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Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Star-Lord’s Walkman!

Adam Savage here in the cave I am well
it’s a one-day build you knew that because you clicked on the link the
one-day build today is well I am putting together a star-lord custom for Silicon
Valley comic-con it is a guardians of the galaxy volume 1
intro sequence star-lord costume so that’s the long
coat with the internal vest the blue charcoal shirt yeah star-lord vol 1
opening sequence and part of that of course is the Walkman and I found some
great replica headphones but the Walkman itself I just couldn’t wrap my head
around spending $400 on a vintage Walkman for this costume and then I
realized it’s a really simple simple shape I can probably build this out of
styrene soap today’s one day build is another styrene construction from yours
truly I’m going to try and make a very realistic and excellent looking prop
Walkman for my star-lord costume from guardians of the galaxy the first part
of every build is of course the reference so I downloaded a crap ton of
photos of the Walkman offline last night and it is a really really simple shape
what’s great is that a lot of people have scanned pieces of this thing on a
flatbed scanner so I have some terrific orthogonal reference for the pieces of
it I’m going to go for a fairly high level of fidelity here we’ll see how
close I get it’s a fairly straightforward build but it should be
pretty fun and making that a styrene it should be nice and robust the Walkman sits on star-lords belt that
means well solving your most important mechanical problems is a really good
thing to do at the beginning of a build rather than at the end of the build so
star-lord has this belt which sits here so it’s not like I can quite thread this
through the Walkman so I think it’s going to be a Down clip basically a clip
that looks like that and I’m gonna Bend that clip out of aluminum first so that
I can then engineer how it attaches into the Walkman so that Walkman just clips
right there the back isn’t gonna be accurate at all it’s just gonna be a
thing to hold it on my belt this is my here this is actually called a shear
break and roll because it can it can shear metal it can break it which means
it can bend it and it can actually roll it through these rollers and this is
industrial late magics old shear break and roll so in 1998 when I first got up
to ILM this was the role I was using in their shop and serve various mechanisms
when the shop got sold and dismantled I managed to pick this up like having a
bit of history right in my own store so the way the brake works is I basically
install this little this little V of steel down here and then I Jam I use the
handle to jam it up into this basic knife blade of Steel this is sort of a
finger break because I can remove some of these pieces of steel and that means
I can basically remove some pieces to get out of the way of other boxes that
I’m bending um that’s a key aspect to many breaks but let’s try let’s see this
one and you’ll just watch it come up at a 45
and regale ready plink there’s a bend so I definitely
want the end to come out that yeah so then and this is where the bending gets
funky because it’s not going to quite work perfectly here but we’ll get it
close okay yep there we go there is my hook for my
star-lord thing and that will slip right down there chunk like that great so what
I’ll do in my styrene construction is I’ll include a slot and put this through
that slot I’ll probably drill some holes in here so I can use CA glue perhaps
with the addition of some baking soda to provide a really positive grab between
the clip and the Walkman itself but there’s my engineering for putting it on
my belt alright time for some styrene it’s my favorite part is the assembly of
all the things just before you get started so I’m gonna get some styrene
some exacto blades some sanding sticks what else some straight edge razor
blades some straight edges I don’t think I need any compasses for this one now well one of the things I like to do when
I’m building stuff is okay so I have to cut out a front and a back
I could make two measurements exactly three and I’ve had half inches and seven
inches and make those cuts but I’ve run into trouble doing that before so I make
that first cut and this piece becomes my sacrosanct size reference and I use it
to set up my second cut so that I know my second cut matches my first cut
little tiny errors of like 10 20 fowl are really easy to commit and you get
introduced errors and then your whole thing starts getting caddywhompus there
you go those two pieces are seriously within 5,000 the exact same size so
know how clearly that previous shot shows it but I just got the shit out of
my hand I decided to film this to lead to wheel you into this process injuries
are something that happens in a shop and you get to learn how to deal with them I
have disinfected this cut what happened was is I was reaching for something a
brand new exacto blade and an exacto handled punctured the palm of my hand I
grabbed it and it punctured so it’s not like I need to go to the hospital for
stitches because this is tiny little hole but it went real deep probably like
half the length of the exacto blade and I have this personal proclivity that
whenever I cut my hands I have a vasovagal reaction I pass out and so I’m
in this shop trying to calmly tell the crew what I need at the same time is
realizing that I may just drop at any given moment I think it is password as
you can see I’ve got the cold chilly sweats so as you can see it’s a very
small cut it’s just very powerful I’ve taken a blast of 800 milligrams of
