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American Pickers: 1967 Jaguar XKE Convertible (Season 18, Episode 24) | History

American Pickers: 1967 Jaguar XKE Convertible (Season 18, Episode 24) | History

BOBBY: This is a ’67 XKE. Oh. I haven’t seen that
car with the cover off– I can’t even tell you how long. That was my dad’s baby. There you go. Yeah. So did he find this locally? BOBBY: I have no idea
where this came from. MIKE: [whistles] The Godfather
of European auto design, Enzo Ferrari, proclaimed
the Jaguar XKE the most beautiful car he had ever seen. They were a huge influence
in the sports car world– design, performance. I mean, when you see one
coming down the road, you stand at attention. There’s a guy I
know in Tennessee– he does Jags. He works on them, he
buys and sells them. I’d love to send him some
pictures of this, just so you can have a jumping off point
and so can we in regards to the value of it, you know? I know enough about Jaguars to
know that it’s a numbers game. And what I mean by that is
it’s a serial numbers game. There it is. I’m going to call my buddy Mike
Mefford in Columbia, Tennessee. He knows these cars
inside and out. And I’m going to find out
where those numbers are. Mike. MIKE MEFFORD (ON PHONE):
Hey, what’s going on, Mike? I’m looking at a 1967
XKE convertible Jaguar. I know that the serial
numbers make a big difference. So where can I see
those at on it? Yeah. Well, it’s going to
be a really hard part to get into on this side,
because the car is cranked up against a bunch of stuff. Why don’t I just send you
some general photographs of the car so you can
get an idea of just the overall broad stroke of it? BOBBY: I remember
playing in that Jaguar when I was a little kid, hopping
up and down in the front seat, pretending I was
driving and shifting, while my dad was working on the
bikes right next to that car. This was my dad’s baby. And he used to make
jokes with his friends and say I was waiting
for him to die to get the car,
which was totally farthest from the truth.
– Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And then right before
he died, he pulled it out and had it running. I was walking around
the passenger side, and he said to me,
what are you doing? Where are you going? And I remember,
my heart stopped. And I was like, what? And he’s like, you’re driving.
Get in. And it’s just like he wanted
me to drive the car with him still alive. So I guess that was a big
moment for the two of us. I finally got to drive it.
– Sure. The connection
between father and son can happen a lot
of different ways. Bobby and his father
had a moment in this car that Bobby will remember
the rest of his life. MIKE MEFFORD (ON PHONE): Hello? MIKE: Hey, Mike, it looks
like it starts with 7R280. OK. What year is that? OK. What kind of value would you put
on the car in this condition? $45,000 to $55,000. That’s a little better number
than the last you heard. Yeah.
Yeah. MIKE: OK. Jaguar enthusiasts are
all about originality. It’s got to be the original
tranny, the original motor, the original everything. Once it’s been altered,
that takes it down. So this is just
going to be a driver. What would the car be
worth in this condition if it did have matching numbers? OK. What if it was done? What if the car was done
rolling down the road and it had matching numbers? All right. Well, hey, I very
much appreciate all of your knowledge. And as always,
thank you so much. MIKE MEFFORD (ON PHONE): Bye. I was thinking of a $30,000
price range on that car. To find out that it’s worth
more than that, it’s nice. MIKE: Well, I’m
glad that we were able to get a hold of Mike.
– Yeah. Thanks for helping me get– He’s got a lot
of knowledge, man. The guy’s been in
it a long time. Bobby is smart enough
and passionate enough to understand that he
can’t do this car justice. This car needs so much
work, expensive work. And it needs to be
back out on the road. Actually, you know what? I’ll give you Mike’s
number before I leave. He could sell it for you. Let him try to get
your top dollar. – Cool.
– At $45,000, I’m not a player. And I want to see him get as
much as he can for the car, because he deserves it,
his father deserves it. And what a hell of
a ride they had.

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  1. Enzo said the “E type” the most beautiful car, Americans decided to call it xke. Which, well that’s just wrong.

  2. His numbers are way off. A scrap series 1 is 60k all day and this is far from scrap. Nobody would give a rip if the numbers matched.

  3. Enzo never said that , its an urban legend. What he said was " it's beautiful , we aren't building anything like this "

  4. Beautiful car, its not have to be perfect, i would not paint it or do anything expensive, just make it running, fix some rust and brakes. Drive and enjoy the Jaguar!!!

  5. nose pickers what a joke these guys came through Loganville Georgia with their BS shell and I tell you what man them guys couldn't pick my nose couldn't pick their own nose what a joke and a waste of time geared at Couch Potato cable TV addicts what a joke

  6. Gorgeous EType!
    No-one can understand why Jaguar haven't resurretced it!
    XF looks a bit ETypy from some angles but the early 2 seater hardtops were the most beautiful car ever…

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