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70 That One Vintage Year

70 That One Vintage Year

[Music] the crowds came in record numbers and filled stadiums across the nation they came with great expectations and were not to be disappointed well this was the beginning of a new decade new rivalries the first year the merger between AFL and NFL but above all it was professional football the sport for the flash – and thrilled custom-made for the new America but now America [Music] in 1970 pro football had grown so big that it bubbled over to weeknight contests sellouts everyone in 1970 more people once pro football than ever before and many of them will long remember that this was the year the game renewed itself the year when all the elements of excitement came together in perfect amounts to make 1970 that one vintage year [Music] I love a challenge in if anyone can bring it out of me then Terry Hanratty can tease a top-notch quarterback I feel right now that I’m the number one quarterback for a Steelers I don’t think there isn’t it one quarterback in Pittsburgh the rivalry between the Terry’s Bradshaw and Hanratty was a friendly one but it was rookie Terry Bradshaw who opened the season at quarterback and he found it tougher than it looked from the bench he gained experience as Terry Hanratty took over [Music] but in the end they alternated the friendly rivalry unsettled and in the end the Steelers were the real winner a less friendly rivalry in the AFC central was between Blanton Collier Browns and Paul Browns bangles the Browns were favored to win the title and in the early going they looked good [Music] their win over the Bengals came as no surprise [Music] but the Browns had breakdowns they weren’t nearly as strong as everyone had thought and before long people who are looking toward Cincinnati we’re strange things were on the loose [Music] the Bengals had lost six of their first seven and were considered out of the title picture but suddenly they regrouped and began to devastate everything inside [Music] they avenge their earlier loss to Cleveland and before they were finished the Bengals had won their last seven in a row while becoming the first expansion team to win a division title [Music] so while Cleveland ended the season in mud and misery the Bengals carried coach Paul Brown into the playoffs in Green Bay they used to see a lot of defense and they saw a lot in 1970 but it came from the wrong people the BART ston the packet appears there will be no coming back not for a while anyway in Chicago the Bears had a kickoff return man named Cecil Turner who tied a record by running four kickoffs back four touchdowns the Bears also had dick Gordon and he led the NFC in receiving [Music] but above all the Bears had missed a defense Dick Butkus and despite all that the Bears lack one thing and that was a winning record in Detroit the lion showed good balance but defense was their key to victory and defense got them can wins although ten victories was enough to gain them a playoff spot it wasn’t enough to win the NFC Central where the Purple People beater z’ from Minnesota were the ultimate in defense [Music] [Music] the Vikings allowed only 143 points they’re 12 and 2 record was the best in the NFL thanks to a defense which scored almost as much as the offense while the NFC Central was the stronghold of crunch and crush in 1970 there were sounds of thunder heard throughout the lake [Music] [Applause] [Music] the miracle men of the AFC West resided in Oakland cheap Wizards 43 year old George Blanda the Raiders were unbeaten in their division as against San Diego bland – kicked the winning field goal with four seconds remaining exit Chargers the Denver Broncos with a hard-nosed defense and a good offense won their first three and led the division [Music] then they met the Raiders and went home victims of shell shock in Denver was George again when with time almost gone in Oakland trailing he threw for the winning touchdown exit Broncos and it was the perils of George Blanda again when Oakland trailed the Browns with less than a minute his pass tied it at 20 his 52-yard field goal cleared the posts with only three seconds remaining Oakland 23 Cleveland 20 against the Jets the Raiders trailed with one second left when on fourth down a new cast of Daryle Lamonica to warren wells pulled off the greatest of the radar miracles and while everyone oakland met suffered defeat in unbelievable ways perhaps the Chiefs lost most they start at 1970 as world champions and even led Oakland in their first meeting but with three seconds to go George Blanda who else kicked the 48-yarder to give the rate as a tie that amounted to a moral victory [Music] and when the two teams met in the game that decided the AFC West title the Chiefs played as if they knew they were doomed exit Chiefs enter Oakland the miracle-working Division champions in the first playoff game the Raiders faced Miami and relied on their oldest weapon the bomb [Music] they down the Dolphins 21 to 14 and headed for the AFC championship in New Orleans the Saints lived up to their name and performed one merit [Applause] and that’s the late history they’re sending him on with two seconds left scarpetti will hold tipsy we’ll have to kick 162 yards to win the ballgame holy daylight I’ve seen a ball but this is the most exciting moment in st. history here’s the staff the ball is down Dipsy kicks it [Applause] in Los Angeles the Rams were older but seemingly tougher their defense humbled most opponents but couldn’t contend with the NFL’s Cinderella team San Francisco after falling under the 49 is spelled the rams lost momentum and found one obstacle insurmountable for in San Francisco there was a John Brodie a Jean Washington and a team that found the glass slipper comfortable [Music] for the 49ers it was