ibuprofen to deal with the swelling I’ve sprayed it with disinfectant spray I’ve
got some ice on it and now I’m just going to chill for a little while see
how long it takes me to feel like I can get back into the build all right well it’s been about 45
minutes right feel much better I mean that was a fairly little bar to jump
over and even though I don’t have full strength in this hand by any means I
have enough to cut styrene and so with some care I’m going to keep on working
the cuts been properly disinfected I’ve had some liquids let’s proceed so one of the aspects of the walkman is
it has what you’d call and spaceship building pan Alliance right there’s a
separation here between this part of the Walkman and that part of the Walkman and
I would like to do that panel line dimensionally now I could do it where I
make two parts of the thing separately and then join them but I’m gonna try a
panel line scriber this is actually a tool purpose-built for carving panel
lines in styrene they’re not cheap they’re like 15 bucks for one of these
but at ILM we use this all the time and I haven’t fired one up in a long time so
let’s give it a shot so one of the reasons you see me doing a
lot of work before I start to put this thing together is that there are a lot
of surface details on this it’s hard to add surface details to an object and
much easier to add them to a sheet so I’m doing all of my whole cutting before
I even start assembling this and that is gonna pay me dividends on the back end
in terms of time and energy it’s really hard to make a beautifully square hole
in an object you’ve got to hold on to it’s almost trivial on a flat piece of
material I really want this hole to have nice rounded core oh I know how to do it
I’m gonna use overkill to make the tape cassette hole in my Walkman get ready
for some over okay look there we go
yes that was overkill but that is a perfectly rectangular hole and I’m a
very happy model naked oh you got some dust on the lens there there we go yeah
see I bought the awesome makes volume one I’m gonna put it in there right
behind there exactly right all right I have finished
five of the six panels that are the six sides of this walkman and now it’s time
for the most complex one and that is that bad boy right there kind of curious
as to how I’m gonna do this gonna be a little bit of a thing Oh what came up
with an idea okay we’re gonna do another carve out
here you know we’re gonna do more of this milling because it gives me really
good results there we go haha that was look that
might have been the most laborious way to drill 25 perfectly spaced holes but
now I have 25 perfectly spaced holes oh now I need to do these guys that’s
right okay so these guys come in are you ready for oddly satisfying then
look at this and watch this yeah I recognized that this panel should drop
back farther not worrying that much about it don’t come on come on come on don’t glue
into place just yet you gotta let me position you come on all right we are almost ready for
assembly here all right I think I think I think it
might be time for assembly Avengers Assemble
yeah I said it got their snake in his head but that’s a good one with styrene construction every bit of
precision you give your construction at the beginning of your build it’s time
you save at the other side of your build precision is really precision will be
very good to you I am making the back of this removable
and I’m doing it by adding some urethane screw bosses essentially but because I’m
going to be putting very tiny screws into this stuff 2:56 screws to be exact
I am using a threaded inserts these are called thread repair inserts and they’re
basically they look like little Springs but they are in fact is well if you cut
that spring like that in the cross section it would look a little like a
diamond shape and that’s because it’s a spring that is wound at a specific
thread pitch and this one happens to be 2:56 that means a size two screw
fifty-six threads per inch and when I install it in the urethane this Renn
shape urethane it’s not great for holding a thread but when I put the Gila
coil in it it provides basically a metallic thread in a plastic substrate
which gives me a repeatable screwable moment and allows me to remove this back
repeatedly while still reassembling it and having no strip out of my threats
especially when you’ve got like 56 threads per inch and this soft stuff
your life could be very unpleasant alright it is time to prime oh I know I
know I have to put on a mask I will in just a sec here we go so the question is do I paint the blue
first or the silver first and I think because the Blues tamiya I do the blue
first let it set tonight and then mascar do the silver tomorrow always is more
tricky when you’re taking off tape from it anyways no nightmare yeah I think
what’s readily apparent is just how awesome this method styrene and weld
bond construction how good this method is for product prototyping yeah when
you’re a model maker you know film industry commercial television industry
they can be somewhat spotty in terms of employment product prototyping toy
prototyping very very awesome offshoot of the same skill set and actually quite
lucrative shit that’s beautiful yeah alright well
given the axiom that no one day build happens in a day I’m calling it a day at
the end of this one letting this dry overnight before I do the masking and
the other painting well for you it’s just gonna be a cut like that all right
well my Walkmans been drying overnight and I am really happy with how it’s
turning out it looks great it is a little volatile at this paint job and by
