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$85,000 PROFIT? In $7000 storage I bought an abandoned storage unit

$85,000 PROFIT? In $7000 storage I bought an abandoned storage unit

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pilots of all ages I’m excited to announce we are back with another
episode of this $7000 stores the gift that keeps on giving I’ve never seen a
storage unit and my life in person where I’m just can’t wait to get to the next
box we have been doing video after video you guys have been loving them
apparently I’m not putting out fast enough for one a day but there’s plenty
more to come there’ll be a link in the playlist right now to go through the
whole $7000 units start to finish option the very last box and an on to grimes
auction house where we’ll be selling everything of decent value and this is
all gonna start here we’re just got all this untouched uncharted waters indigo
anyway before I keep talking hit the like button the share button maybe
subscribe if you haven’t already and I love y’all let’s do this start off this
is not like the Louisville Bats Owego but these are still pretty cool 1996 896
Giants angels 93 Dodgers Louisville Slugger Seattle Mariners in the open
cool stuff bowling centers serve but wow there’s a vintage Giants 2000 Boston Red
Sox 1990 Padres 1990 nitu this silver sure seems like an x 34 ice
beam a Dominion that’s vintage that’s a good
Hubei item or as we’re gonna put a cup with some good grinds item not behead
little bunch in just that first box right off the bat here we go
great stuff in a $7,000 storage impossibly good name possibly good
blanket a blanket Sparks is not a nice bag of tools two three four dollar bills
right here and then walking drill not bad that’s the least uh it might be
close to at least fifty bucks there one more
don’t don’t yell me in the comments tools are not exactly easiest sell but
still nonetheless nice bag alright there’s been commenting about the
Hawaiian shirts did I have saved now do we have
sideout hi Sierra Ocean Pacific that’s a good one nice one two three four five six Kahala Kahala made in Hawaii quiet Hina Morro
Bay Hawaii blew another six shirts that makes 12 then we have let’s tell me good
Hawaii it is the same great land under the sound very expensive 13 shirts then
we have one two three four five six and more shirts we got a khojali
high sierra me sport come ona i used to have this shirt i feel like paradise
round not bad eighteen they just keep coming like one of those Bugle Boy spar
to me those bugle boys you a paradise love it I don’t like those shirts
that’s a Hawaiian one these two or not then we got the Hawaiian original Idol
fashions and I think I like this one right here I feel myself keeping this
shirt right here this one’s going in my pile right there Ryan Connolly Guy
Harvey Kahala colors work shirt coming they’re nice shirts that’s colleague
good money and this looks like a Pendleton nope Michael Brandon
alright see that’s a new fresh the bag that’s finished so we have two bags and
there was – I need ollars no string loves nicer gloves and a counting mix
and going clean and not a million dollars no debating donkey – yeah you
got to be a few boring boxes in here this is die no marked dan we got here in this market
inbox the Home Depot not his question Edward s Curtis visions of American
comeback Tokyo Nyko Spica 3.5 these look pretty nice right here nice leather case one of these we got a fishing game we got some towels we got a fish made in this to the pink
another fishing game and we got this cool game with a wood box in there
dominoes cribbage it’s maintaining cool down those are the good dominoes they
don’t look like special bit nice box Waikiki woods made in Hawaii handcraft
koa Kai was extinct this is actually good money this is probably 50 bucks for
that piece of wood oh that’s cute matches another fishing game a Bosch tool not oh
please crab Tom who what is that 10 round colt 45 automatic oh baby what is
that 45 automatics this is kind of cool I like this we’ll set them aside Levi’s Levi’s Eddie Bauer
Levi’s Banana Republic Tommy hilfinger Levi’s 5 quality shirts where god
where’s our cambridge classics Levi’s more quality shirts equal bro Italy
Versace Wow we just took it to another level
Rockman Levi’s Wrangler coat it of course again look at this ladies and
gentlemen look at all those fishing poles we’re gonna go right now we’re
gonna pull these all out get them all kind of laid out and let you see it like
boom right next to each other well so give me a minute I’m a ladies all out
all right we’re gonna have to do we got to do this in sections because this is
just kind of insane right here all right first one we got is st. Croix vintage
pacemaker in a case really good rod I know synchro is a good brand we got a
Fenwick J 1:04 1:05 3 we have a Fenwick s etc etc we have a l.l.bean
eight-footer we have a Fenwick HMG I’m pretty sure
it’s a good rod there not to mention another fly rod of Fenwick Kay three
five eight three three these are just getting crazy the llama glass that that
sounds like a great one too a llama glass and a red fly Remington Reddington
nine-foot fly rod it’s just how I’m blown away that I’m not even done guys
I’m not even done got so much more just going that one box of fishing pole
that’s got to be a few bucks right there I can’t even speculate if that’s like
300 or like three grand because somebody’s rods could be ridiculous
now Honda the next batch of fishing poles here this is the money’s gonna be
good in here I can already tell there’s gonna be some good ones it Fenwick F s65
a Fenwick Farrell ig1 co9 won a vintage of Lugar see I mean this is crazy as
those three rods gotta be some money right there all in great shape all their
own cases here we have custom made here we have a Fenwick hmx and we have an
Eagle Claw graphite all really nice poles once again there’s a lot of money
just in poles and one second here I’m gonna show you a little secret I thrown
the slider there to little stash of something dangerous now these are what I
found there in the bottom of that fishing pole box right here
very nice made in India not so special steel what in look it’s got a little
baby one is that what a Gurkha ladies and gentlemen look good is the oldest
