hips might swivel like she's dancing. If it does it worth probably about 1,500.00$.

  19. 17:27 firewood chopper. The spring levers help push the pieces outward so you don't have to clear the block as often. It seems gimmicky but it does help to speed up the process.

  20. To stop a brain freeze push your thumb up onto the roof of your mouth. Don’t know how it works but it does every time😎

  21. Welp, They were into photography, fishing Americana I.E Native and Western memorabilia, and seemed to contractors too. That looks like a civil war saber, Perhaps someone in history used that sword.

  22. Giant fishing lure display peice – $29.50 bought one on Amazon ….blown glass globes are not old , they sell them at bealls outlet for $19.99 or less .

  23. I am so very very happy for you and glad you spent the money on the locker God is smiling down on you. Keep finding the great stuff. ❤

  24. Mike, I love seeing the potential income for you unfolding. You're going to remember this purchase you made for a very long time.

  25. Vintage Chopper 1 Mechanical Splitting Axe—- The Chopper 1 Axe takes the frustration out of splitting wood. With its premium steel head and its hickory handle, the Chopper1 is virtually unbreakable

  26. The chopper is a log splitter huge fun to use for big logs once your used to it, it takes very little effort when compared to a regular axe

  27. Sure wish I was out there so I could get the prices on the tools. You are selling them way below market value. Put them in a truck and bring them to the other coast. Quadruple your money. Get some expert opinions before giving these things away.

  28. I am so gona cry,please Pirate stop letting your mate rip through your boxes let us see your score man. PIRATE is The Storage man!!
    ps:- YES WE CAN look at every lure(just saying)
    Jesus of Nazareth is The LORD

  29. That’s exactly what to say because it is things I’ve never seen in my life there is so many different things and very expensive and old things (Vintage) I’m glad you’re taking the time to video all of it very nice find Mike tyfs 🙋‍♀️🤗🤗🤗🤗

  30. I think the former owner used to skulk around in the Woods by the river waiting for fishermen to go into the woods to take a leak and then he would steal their tackle box because there's no way a normal human being has that many tackle boxes. It's probably a legit named fetish. I'll have to consult FetLife.

  31. General Custer military confederate sword , what a find , lol?Paul Bunyun golden ox ax?I can't even find these artifacts in video games.

  32. Harold ain't that good, those glass globes are used to support the fishing nets in the water. If you hang them against a boat they would last about 2 minutes.

  33. The axe with the widgets on it is a splitter axe, they are a great tool and I dont think they make them anymore.

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