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71-Year-Old Model Maye Musk’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

71-Year-Old Model Maye Musk’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

– So as we in New York, there is some outside noise from traffic. And if only they had a Tesla, we would have a quiet New York. Wouldn’t that be lovely? And we could do a video
without re shooting every time they make a noise. (upbeat music) My skincare routine at night, because I’m lazy and I’m quick, and I’m usually tired,
especially after a big party, well not, I don’t really party
that much, but, (laughs). but after an event in the evening, then I need to take off all this makeup. So you’ve seen me in full glam, because I’m at New York Fashion Week attending shows and doing book signings. When I was younger, I had that oily patch, and then the dryness. I also had pimples from time to time, especially as a teenager,
when I started modeling at 15. Now, I don’t know, aging
seems to work so well, ’cause I’m 71 now, and my
skin is better than ever. I don’t go in the sun at all, I wear a hat, I wear sun protection, creams, because I really can’t get sun onto my skin, it’s aging. So that’s my number one. Number two, I’m a dietician, so I eat very well, and I eat lots of fruits
and vegetables and beans, and nuts and seeds, as
well as whole wheat breads, and then fish also has shown to be good for your skin. First of all, I don’t
usually look like this ’cause I have these
fabulous false eyelashes on. Can you see the difference? If they, when I have false eyelashes on, my eyes look so huge, and now they’re looking a little normal. So now I’m going to
take the skin cleanser, and I’m going to wash my face. Let’s get my hair back. We need it out of out of the way, so that it doesn’t, just gonna open a button
so I can do my neck as well when I start cleaning. Okay, so you can see it is
quite a thick makeup remover, and I’m going to be washing my face making sure I get all the makeup off. (water running) So you can see now I
have nothing on my face, and it’s completely clean and clear. So as I say, you can look
forward to getting older. When I was a teenager and I was modeling, I had to get rid of
the pimples on my face, but there were no special creams then or any medications for it. So I would put very hot water in a sink, and I would put my head
over it with a towel, and steam my face. Things are much better now. My next product I’m going to show you is Pearlosophy, and it’s an eye cream. The thing is, now that I’ve
become a supermodel at 69 because I’m a cover
girl, I get given a gift. So this is a gift and it’s great for my eyes, you can see it’s got kind of like a little
round, soft round thing, and so you squirt it out, and then you put it on
your eyes like this, it’s like a gentle massage
on the eyes, it’s lovely, lovely, and then I’ll do the other eye, squeeze out a bit, and
then you do the other eye. So just a gentle cream for the eyes. And for my lips, my lips are always dry, so I like to have the CoverGirl lip balm. I have to keep it on me all the time, because that definitely helps for my lips. So now I want to show you my night cream. So here I’m using Dior Prestige Le Nectar De Nuit, and this is for, a night serum
for the face and the neck, and again, it’s a gift. When I’m given gifts I love to try them, and especially when it’s simple and I can understand what
I’m meant to use it for, like night cream. That’s easy, sometimes
there’s a lot of complications in it and then I get confused. So I put some in my hand, and then I just, ooh, feels so good after a wash. It’s nice to go to bed fully hydrated, I also put it on my neck. The lighting here is great, so I’m sure I’m looking like I’m 25, which is fine by me,
(chuckles) so there you go, I feel completely hydrated
and ready to go to bed. So as a model, you learn
a lot about skincare, because everybody talks about it, you having your makeup done, and someone will put a lotion on you and it feels good and
they tell you about it, or sometimes they’ll put a mask on me, and they just say to rehydrate my skin before they put on
makeup, that’s lovely too. Sometimes an under-eye pads they’ll do. It’s quite a treat, it feels
refreshing and relaxing. So I’m always happy to try any new things. But I won’t do it before a beauty job, because if I’m going to
do a makeup job coming up, or a modeling job, I need
a week’s break in case they have some products in it which makes the skin peel a bit, can’t have your skin peeling, especially if you’re doing
a close up of my face. But anyway, even if you’re not a model, you don’t want your skin
peeling when you’re going out. So you just need to be careful, if you try new products make sure you’re not too busy that week. Well, that’s my skincare routine. I hope you learned something, and now I’m off for New York Fashion Week. (upbeat music)

100 comments on “71-Year-Old Model Maye Musk’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

  1. Finally someone of her age who is comfortable being in front of a camera without tons of botox and layers of makeup. How refreshing

  2. So lovely such a simple woman who gave birth to a genius of our times Elon musk ! Yep anyone who don’t know this she is Elon musks mom love them both

  3. I'm on the fence about a moisturizer at night… I was told ur skin needs to breathe at night and most nights after washing I dont really feel a need to moisturize. After a mask or scrub, I might apply a light moisturizer as a preventative measure but I try to avoid heavy moistuzation because it changes the way my skin looks and feels. Although my skin does get dry at times, I'm more worried about my skin's overall health.

