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Air France en 1ère classe, le plaisir de voyager – Nec plus Ultra

Air France en 1ère classe, le plaisir de voyager – Nec plus Ultra

Air France presents its new suite first class during this inaugural flight Paris-Singapore. Booth, 4 seats, 3 squares meter of elegance, soft color, real beds and clarity. Refined food but not only. Private car, a partnership with private jets for the traveler who comes from afar. Corentin Denoeud, WiJet founder explains. Actually, WiJet has been gone in 2009 with a first base in Paris Charles de Gaulle and now has bases all over France and Europe. And we thought that finally we have next to us of the largest airline Air France so why not try a partnership with them to serve the customers first-class and possibly business-class before and after their long-distance flights. We have worked with Air France for more than two years on this partnership So a customer who wishes from San Francisco departure going to Saint-Tropez immediately, he has no choice but to take a private jet that would cost very very very expensive. He can now with the service Air France WiJet take off from San Francisco to Charles de Gaulle. At Charles de Gaulle, a car take him immediately at the bottom of the plane, take him to the first-class room for drinking, showering, or lunch. Then he will immediately drive to the private jet which it is waiting et Charles de Gaulle. We arrive to make time transfers between the airplane and the private jet less than 20 minutes. It is very fast, and from Charles de Gaulle we carry them directly by private jet to St Tropez. This partnership is a real luxury for the customer who has everything except time We Jet service is very popular with customers. Both because we offer a real moving service, a very fast tool that is simple, affordable ‘ cause we are speaking of €2,400 per flight hour so if you are four into the plane it amounts to 600 €/person which is very close to an airplane. And finally a very comfortable and luxurious tool since we are on the plane, the plane is very comfortable. It has services, minibar was available, Pierre Hermé’s biscuits and Veuve Clicquot champagne. All this for a very affordable rate. Immediate embarkation and discovery of this flying cocoon. Economy class with optimized comfort, light decorations, two centimeters with more space and some thoughtful details. Premium economy class with 40% more space, a twelve- inch screen . The business class and his redesigned seats for more privacy and comfort and a real bed. Each seat has access to aisle. Actually, it is new airplane, you have a new first class, a new business class and also a new premium class and a new economy class. And I think that each of these products, each of these booth there has been a lot of imagination and creativity. And I am in the habit of saying that we speak only of the first class I’m telling, and I’m proud of the work of the teams have made for the economy class with new booth design, new seats that I find extraordinary and a new comfort. Here the first four suites, jewels of these innovations This is a space, a design, a color set that creates, it was designed for that, an intimacy, a quality, an elegance which tries to translate them what French elegance, the French design. And then there is also a second element that is important is that curtain enable the traveler if he wants to be alone to read his book, to reflect. At the time, we are open to the rest but not always. And so the booth staff knows they have to respect the fact that the customer wants to shut himself up in a cocoon. While the passenger is preparing for the night, his bed is prepared. More than two meters long and 60cm wide. Bedding signed Sofitel MyBed, a curtain to isolate this renovation wasn’t done by magic. We have been working a lot with our customers, and 50% wanted closed suites and 50% didn’t want and they said they wanted open suites so we had a dilemma. And we listened to our President who told us “Why dont you put curtains ?”. At first it was a bit surprising, and then our engineers told us “no”, we are not going to have an equal temperature” and we decided to do a test. There is a year and a half now we have a decommercialize boing 777 200, we took with us our engineers and after take off we put curtains and watched how the plane reacted to. And the plane reacted perfectly so we were on the curtain concept and after we looked for a material that was noble, beautiful and in addition it has to withstand to fire, whatever it may be on a plane. We had many tests to pass and finding something that is not too opaque, which allows each client to have a closed and complete privacy on. And we had amazing feedback that we are helped and continue to tell us that we were on track and already thinking about what we will do on other A380 aircraft. This will be in the same style ? We are thinking about it but something very very original. Even better than that? Yes! Let’s have dinner, the menus have been redesigned so as the service. The first class customer is extremely demanding, a € 10,000 average ticket price, he can. They want the high quality, the return of caviar, great champagne brands. The simplicity but always with an extreme quality. At each stage of the renovation clients were consulted. They were asked their opinion, their need. No way to disappoint The first thing that is affecting it is the relaxing colors. Blue and gray are very relaxing. After there is comfort. The seats are wider, more comfortable. There is more space to store and you also have systems to close the windows that are more sophisticated. The TV screen is a large screen which is essential I think today for a company. And then there is the table system is also very sophisticated. Here are some quick examples I’ve seen. I travel so much that I travel with all companies. The service, the service is very important and I find that Air France has made ​​enormous progress. They say a lot about Air France, but I, who travel among all Asian companies, the middle east, I find that Air France has caught up with them. I seriously think it caught them on the reception, service, management. They have come a long way since 5-6 years and so with this new configuration I think they are at the greatest. This is a client who says it. The bed is unique, completely horizontal for a truly refreshing rest. I hope I’ll spend the night, that’s why I travel in the first class principally to to nights and be able to do two hours after my landing I have a conference. What I like to do is please the client and in first class we are fortunate to have a very special