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A 15 year old daughter that has to go to the hairdresser after school [Hello Counselor / 2017.05.29]

The next worry is from a girl in eighth grade. – Eighth grade. / – That’s right. Hello, I am an eighth grader who works at a hair salon. – My goodness. / – Is it my dream to be a hairdresser? No, it’s not. My mom is the hairdresser. I am my mom’s slave. “Mom, may I play with my friends today?” “Shut it. You have work. Don’t be ridiculous.” “Sweep the floor. Wash the dye bowls. Hurry up.” “Wash the perm machine and fold the towels.” I have lived like this for five years. – She’s in eighth grade. / – She’s in eighth grade. I want to stop working at the hair salon and live my life. Please persuade my mom. (Please give me back my life.) That’s a hard life. We helped with household chores back in the days, but children don’t do that these days. – It’s rare. / – She must be nice. That’s right. Shall we talk to her? Roy, why don’t you go to meet her? – Okay. / – Please come on out. (Who works all day to help her mom?) How pretty! (Kwon Dokyung) – How cute! / – She is very cute. Hello. She is very cute. – Look at her. / – Hello. She is skinny from all the hard work. – Please sit down. / – Thank you. – She’s very cute. / – She is cute. Since when did you start working? I started working in fourth grade. At the time, I didn’t know what I was signing up for. You know now. – Go on. / – I helped her here and there. The work is too hard these days. I see. On weekdays, I work from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. What about on weekends? On weekends, I work from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. What do you do? Well I… What am I talking about? (Slapping) My goodness. – Don’t slap yourself. / – Don’t do that. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. I didn’t mean to do that. Don’t do that. – I’m sorry. / – My goodness. Hit me instead, okay? What do you do? She is stressed out from working at an early age. What do you do? While my mom does customers’ hair, – I sweep the floor. / – You sweep the floor. I also wash the dye bowls. It takes an hour to wash the perming machine. During breaks, about 15 customers would get their hair permed at the hair salon every day. The process would take you 15 hours. I wash three at a time. I am sorry. It takes about five hours. – It can be annoying to help out a stranger. / – Yes. Doesn’t it feel satisfying to help out your mom? Work at the hair salon is hard enough, but she makes me do all kinds of chores. What kind of chores? There was a dead pigeon in front of the hair salon. She asked me to remove it. (Remove the dead pigeon right now!) – That must have been scary. / – Yes. I cried my eyes out as I removed it. My mom stood by and watched. It was annoying. (She stood by and watched.) – She must give you a lot of allowances. / – Right. – She must pay you. / – I am sure she did. The minimum wage now is 6 dollars and 47 cents. She is smart. – Go on. / – She is meticulous. However, I receive two dollars a day. (She receives two dollars a day.) – Two dollars? / – No way. Report her to Ministry of Employment and Labor. That’s illegal. – I receive 15 dollars a week. / – 15 dollars. I think it’s unfair. Have you tried asking her for more? She won’t give me more. – What is wrong with her? / – Let’s talk to her. We should talk to her. Hello. Hello. It’s nice to meet you. She is young. Do you understand your daughter’s worry? I don’t understand. She’s always done the works. (Does she think it makes the work easier?) The chores don’t require her to work all day. She doesn’t work all day. Do you think she is making a fuss for no reason? That’s right. What she does is nothing compared to what I do. I don’t think the chores are that hard. Do you make your son work, too? He is in high school. My goodness. I mean… That doesn’t mean anything. Did you make him work when he was in middle school? He went to extra lessons in middle school. (He was busy with extra lessons.) (I want to go to extra lessons, too.) You should get an employee. – I don’t want to do that. / – Why not? These days, finding a good worker is almost impossible. It’s really hard to find good help at hair salons. When my former employee quit, I worked alone for six months. The matter of employees stressed me out so much that I decided to work alone. It’s better to work alone than to get stressed out. That’s when my daughter began to help me. Your daughter is getting stressed out right now. (What started as a favor is now giving her stress.) She is at the age to go through puberty. Shouldn’t you be more considerate of her? To be honest, she started complaining only recently. I think she is going through puberty. Since she began to complain so much this year, I started to pay her. Two dollars? That’s nothing. I follow her every wish without paying her. I give her two dollars a day to make her happy. Don’t you think you should look after her when she is in puberty? I think I am going through menopause. As the saying goes, menopause beats puberty. She can’t win against me. – Who said that? / – I have never heard that before. What does that