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100 comments on “A Cosy Victorian-Inspired Sewing Workroom || Tour

  1. Popping in here to let you know that I’ll be on a little 2-week hiatus from regular Saturday uploads, as I’m headed back to England in December! Which means that the next two weeks will be focused on finishing up sewing projects and filming lots of things to take with me so that hopefully we can keep on schedule whilst my attention is momentarily fractured across projects for the next two months. 🙂

  2. SUGGESTION: On the book list video, try approaching it as "The List of Essential Books That Fit on a Five Foot Bookshelf". There's always going to be one more book you'll find that you want to recommend. By using an arbitrary limit (like the five foot bookshelf), you force yourself into thinking what books are essential and what are not. Harvard started this with a list of recommended reading books they now call "The Harvard Classics" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvard_Classics).

  3. Glad to see quite a few Terry Pratchett books. Have you made anything based on the Discworld series? (Have you made Rincewind's outfit and hat? If not, WHY NOT???) Also, if you haven't, check out the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redwall). Fun Fact: Brian Jacques has a recipe book (mostly for kids) of some of the recipes from his stories. You could have friends dress up as if they were living in Redwall Abbey and throw them a dinner party based on the books.

  4. Lovely sewing/creating studio, so you! Love your hat clock, not only is it a hat clock it's a rose gold hat clock. Such wonderfulness. Have a great day.

  5. Ha I would be in trouble if I would not allow books that I haven't read on my bookshelf 🤣 and btw my heart stopped from joy when I saw you own Jenő Barcsay Anatomy of the Artist 😍😍😍 looking forward to your book video.

  6. Bernadette: starts the video with a pun
    ….this pleases me

    It's a lovely little space you've made for yourself, Bernadette! So many wonderful projects will be made here, I just know it!

  7. Your videos are so soothing. You have sewn potato skin while just talking and it was my favorite video. Its like im transported to your Manor of warmth and aesthetic trash ((which i LIVE for))

  8. Bernadette, I accidentally stumbled upon your videos two or three weeks ago and am SO glad that I did! I don't sew (well, I do counted cross stitch and am learning to knit lace), but I do enjoy learning about how other people see the world.

    It doesn't hurt that you have two sets of brooms, and your 'no witches HERE' hats are glorious!

    I want your book shelf, but that would be cruel and wall bolts are virtually impossible to remove if there is a fierce guinea pig guarding them…so I'll settle for mine.

    Thank you for sharing your world with me! Please have a very happy time in England and a grand Yule! Blessed be!

  9. Are you currently working on a recreation of the lily dress? I'm just wondering, since black velvet seems otherwise a bit outside of your normal wear and you mentioned it in the peacock dress video with Cathy.


  11. Small suggestion ….. What about a embroidered fire screen to cover the gap where your 'soft box" light is between the dressers Or a print/painting on dish easel

  12. maybe put the ladder on either side of that middle piece? it would then slide to either side a bit more "realistically".

  13. I love how you use your Bernina as a bookshelf whilst I am trying to figure out if I can justify spending $70 getting my Singer serviced. Totally have the same life. 🤣

    Ps, your workroom is a DREAM.

  14. If you are ever asked to do books on tape. Please do. Id love to hear you do anything Regency. Or even just something awesome. Hehheh thx

  15. Candle smoke is very bad for your Sewing machine. You should move it. I have an antique pedal machine that I can't find a new leather belt for I did use it until it broke.

  16. you should get some lovely wall paper for the backs of your dressers to make them more ascetically pleasing (not that it matters but I'd probably do it because it'd be cute). Like flowers cascading down in pastels.

  17. Loved all of this… except for Narnia being out of order. 2, 4, 5, 3, 1, 6, 7?! My book OCD is kicking in, that's going to bug me forever! Lol! I love that the electric sewer is basically another shelf, hahah!

  18. Someone has probably suggested it already but if your yardstick has a little hole in it you can put a little hook or screw on the table and then hang it up. It will hopefully stop you having to always pick it up

  19. A most wondrous visit.
    Love the links you’ve put in…I note that the signed posters of "a stay maker’s tale" are out of stock (26 Nov 19).
    Would love a more in depth visit through your bookshelves …you might circumvent the I’ll wait until issues by stating that you are waiting for xyz book. Quite possibly that book will emerge as a best seller!