relationship with the customer. So we have a lot of time for them we are very close to our passengers. In general it’s a person for four clients. We still have plenty of time on a flight of twelve hours to take good care of them. A service like the first class is group of thing: booth, seat, technology but it inevitably goes with the spirit in terms of service that our flight attendants want to create. It is clear that if you have the best seat in the world but not inspired service and the things that go wrong. And for us it is this combination that is most important. So I make you a reproach. Make me a reproach. There is no bathroom or shower, as there has with Emirate and there are only four seats. Is it normal ? It is normal. We reconstruct the plane after looking on what market the first class has needed to be available. This is not for all cities, there is a number of destination that needs to have first class. Our calculations, our economic approaches let us think that four seats in economic terms was the right response to what market demands. If this is a huge success, which is sure to be the case, we will see one day if we have to increase the number of first class seat, but for now we have a plan on what we call a big quantity of Boeing 777 and consists rather to work with first class booth of four seats. On the 380 there are more than four seats, you know this is different planes. We are flying, we hear even the engine from few hours from Singapore. Privileges privileges, access to the cockpit. The aircraft was redesigned in terms of design and comfort. Has it been redesigned for mechanical ? No, the life of an airplane is about 25 years. The plane changes in these 25 years, there are different system improved, new system are embedded and that is the responsibility of the aircraft manufacturer and the operator. We are in a very sharply register what the plane does not change from a technical point of view enormously even if there are systems that evolve. However booth owned by the airline changes to satisfy its passengers, customers and actually we are on the last plane transformed with the new first class booth on the inaugural flight to Singapore. Singapore is a developing city, architecture as crazy as great. 5 million inhabitants, 76 % of the population is Chinese. An incubator for fortune made ​​or has done. Singapore is not a coïncidence. This is not a coincidence if we are in Singapore today, if this inaugural flight is going to Singapore because Air France and KLM are growing much in this region the South-East Asia. Today it is 8 destinations that are served by the company representing 90 flights per week. Singapore is well known for the cleanliness of the public places and the quality of any institution services to the most famous palaces. This is unfortunately not always the case of the French service. The standard in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia are the art services that Singaporeans or region face in their daily life are very high. So the airlines serving these destinations need to be at this level of service So Air France and KLM can rely on their long history, 80 years for Air France, 95 for KLM and also regarding Air France, across the values ​​associated with France, the image of France and all the savoir-faire in terms of high service quality that we can offer to our customers. It is said that Asian prefer their compagnies. This is very true in China, where there is a kind of economic nationalism and that’s all the interest to have partners in these countries there. Particularly in China, where we have two very important partners : China Eastern and China Southern. And we can explain to Chinese consumers by flying with Air France is almost as if they were flying on a Chinese company since we are all together in this great enterprise that was up with these two companies The stake of the Chinese and Asian clientele in general is to find both service codes to the French but also that Air France is considered the most Chinese, for example, European company. And for that it seeks to have staff who speak Chinese, who can detect what their expectations because Asian customers won’t express its expectations and even less if they are not satisfied. For independent advice, meeting with a French traveler who lived in Asia for over 25 years and know well the Asian way of life. Air France is one of the pillars of French culture. We always include Vuitton, L’Oreal, Cartier. Air France is one of them. Air France for the Asian is a monument. Air France has work tools that are fantastic. The best planes, now the best classes, the best seats, the food is exceptional. What is missing can be, but this is not the problem of Air France it’s a cultural problem it’s the service of cabin crew, which is not up to the Asian services. It’s not their fault, it’s very difficult for a European to kneel to serve coffee. In Asia it is quite natural, it’s not humiliating. This is natural. There is a sign which is common in almost all countries is the fact of joining hands, looking down and nodding head one as in Japan, Thailand, China. It is a gesture of humility, which reflects the whole culture, we should first learn our flight attendants to do that to board on our companies. It would be a sign, a message “I understand you, I ‘m here for you and I will help you to live this journey in the best way possible ». It’s very simple but if we could teach them that when they welcome people to board the plane would be an extraordinary step. When you work outside of its national territory, we need to forget our national codes, we must starts to be reachable for our customers. There is a large US company that says ” The customer is king ». That’s what’s missing in the French culture. In France we say ” We are very strong, they will bought what we sell” but companies that know the Asian culture say “We can be very strong but we will make sure to fit their needs ». It is an approach that is different. I sell what I have or I adapt my service needs of my clients. My clients is 50 % of the world population, 66% of the global middle class in the coming years so they are right. The customer is always right. If we talk about Air France, Air France is a commercial company, they have to adapt to that. Not just Air France, all European and US companies. New cabins, new decorations, unusual kitchen, fine wines, considerate service. What are you most proud of, Mr. the President? I think that’s all, it is this combination of what does our personal cabin give us and design of this space . For a seat it needs to invest € 400,000, we wish to Air France a success, in the effort required.