even mean? (Does the saying not exist in Seoul?) (She is too strong.) Even adults who get proper payment quit. You are using this small girl without paying her much. Don’t you feel bad? I don’t feel bad, but I do feel thankful. Two dollars is too little. I don’t think it’s too little. It’s not an hourly wage. She spends money as she likes. She eats what she wants. Why are you getting mad at me? I didn’t do anything bad. Is she telling the truth? My allowances are so small that I had nothing left after I buy class T-shirts and school supplies. – Of course. / – What is this? – Seriously. / – This is what happens. When she needs money in the morning, she says, “I have to buy supplies.” When I try to give her money, she says, “I will use my money.” She says that. – That’s right. / – Why do you do that? I don’t. She’s lying through her teeth. What is going on? (She lies on top of everything.) (She is a strange woman.) Are you a liar? My goodness. – Tell us what actually happened. / – Wait a minute. Be quiet. She will talk. – Tell us honestly. / – Tell us. I have never said that. You told me to use my money. I told you to use your money if you have some left. When did you say that? You are doing a good job. She is always defiant. I struggle more than her. Then you shouldn’t make her work. – She isn’t defiant. / – Ma’am. Let’s listen to her first. – I’m speechless. / – You use your money for supplies. Can’t you ask your mom to give you money for school supplies? – She is scary. / – She is scary. I can’t speak well in front of her. (I don’t understand why she’s scared.) We have a video of her working at the hair salon. Let’s watch it together. (Dokyung is folding towels.) It’s clean and nice. My goodness. Wash these, too. (She is washing perming equipment.) The chemicals will hurt her hands. My goodness. (She must sweep the floor endlessly.) There are no customers. What is her mom doing? (Dokyung is working by herself.) (She hangs up the towels.) Get the towels on the chairs, too. (She handles the cash register, organizes equipment.) Where is her mom? (Where is her mom?) She is sitting down. That’s too much. (Dokyung works while her mom rests.) My goodness. She is a mean boss. My goodness. Who took the video? A regular customer did. I thought Dokyung’s mom took it since she was nowhere. Me, too. You have endured the work for five years. What made you visit the show? I am in middle school. – I need my own time. / – That’s right. I do household chores as well. – You do household chores. / – That’s a lot of work. – What do you do? / – I wash the dishes after meals and hang the laundry to dry. – What does your mom do? / – She watches TV. My goodness. I want to play with my friends, but she doesn’t let me. Do you friends exclude you? No, they don’t. When they go out to play, they don’t even ask me because they know I will work at the hair salon. They don’t think about playing with you. (I want to play with my friends.) Why does she do household chores? It’s not like that. She has worked at the hair salon since fourth grade. She has done household chores since second grade. Listen… (My goodness.) Is she an evil stepmother? I thought she’d say she hasn’t done them for long. She’s done them for longer. When she was in second grade, she offered to help when I was doing the dishes. She wanted to do the dishes. She was very good at it. She helped you out of kindness. – That’s right. / – Then you began to exploit her. – I didn’t exploit her. / – You began to overwork her. It just became her job. It became a habit. – That’s right. / – You don’t even feel bad – about making your daughter work. / – That’s right. As we all saw in the video, you were sitting down when she was doing the laundry. You watch TV when she does the dishes at home. I am obsessed with TV. What? (My goodness.) – This is ridiculous. / – What are you talking about? Don’t be that way. This is ridiculous. I keep the TV on even when I am working. – Ma’am. / – Yes? After that one time, did you daughter say, “I want to keep doing the dishes”? She didn’t say she doesn’t want to do them. If she says she doesn’t want to work anymore, will you leave her be? I can’t do that now. Why not? – That doesn’t make any sense. / – Why not? Even if she stays home instead of working, it’s just how I raise my children. My son wasn’t allowed to go out until ninth grade. You don’t let them meet their friends. They see their friends at school anyway. Except for the day after exams, she tells me to study at the hair salon. It’s frustrating. – You won’t be able to focus. / – At the hair salon, – you study and work. / – You alternate. – Yes. / – Did you work after school during your middle school days? My mom didn’t let me work since she thought it would bring more work in my life. Then why do you make your daughter work? She digs herself into a hole every time she speaks. Listen. (She digs herself into a hole every time she speaks.) When children don’t work, they don’t appreciate their parents’ hard work. I thought my children should know otherwise. I think she knows enough. Seriously. Is there something else your mom doesn’t allow

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