British man in America he has come show him some love we redeemed him a little
bit people starting to like him a little bit but I’ve got a lot of complement a
lot of compliments from people that said they bless america for taking you off
their hands what do you say but that’s the matter yeah oh yeah whole bunch all
lots of a moisture we got people from Australia in Europe and the Philippines that could be bad news that’s it what’s
on this one hold on house on him that’s it that’s it oak in there Lester that’s
so crazy just something somebody made it moves but that’s cool – where’s it made
of just a joke really honey but all right
what’s that mache de the machete then it looks military look World War two much
sitting in this nothing there wasn’t it was just it was a way itself maybe what goes in there one holster Bianchi wait
though military little walk – yeah I could be
World War two one time Harold inspect that no special weapon good box what is
in there nice history right there ladies and
gentlemen world war two I say everything is World War two
well you think of that hat right there he’ll Russian patches Soviets Soviet
team let’s ensure that’s pretty cool nice huh
well what interesting no lay a Cold War look at the inside there this is nice
yeah it is the whole house yeah that’s pretty nice
look at the inside whole package is very cool makes it look a lot older than yes 54 melting lead for this world what else
tonight yeah that can shoot Vietnam I think cool though holy SH what goes in
there big that’s what he hit you that’s what melting bullets right yeah standard mount base was getting done you that’s for scope huh think that isn’t to
do with that again my scope fever say receivers say $40 price tag there’s an
type of stuff that he can auction all day long another receiver say 22 piece
base two piece base standard mount base scope mount base for
Mauser two-piece scope full-mouth if it adds up it coming to mount rings this
string is we’re time fishing on the string is good look at that who keeps their hats in a thing I think Harold’s never seen one of these look at
that look at the smile on his face he thinks about this cool but there’s a
reason oh look here they keep coming mount base mount base mount base 25 25
20 more here they come two-piece mount base to piece now base come on beer oh it’s a bullet
look at this trench art we got decorated my dad slow down damage anything the pipe eruption five pipes look at
these a little closer here we have a KMP Peterson very good here we have one with
what looks like a possible bakelite handle this one looks like m9 that’s the
project he was smoking hey here we’ve got more scope now bases three more come
on with the lay all those out here at the end until y’all send another duck
call look at that oh look at this Vaughn I think that’s a good X and then
there’s this that is not a bad pile for this one box right here Harold is here
picking up the shoe collection he gave me 1,500 bucks to buy the rest of shoes
for his son and while he’s doing that we’re gonna go through some boxes
together I think it’s a good one Harold hi Olivia
already see cool stuff there’s a real fish in there this there’s a baby my
like the way those photos were looking on hold on
oh it’s silver quarters this is a lovely Bank let’s see what’s in due course but
it’s silver in Ducasse now look yeah let’s take a look quick quick Oh family
photos I have so many moms down they’re becoming more and more valuable more and
more popular pictures we’re in the military okay look at this families I mean there’s
gonna be great pictures and all kinds of let’s leave it there let’s move look at
this real Marlin okay I’ll just tell you about what does this tell you about it brownie baller / caramel sprinkle with
something the big bake for 30 minutes a recipe don’t throw it away
we’re gonna keep it you have to like oh look this is a real real Marlin look at
that nicely done detect back on here we have a mermaid nothing’s been nothing of
consequence oh very good word look at this another Bank
this one empty this one flipped open that’s why it’s empty
coins maybe in here then um why you must always open what is that nice you stay
back from the dunka Japanese Hat screen we’re gonna throw these away
we’re not throw them away but please be a jewelry box what is this that’s old
isn’t it isn’t that old Civil War everybody was giving you grief they said
everything Harold touches his Civil War it is it’s amazing because this is
significant look at it you know the catches on it come on
what period would you pretty hair gotta be 19 cent look at the way the rivets
are those gun bags down there there’s three more handgun bags down there oh
please be a good please don’t be empty please be full even though we like bags
you know till I know all right hold on
that’s for your shoe we’ve seen those shoes right it’s what we came out okay
moving on to this this here look stand back a little because a lot of rat shit
gonna fly stuff rats there is a jewelry box
come on daddy’s been waiting for the jewelry Oh mmm I say it’s okay standing
back Jose inject a very nice jewelry both whiskey container pinky and fortune
a fortune come home okay it’s fall and it’s big we got the rest up off the front I’m not
very strongly still a dope it Mikey we don’t set off yeah okay come on good
I’m good okay for the top Oh is there something in there what is we don’t know
that stuff inside of this box this is what we wanted yeah yes yeah this are
you know you know this is what is it a special one 50 100 bucks for this damn
bro pocket change okay more of the same it’s going to be looser scissors in it
it could be special if you want to do dentistry I’ve got a few issues would
you like to get started ladies and gents a wrap on that unboxing
from this $7000 you know I’m saying it just keeps coming and coming you gotta
keep telling me how much you think is in there anything you can help me identify
to make it easier and Grimes please let me know don’t forget to like by the
share button and subscribe when that being said I love you all

100 comments on “$85,000 PROFIT? In $7000 storage I bought an abandoned storage unit

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