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  1. J'espère que ces nouvelles cabines seront disponibles cette année entre Montréal et Paris avec Air France et Air France en a besoin de ces nouvelles cabines sur Montréal pour contrer Air Canada.

  2. Really nice! Never flew with AF. Is it cool? from your video looks really luxury! How is the service on board? It will be nice to have your opinion too about my videos, and obviously, u r welcome to sub back! 🙂

  3. En effet, Air France a rattrapé les compagnies asiatiques et moyennes-orientales, mais ça reste au niveau "hardware".
    Les PNC ne sont pas encore au niveau. Ils ne sont pas attentionnés, leurs services dépendent largement de la gueule des clients, et surtout ils font la grève pour un oui ou pour un non. Bref, ils ne pensent qu'à eux-mêmes.

  4. I love Air France but I can't understand why a staff member Francois Royal mentioned all over youtube and said he is a racist. I am sure Air France will keep up his good reputation for many years to come.

  5. I'm surprised AF even has anything but economy class seating…I mean with all that egalite and fraternite talk, along with their communist unions and boss hostage taking working classes. I'm quite sure that on AF flights the proles will take it upon themselves to occupy these Le Premeire seats 🙃

  6. billet a 10000 € c'est une escroquerie franchement je n'en voit pas réellement l'utilité les gens qui paient ces prix sont décaler du monde réel l'humanité part en vril

  7. Air France = Très bon produit, gourmets de qualités, design reposant, épuré. Problème : Le personnel, incompétent, hautain et j'en passe !
    Emirates = Produit kitsch, couleur "or" qui est loin de plaire à tous par contre stewards et flight attendants parfaitement formés et respectueux du client.

  8. 5:10 Il y aurait-il quelqu'un de qualifié pour m'expliquer, comment des rideaux pourraient affecter le comportement d'un avion ? Cordialement.

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  10. Quelle honte!! Je vends toutes mes actions air France dès demain. Et surtout je ne voyagerai jamais plus avec cette compagnie.

  11. Je confirme. La prestation La Première Air France est vraiment magnifique. …á bord et au sol. Le service est impeccable ! !!!

  12. Air France est vachement mieux que Emirates. J'ai essayé une fois première classe avec Emirates et le service était inférieur par rapport à Air France. J'ai commandé un plat avec crevettes en première classe Emirates et on m'avait demandé si je pouvais prendre un autre plat mais si je voulais vraiment des crevettes on chercherait pour moi! Ça veut quoi cette connerie ? ?? Deux fois avec La Première avec Air France et je n'ai jamais eu ce genre de problème. Je vote pour Air France 10/10. Je ne prendrai plus jamais un vol avec Emirates !!!!

  13. D'accord air france est une bonne compagnie mais seulement en 1er classe parce que en eco la bouffe est degueulasse le service est a chier bref il font de la merde en eco et en business c'est un peu mieux mais c'est pas non plus ouf ouf

  14. Pour être un client régulier de air France en Buisnnes ou 1
    Je peux vous assurez que nous sommes loin des compagnies comme Émirats et autres grandes compagnies.
    Les PNC ne sont pas toujours agréable et les vol courte distance en A320 vers les pays européens et d'afrique du nord ne sont pas du tout au nivaux
    Siege en sky ,PNC souvent entipatique , pas de place etc..

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  19. Un faible pourcentage de la population française pour ne pas dire quasi nul pourra profiter de ces places en "première classe"..

