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All About Vintage Cocktail Rings

Check out this absurd cocktail ring It’s humungous! I bought it to wear with my prom dress in high school and I think it’s the heaviest thing I’ve ever worn on my finger It was the perfect accessory for that event because it made me feel strong, confident… and glamorous! It cost me $20 at a vintage shop a cheap costume piece that when I look at it today still brings back some fond memories. Real cocktail rings, the ones with genuine stones, can cost thousands and thousands In the 1920s, it became fashionable to wear these to cocktail parties as status symbols but then they became more widely worn as costume jewelry after the war and throughout the 50s and 60s. The ring on my finger is comically big. I wish it were a real diamond… but still, I love what it says: classic, old-fashioned glamour. Do you wear cocktail rings? What’s your favorite style? Share with us!

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