volatile I mean when I go to the back you’d give it a little fingernail test
it scratches quite easily that’s something that happens so I’m gonna give
it a coat of some clear lacquer specifically guitar lacquer that should
give it a hearty coat that will be less scratch Abul and once I have that then
I’ll mask it and paint the silver part now the thing about lacquer is its you
want to spray it thin and you want to achieve this relationship between the
lacquer and it’s thinner you want it to be the consistency of milk that’s how I
was taught and when it’s the consistency of milk when you have the right
consistency it’s super thin it lays down nice thin coats that dried very quickly
because the lacquer dinner flashes quickly if you have to little thinner it
can go on spackling if you have too much it it can actually I think it’s
sometimes it can flash on its way to the object at any rate there’s this optimal
relationship and you’ve achieved it when you have thinner when you have paint
that is about the consistency of regular milk right let’s see
a little bit more I’m mixing up too much that’s always what I do popsicles day
there we go good okay oh it’s happening it’s happening we have
our blue now it’s time to add the silver then we do a little bit of weathering a
little black in the corners attach some lettering but it’s set in there and
we’re done for me the most fun part about painting
is peeling off the masking tape after you’ve laid on that coat it’s like
Christmas but it’s also it’s similar to getting cards at poke table like when
you’re playing Hold’em and you get your pocket and you look at it like every
time it could be amazing and I get really excited about that and I realize
that my excitement about masking is in a similar space in my head what could
happen I will say that I’ve had better luck with masking than I have at the
poker table here’s a if you’re ever learning how to pour silicone or resins
or casting materials one of the things your teacher told you whoever was
teaching you how to do that if they were good they told you that you can’t mix
too much that like the cost of not mixing enough is so high you make sure
that you mixed enough and along the similar lines when you’re masking the
paint your spring will find its way through the tiniest hole in your masking
and leave a little mark right in the hero side of your prop so when you’re
masking you make sure that you are fully covered just in the same way that is
when you’re casting you make sure that you’re fully stirred it is but a wee
spray I’m not wearing a mask for this nice damn damn Daniel awesome alright ah nice paint job right there very
pleased with that all right I’m gonna give this whole thing a bit of a seal
coat not SCAL oh I guess it is se AO I’m gonna give this thing a sealer coat so
that I can weather it and not affect the silver underneath but starting to look
like a real thing seriously this is why I love lacquer
because it’s already dry all right time to put in our cassette
slightly different installation method than usual but here it goes does it uh
uh uh little double stick tape and she’s in woohoo okay now I got to get the
headphone jack in Oh orange button orange button shit all
right orange button how am I gonna get an
orange button out of this yeah I need this orange button and I don’t
have any or it’s gotta be orange plastic otherwise it won’t feel right I can’t
just pain a chunk of plastic orange so I’m going to use a bit of this pelican
cage all right measurements this the most fun part of the build
finding the chunks of crap you’ve kept around the shop forever and figuring out
how they fit into your build ok here comes another oddly satisfying orange
button and here we go Dada Dada orange button beautiful shiny
it’s not shiny I’m quoting Ren and Stimpy look ultimately I am far from the
first person to make a star-lord walkman out of styrene and simple stuff I have
lying around the house any cursory youtube search will yield
many many people that have done it and I’m here to continue the encouragement
because it’s not a tough build I know I used some fancy machines to do it but
seriously you could do this in a little less attention to detail in about three
hours and it’s a fun and satisfying build because yeah that thing looks darn
good alright let’s glue this in and clip this to my belt and call it done there
we go we need one last thing kate here has made the crickets sing
that is the creek cut vinyl cutter yep that you are an expert at I bought
because of you and we have here some shiny vinyl letters to put on oh do we
have a guide wait a second we have to figure out where’s the guide for where
they go no that’s not the one there’s one
okay I got one but I don’t have this straight on oh here’s a better one I’ve
got these three that Mel was using for the designs okay ah let’s use this one
great great okay there’s that one Soni that one’s down and then walk man it’s
the middle of the W and slightly higher than Center again shout out to
tweezerman for the best needle sharp tweezers
Twitter’s tweezers that you can buy that’s square all right
Oh success oh my god
I can’t even tell you how much value this kind of thing adds to a prop like
this I don’t mean like dollars value I mean like veracity value like that looks
like a real thing value Oh Deuteronomy there you go oh look at it
look at it okay here we go I’m gonna close it up let’s let’s do
this as a special occasion I’m gonna put on the coat go that’s it mmm feels good
they put this on the belt there yeah and we put these over our on our necks and
we clip that in dude Starlin custom is nearing completion you

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