  20. Oh my goodness another HDM fan ^ You already were pretty high in my ranking of favourite Youtubers but now you swooshed very high in only a few seconds! XD

  21. Where does one go about finding a mid-range pinnable dress form? I'm a beginner when it comes to garment construction and have been on the hunt for a dress form to practice on. I'm willing to make a small investment but I would also not like to break the bank. Anyone have any recommendations?

  22. I read Anne of Green Gables in middle school and later found out that there were seven other books in the series; it took me about a year to find and read them all, but I really enjoyed reading them.

  23. I just thought of something while you were talking about your cabbage patch, what if you made Sally's dress (from The Nightmare Before Christmas) using mostly cabbage.

  24. The undetermined shelf should be a day bed place for Cesario as he likes to go in there and you could put his day bowls in there too so it’s not in the way on the floor

  25. idea for the cabbage: Christmastree decoration

    idea for larger cabbage: some patchwork curtains to hang at the back sides of your Ikea Hemnes furniture and one to hide what is between them

  26. I just found you and your channel thanks to the algorithm I guess?
    So instead of sleeping in the European time zone, I binge watched your extraordinary work.
    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and love for details and nice nerdy stuff.
    I am in awe.
    Love from Germany,
    A (cozy) corset lover

  27. Your guinea pig is just too adorable! And I love how you got totally off-track talking about all the books, I can listen to people talk about their book collections all day.

  28. Ahh, the calming 36 minutes I needed this week, finally had the time to sit down and enjoy it! More blissful meditative videos ASAP!! (when you are done with your two weeks 😉)

  29. The music you used for background reminded me of the movies of "Peter Rabbit" including "The Tailor of Gloucester" which I adored when I was a kid, so in turn made me imagine you were in the country side, many years in the past, showing your beautiful sewing room… It felt magical… ^\\^

  30. As a redhead who hails from Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, I most definitely have an opinion on Anne of Green Gables as I was teased mercilessly by the children at school when my family moved from PEI to Ontario. I'm not that fond of Anne, as she tends to bring back memories of torment. I love and embrace my fiery tresses now, but there was a time when I would have gleefully shaved my head if only I had thought to do so. Lucy Maud Montgomery, although considered a Canadian National Treasure, was actually a raving lunatic, and pretty much everyone who hails from 'the Island' knows that she wasn't a very nice person. In a rather bizarre coincidence, my current home is about 10 miles (16 kilometres for us Canadians) from the L.M. Montgomery Garden of Senses, which I've never bothered to visit, although I've run past the entrance many times. Your studio is lovely, Ceasario is beyond adorable and if I lived anywhere near NYC, I would pay you large monetary units to teach me how to hand sew.

  31. Hi Bernadette! I love your channel and would like your (fashion historian) opinion about the Prior Attire channel. The clothes are gorgeous, and the information is fascinating, but I can’t really judge their historical accuracy. https://youtu.be/6fEAQj4oQ48

  32. HELLO. I am a historical sewing noob and am in desperate need for a dress form!! Please could you share where to get the best dress forms?? And how to choose one?? I've just binge watched all your videos and Cathy's and Noelle's while moving and setting up my new sewing room. You have inspired me to do so much!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  33. an idea to make your sewing table more aesthetic… make a curtain for that gap and use Velcro (i know its not historically accurate) to attach it.

  34. Can you recommend the pins that you use and like the most? I have been on the lookout forever for the perfect pins that are long enough, not too thin and not too thick and that are very strong. (Ideally with glass heads that aren't too big or too small as well.) I just thought you might know a good option. Thank you!

  35. What a beautiful space you have created. I have been working on my own crafting room this year and you have inspired me to push thru the last cleaning and purge to finish.

  36. Do a costume review for the movie The Knight Before Christmas! The leading male character is from the 13th century, i’m wondering whether his outfit is historically accurate or not

  37. As someone who wants to move to new york and go to school for fashion design, I would love a sort of day in the life from you! I love your stuff!❤❤

  38. Charming video. And so glad Cesario was supervising. He is just adorable. I love to put decorative things on bookshelves as well as books, just as you do. So pretty.

  39. Since you mentioned your love of woolens, do you have suggestions for making a wool sweater less itchy? I do wear camisoles under them but the neckline and sleeves are particularly irritating.

  40. I adore the idea of reserving the bookshelf for read books only. Though I fear I would quickly shame myself out of that system!

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