their first championship shot and they cast a wary eye at the thought of losing it everyone seemed to try a little higher [Music] all year they were tough but never any tougher than when in a frigid playoff game with the Vikings at Minnesota they came away with a 1714 victory [Music] the 49ers then picked up their coach impact for home and the NFC Championship [Music] in Washington the Redskins had a runner named Larry Brown and although he couldn’t lead them to a winning season he himself was a winner as he became the NFL’s leading rusher with 1,100 25 yards [Music] st. Louis had MacArthur Lane and behind his powerful style the Cardinals led in the NFC East [Music] the cards defense was also strong with three consecutive shutouts including a 38 to nothing rout of dollars but st. Louis didn’t win the title because they couldn’t beat the Giants twice New York wallop the Cardinals the Giants themselves had a shot at the title behind the flashing blue shoes of Ron Johnson who became the first giant ever to rush for over a thousand yards in a season [Laughter] [Music] [Music] but despite Johnson the Giants weren’t able to withstand the late-season charge of the Cowboys in the early going Dallas was crushed by the Vikings 54 to 13 [Music] [Laughter] they were trampled by st. Louis 38 to nothing [Music] they had been rated as favourites but had taken a ride on the chute to nowhere [Music] then came the light and doomsday was everywhere [Music] coach Tom Landry revamped his offense and Bob Hayes became the man to catch [Music] but the Cowboys had yet another prize and running back Dwayne Thomas gave them a double-barreled offense and with a great closing spurt the Cowboys shot right into the playoff picture by winning the NFC East title [Music] against the Lions Dallas scored only five points in the end five points was all they needed for their defense held Detroit scoreless [Music] now Dallas was in the NFC Championship at San Francisco and finally the Cowboys proved they could win the big one [Music] they powered over the 49ers became NFC champions and headed for Miami and Super Bowl five [Music] in Boston it used to be fun being a quarterback [Music] but then came tough joke cat from Minnesota and he changed all that when our die trying was his vow Boston’s two and twelve record shows which part of the vowel he kept [Music] which leaves one question why would anyone want to be a quarterback in Boston perhaps Jim Plunkett knows in buffalo rookie Dennis Shaw became the thirteenth quarterback in two years and he was superb he finished third in the conference in passing but above all he was one cool rookie [Music] in 1970 Denis Shaw proved that barring injury Buffalo’s quarterback problems are over in New York the Jets couldn’t bar injury and of all people it was Joe Namath who was out for the year with a broken wrist and so came untested out Woodall to show what he could do and he did all right as he led his team to big upsets over the Rams and the Vikings and save the Jets a third place finish [Music] in miami new coach Don Shula had Bob Griese the scrambling man extraordinary [Music] and with Paul Warfield hauling them in Greece he passed the dolphins into contention for the title [Music] he could afford to smile [Music] but then his scrambling caught up with it the Dolphins lost three straight [Music] the smiles were gone but Bob Griese came back and led the Dolphins to a ten and four record and a playoff spot which wasn’t bad for a young expansion team in Baltimore they had it all a new but knowledgeable coach in Don McCafferty and a Rock of Gibraltar defense that broke other teams under a withering rush [Music] but above all else in Baltimore they had number 19 John Unitas and he led the Colts to an 11 2 and 1 record they won their division going away [Music] in the first playoff game against the bangles they had little trouble and 117 to nothing against the Raiders in the AFC Championship they had a tougher time but 127 217 and for the Colts the next stop was Miami and Super Bowl 5 against Dallas both teams had things to prove and both played a tough game the winner in the 1970 season’s championship were still in doubt with only nine seconds remaining and then rookie Jim O’Brien’s field goal put an end to 1970 the Baltimore Colts were world champions [Music] and as the final nine seconds clicked off you fans all over the country looked back on the spectacle that have been 1970 there had been excitement and thrills incredible plays and unexpected successes you’d seen the beginnings of new stars and the fading of old ones you’d seen expansion teams grow up a new rivalries flourish you’d seen triumph and defeat you’d seen the vast spectrum of the elements of professional football come together in a perfect rainbow blend to make 1970 the greatest year ever [Music] and years from now when the conversation drifts to football you’ll look back and you’ll say to yourself yes I remember 1970 and if ever there was one 1970 was that one vintage year [Music]

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  1. 1970 was when the NFL became one league. Washington's Larry Brown led the NFC in rushing and became the first Redskin to gain 1,000 yards
    in a season. The San Francisco 49ers won the first of their three NFC
    Western Division Championships. Oakland's George Blanda passed
    or kicked the Raiders to four wins and a tie in five games. Tom
    Dempsey kicked the longest field goal at 63 yards (since broken).
    Don Shula left Baltimore and took over the Miami Dolphins and
    took them to the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys won the first
    NFC Championship behind rookie sensation Duane Thomas
    at running back. The Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V.

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