  20. Au moment où AF sort ces cabines la, Les concurrents ont déjà deux versions améliorées déjà disponibles ! Pour la classe économique niveau écran AF aurait pu mieux faire mais sinon belle cabine ! Mais la cabine première de AF me rappelle la business de EK

  21. j'ai eu l'occasion de voyager avec air france dans le globe entier , mais malheureusement le personnel est tres mal elevé mal poli et tres peu compétant je releve ce que monsieur michel beaugier dit dans la video et je suis tt a fait d'accord avec lui , le francais n'adhere pas a la culture des autres facilement

  22. je suis complétement d'accord avec les commentaitres le service est a la tete du client si tu as yeux de couleur et que tu es blanc on te traite bien sinon on te traite comme ce la merdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. j'ai fait air france emirates, singapour etc elles sont super le personnel accueillant et tres competant par apport a air france le personnel est nul face a des situation de crise il ne savent pas gerer

  24. C'est quoi cette histoire de mettre à genou pour servir du café? Franchement j'ai déjà voyagé en première classe avec Air France et je trouve le personnel beaucoup mieux que le personnel en première classe chez Emirates. En fait j'ai déjà essayé la première classe avec 5 compagnies aériennes pour un vol long courrier et le service chez Air France était le meilleur. Et le pire était chez British Airways ….

  25. L'orgueil des français trouve un rude adversaire dans l'humilité asiatique. Mais comme c'est le client qui paie et qui en est roi. L'orgueil frenchi va vite déchanter pour faire du fric !

  26. Une chambre d'hôtel dans un avion. Ça gâche tout le truc. Je pense que même si j'avais les moyens de me payer un de ces classe je ne le prendrais pas.

  27. Ils ont rien compris et ça continue ……les sieges eco inconfortables et compagnie très chères pour le service rendu…..Lufthansa est beaucoup plus attentive à ces clients à un prix très correctes, j'ai arreté avec air france et je voyage plus qu'avec Lufthansa…

  28. Air France, Le triste ambassadeur du syndicalisme SNPL à la française, corporatisme de privilégiés qui refusent dans un mode anachronique, de quitter les 30 glorieuses pour le XXIeme siècle, aux frais de leurs collègues, d’actionnaires et contribuables.

  29. Je suis le premier à critiquer AF pour ses grèves….Par contre je tiens à raconter une petite histoire qui nous est arrivée à Rio en 2015. Nous étions 4 personnes dont ma mère de 80 ans à qui j'avais offert un voyage de 3 semaines au Brésil. Le jour du retour nous étions largement en avance et déjà enregistrés mais nous nous sommes quelque peu dissipés dans les magasins de l'aéroport. ..
    AF nous a appelé plusieurs fois par haut-parleurs sans succès….puis une hôtesse complètement essoufflée nous a trouvé en train de choisir des T-shirt….un peu énervée mais très gentille avec ma maman qui avait été hospitalisée 4 jours à Joao Pessoa pour une embolie pulmonaire et qui était dans un fauteuil roulant. Le 777 attendais les 4 Suisses depuis 13 minutes et tout le monde nous a applaudis lorsque nous sommes arrivés à nos sièges…LA HONTE !!!!
    Nos billets n'étaient pas modifiables et sérieusement nous n'aurions pas eu les moyens d'en acheter d'autres…(Classe eco : Genève-Rio pour 650e par personne…à ce prix je ne sais pas quelle autre compagnie aurait eu la classe de faire cela….je n'ose même pas imaginer les frais occasionnés par notre manque de savoir-vivre…( Des Suisses pas à l'heure…ha ha ha )
    Je tire encore et encore mon chapeau au Commandant qui avait certainement une vielle maman à la maison… Une fois en vol j'ai raconté au PN notre histoire et que j'avais vraiment pensé devoir rentrer en Suisse avec une urne funéraire ( Ma maman a vraiment failli mourir ), nous avons eu la grande surprise d’être invité à passer en Première puisqu'ils avaient 4 sièges disponibles…
    Je voulais offrir un voyage de rêve à ma maman et grâce à AF ça a été FANTASTIQUE !!! Pas un euro de plus à payer et je crois que tout le PN a défilé pour faire un bisou à Eliane…J'en ai eu les larmes aux yeux…et aussi eu droit aux bisous de ces belle dames…
    Je remercie AF pour ce voyage en particulier et je voulais raconter mon histoire pour montrer qu'il y a du bon et du mauvais partout. Et pour reprendre un peu les commentaires….ceux qui étaient désagréables dans les vols que j'ai fait avec AF…c'était des passagers Français….après je dirais simplement que l'on récolte ce que l'on sème…ABE

  30. 1:31 c'est con parce qu'une caméra aujourd'hui et depuis longtemps est capable de gérer parfaitement le contre-jour (même un smartphone) alors bordel faites gaffe c'est dégueulasse l'image

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