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A Semi-Comprehensive Piloting Guide for Heroes and Generals

A Semi-Comprehensive Piloting Guide for Heroes and Generals

So, you want to be a pilot? First, back that shit up since we need to run through a checklist to make sure you’re in the right place. One: Do you want to annoy everyone on the enemy team? Two: Do you have a plan to kill everyone you meet? Three: Do you want to make so much money you’re accused of having illegal Russian funding? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place But, odds are, for the first few matches your opponents will make you look like you just lost a fistfight at Weenie Hut Junior. Let it be clear: there is no kiddie pool. When you fly, you’re diving head first into the Marianas trench with lead boots as all pilots are considered gold tier matchmaking regardless of aircraft type. However, if you are willing to suffer the steep curve of learning to fly with competency, it can be one of the most rewarding game modes. Medium fighter matches go from 0 to 100 really fucking quick, so you need to be on your toes at all times if you want to avoid a swift death.

100 comments on “A Semi-Comprehensive Piloting Guide for Heroes and Generals

  1. Subbed! I really liked this video man! Started with mouse controls but im getting better with classic controls thanks to the guides from players like you. Thanks buddy it was entertaining and informative.

  2. 24:30 As a bug hunter, I do not recommend doing this. It is an exploitation of a current bug therefore making it a bannable offense. Don't do this. Play fair boys.

    Other than that, this video was hilarious 🙂 I loved it!

  3. I already know how to fly pretty well but this gave me a bunch of tips, and was funny as hell; keep it up! 😀

  4. A great video. A detailed explanation how to use the plane what are the pros and cons of differend planes. Thats the video i've searched for.

  5. This guide can be condensed into two words: Just don't.
    There are more than enough pilots around already who ruin gameplay in staged.

  6. also 60's spider man is best spider man, you've got a sub, loved the vid and was fun to listen to and rather insightful.

  7. It looks so easy on yt tho… in game i don't see the ground targets
    i can't aim at airplain so well
    basicly i feel like a brick in the sky…

  8. that'll explain why German pilots always beeline for the map edges, you forgot one factor, I swear I'm fighting isis every time I use recon planes against rooskies, they usually go straight for suicide runs against me

  9. can you do a tanking guide in the same format as you did this one ( i can try and help out if you like)

  10. Or, alternatively, you can throw all this aside and get matched into battles with no enemy planes and tanks.

  11. I fly American at this particular moment, but really wish planes were a little less biased in the Medium and Heavy areas….just wanted to say thanks for the video, it's helpful.

  12. currently got to 26 seconds and I've liked, subscribed and am laughing a ton thanks sixties spider man! 😁😁😂😂😂

  13. pretty sure the Pe3 bis has a higher top speed than the P38, it literally sits between the Me410 and the Lightning stat wise for a lot of things. Sharing turn speed with the Me410, but having a better climb and high stall threshold (of course it doesn't have the same top speed as the Me410). You also forgot the mention that the Me410 has the largest cockpit of all the planes in the game, extending from beneath the pilot, exposing his front and then reaching over the top of him and finally back, making hitting a 410 pilot as easy as hitting the middle of his plane from near enough any angle. The Yak9 has the same power in its bombs as the P40N it just gets 4 instead of 6. And the Henshel and Bf109s medium bombs are identical to the Bombs used by the heavy fighters.

  14. A Note on the "Twilight Zone" that you mention, this is a known bug, falls under the cheating category for bug abuse and will get you banned (I am aware of 3 yak pilots who have been temp banned for constantly using this technique). New pilots, the bug being highlighted is not something you should use, if you find enemy pilots using it against you, record the game, and submit a hacking and cheating report ticket to reto moto, these players do get banned and you shouldn't have to suffer a bad gameplay experience because of them.

  15. This is the best tutorial of videogames ever, you put a huge amount of info with your blody jokes and cool fights making it awesome, I really want to se other tutorials or videos you do!!!

  16. I'm not even a pilot and I really enjoyed this video, it was excellently well edited (I dread to think how long this took to edit) and also filled with tonnes of information and humour. I hope you are working on a similar guide for tanks as well haha. Maybe only stick with the top tiers for that one.

  17. I remember that HE ammo was very good vs infantry before last planes mechanic revamp. Is it stil viable or it is better to use AP ammo?

  18. if eny of you see the Russian pilot iamtheflyingcrow don't run don't try to hind you will only die tired and exhausted he flys a medium fighter by the by

  19. I just started as fighter pilot … I got basic options in input A AND D for maneuvers and mouse for flying up and down.. should I change it because idk what is better

  20. Legendary Voice & Way Of Briefing…this style can be found in almost many ww2 old movies and games (etc commandos )..very nice i really enjoyed this.

  21. What about the Seversky P 35A for the American medium planes? I noticed you didn't go over that, was it not out yet?

  22. its more boring than war thunder just flying bricks no tail controls dog fights suck only fights are in spawns and if your not usa you will be most times out matched. all pilots are just air spawn campers and with no buffs to aas in the game after tier 1 its easy mode to out run aas or tanks or ptrd. its kool but ruined more than id say ever brought in might see 4 pilots a game if that

  23. 12:20 Not true. I can't learn to fly due to matchmaking throwing me into 6 v 1 games. If you get one one plane, there's like 6 americans on your ass. It's awful.

  24. Usually I hate videos with robot voices, but you still managed to make this funny as hell with it! Kudos to you, Sir! 😀

  25. How much time did you spend making this? Lol! Anyway, good job with this. I definitely have a good knowledge of basic pilot maneuvers and secrets.

  26. This is so accurate! I've recently started playing, and I though the US was sh*t at everything. Until I got the heavy fighter. Tbh, this is the only decent thing the US is good at. Aside from losing every war haha

  27. Great video, and crazy nice editing!
    Can you please respond to this and tell me how you have your aircraft controls set up? Thanks a ton!

  28. fuckin russian bias. kms i came here after i got destroyed as an american against russian fighters and thought i was just horrible. i never did damage, got sniped constantly, and shot down so fast i didnt even get a chance to say "god bless america"

  29. Recon Plane Comparison 1:46
    Medium Fighter Analysis 7:41
    Heavy Fighter Analysis 13:25
    Loadout Analysis 16:27
    Basic Tips 18:52
    Offensive Techniques 21:30
    Defensive Techniques 26:04

  30. I love the video, but sadly im an american pilot with Hawk, i dont seem to outsmart them with it since it lacks manueverability than the other competitor. I hope someone can give me tips in Kitties. It would be nice. BTW i use Camera controls, i just cnt seem to be familiarized with Classic.

  31. Quick tip, the best plane isn't always the most fun, I use the owl and I have the p-38 lightning but the owl is more fun since it's like an elderly demolition derby.

  32. And then the fock wulf came along. And then entire geman army got them. And you cant do litterally anything in the air against fucking germany.

  33. PFFF german recon plane pilots always ram head on no matter if you try to break off they head straight for you and nobody is going to be a tail gunner (i played a total of atleast 25 hours in air not even a single person has been a tailgunner

  34. absolute excellence in guide making here. good humour to keep it fresh, buttload of info and super well structured.

    you deserve at least a hundred times more subs my dude.

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