  4. She’s very beautiful and confident, I love. BUT she didn’t even use a basic cleanser after the balm or a moisturizer….

  5. Now what I would like to know is, How did she keep the bone structure of her cheeks? She doesn't have any sagging jowls but very strong looking jawline and cheek bones. Now can some one teach us how to do that?

  6. Love her and love that HB is featuring a diverse range of women to look up to! Her attitude is something to aspire to!

  7. If you close your eyes. And just listen to her voice. 3:05 – especially from here. She sounds like a very posh Sophie Kaczynsky. To me.
    P.S. Great video and an amazing woman! <3

  8. She looks amazing oh myy! Beautiful woman with great energy. I bet her positivity is the last but most important step of her skin care routine! 👏

  9. She’s got good bone structure which helps, but she definitely looks her age. Some women are lucky enough to look 10 or more years younger. Being fair skinned means you wrinkle a lot regardless of trying to limit sun exposure. Her hair color may be enhanced and she wears a ton of expertly applied makeup. She’s outfitted with gorgeous, flattering clothing and is polished to the nth degree….as a result she looks great. Why shouldn’t she.

  10. FYI: if you want effective non-topical sun protection take the supplement Astaxanthin. It provides other health benefits in addition to skin protection.

  11. This woman is great, I worship her, I want to be her but when she started talking about eating fruits, nuts and homemade breads I was like oh fuck off

  12. You should suplement with Collagen I recommend the brand honest nutrition it has elastin and hyloronic acid plus take phytoceramides and liposomal Hyloronic Acid. Then take herbal extract like nettle root, white tea extract it blocks a enzyme which causes collagen and elastin brakedown, rosemary extract it blocks a enzyme which causes hylornic acid brake down, and take japanese knotweed.

  13. Thank you! I’m right behind you in age, Maye…and side by side in my own approach to being happy with the skin I’m in and taking the best care of it possible. NO SUN EVER! Lots of hydrating and skin loving products, I’ve been using Latisse for my lashes and I’m happily avoiding falsies for the time being…also I like to use my own natural oil and hydration concoctions because I’m not a supermodel, so no one’s gifting me a darn thing. Except you! thank you for this delightful and refreshing lesson in happily and confidently being oneself. 😉

  14. She is an inspiration to all who want to grow older with grace, and is undeniably more beautiful than all those unfortunate people who have plastic surgery. With their stretched-out, plumped-up face, they are fooling no one.

  15. oh my gosh, you look so much like my mom and she was gorgeous. i am 50 now and really hope i look like you in 20 years. And there is hope since you look like my mom ha ha. And i have grown out my silver natural hair so perhaps my hair will be gorgeous white like yours. You are wonderful and i love your confidence because it is real.

  16. My best advices for beauty: don't be afraid to win years, each age has its own beauty and its own value. If you are able to love yourself always, you will always be a beautiful person.
    Use sunscreen, do not use soap to wash your face, and smile, life is for be happy 😀

  17. I'm 71 and thanks to my genes hardly any wrinkles. I steam my face every night with ponds cold cream and that's it. Then I put almond oil on my face and that's it.
    Love not doing anything with my great beauty. Lol

  18. ….just turned 50. 🤮
    Goals: ❤🌞🍀
    She's definitely inspired me to loose my bad 'tude. Thank u ⚘

  19. I want house salopards francais votre hamada et vous devenus hommes pauvres qui ma fait entrer le djin dans mon corps je suis malade .

  20. My grandmother never used soap & water on her skin…only Ponds Cold Cream. She had gorgeous skin on in to her 90s and she was married 8 times.

  21. Personally, I find that her face looks more natural without the false lashes and her hair falling more naturally. Watching her explains a lot about her son's strangeness.

    That's just my opinion.

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