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American Pickers: Big Gamble on a Cadillac Fleetwood (Season 9) | History

American Pickers: Big Gamble on a Cadillac Fleetwood (Season 9) | History

[music playing] FRANK FRITZ: There comes
a time in every man’s life when he has to
confront his fears. MIKE WOLFE: Frankie walks
up, and he’s like, this one– Sal, let’s talk a little
bit more about this car. MIKE WOLFE: –the 1960
Cadillac Fleetwood. OK. What would you be
thinking on this? I would say 10. OK. You got hubcaps? Yeah, I got hubcaps. Set of hubcaps.
They nice? The hubcaps are nice. The hubcaps are probably
worth 2,500 by themselves. What? For hubcaps? Really? They would come with the car? Yeah, I’d have to
negotiate that into it. Wait a second. So now you’d sell the car, but
then the hubcaps are extra? I’d throw the
hubcaps on, but I ain’t doing no more negotiating. I’ll give you the hubcaps. MIKE WOLFE: So Sal says,
what are you talking about? You didn’t realize the hubcaps
were separate from the car? I’m like, no, not really. FRANK FRITZ: Where I come
from, cars come with hubcaps. You know, I mean, I– I don’t know about the 2,500
for those, but how about 8,000? SAL: Frank was trying to get
it as reasonable as possible, which I don’t blame him. I would have did the same thing. No. FRANK FRITZ: 8,500? No. SAL: I didn’t get this
stuff without negotiating. I had to negotiate, too,
you know what I mean? I was asking 10,000,
but I’d probably do 9,500 if you want to do that. 9,500 on it? I need a couple hundred off to
help me on that shipping part, and that would be, you
know, with the hubcaps. I’ll do 9,300. I can’t– can’t do it. SAL: If he had said 9,499,
he wasn’t getting it. Bottom line, I– I got to get 9,500 for the car. FRANK FRITZ: I’m nervous. Give us a second, will you? No problem. All right. FRANK FRITZ: If this
Fleetwood is another lemon, I don’t think I’ll ever be able
to buy another car in my life. He’s coming down 500. I need a new battery. What I’m saying is
he is saying that he will get the car running. So if it needs a battery,
if it needs the brakes bled, if it needs all that, he
said he’s going to do that. Turnkey, it’s going to
run, it’s going to drive. Well, it’s like, you’re almost
like a used car salesman today. FRANK FRITZ: Right now, it’s
not about the $200 we’re apart. It’s bigger than that. MIKE WOLFE: Let’s call
it a day, but let’s make sure that this sucker runs
when it goes on the trailer. That’s the biggie. That’s the key. All right. Well, Sal, we– we talked
it over a little bit. SAL: OK. 9,500? SAL: Yes. You got a deal. That’s with the hubcaps? Yep. FRANK FRITZ (VOICEOVER):
Here we go again. I bought the 1960 Cadillac
Fleetwood for 9,500. I’m not sure what it’s worth. I’m going to have it appraised. [horn honks] Thanks, Sal! Take it easy! SON: I know the Cadillac is
going to go to a good home. You hear that, Frank? It better go to a good home. [music playing] My Cadillac just
arrived here in Iowa. We called our buddy Dave
to come tell us how I did. DAVE: This is like the third
time I’ve been called in to look at a car for
Frank, and, you know, I got to give the
little guy credit. He keeps trying. FRANK FRITZ: This is
the moment of truth. That car curse has been
hanging over my head, and I want it gone. Look at the top. You ever seen one with a top? I just noticed that. I thought, well, it’s
got a vinyl roof. Huh? Wow, you don’t
see that very often. That’s what I’m talking about. MIKE WOLFE: Frankie’s
giving it the hard sell, and I can tell he’s
getting a little bit nervous because that’s what
Frankie does, you know? When he gets nervous, he
gives it the hard sell. You know, I’ve had
some good and some bad, but, I mean, I think
this one’s good. Man, this thing is
straight as an arrow. Isn’t it though? DAVE: The interior is nice. I opened the hood. Everything looked like
good shape– hoses, belts, all original underneath. So let’s hear it run. Ready? [music playing] [engine rumbles] DAVE: Oh yeah. DANIELLE COLBY: Oh! FRANK FRITZ: When I
heard that motor start up and that transmission no clunk,
it doesn’t get much better. It does have an old repaint. You know that, right? FRANK FRITZ: The paint
looked good to me. This is stressing me out. So how about you
give us a number? I’d say 14,000 is
the magic number. The curse is over! The curse is lifted! Yes! FRANK FRITZ: You know, when
I heard 14,000, I thought, Frank, you’re out of the curse. MIKE WOLFE: Let’s go
down to Dave and Holly’s, and I’ll buy us all lunch. DAVE: I always feel like
I’m the bearer of bad news, and finally Frank
hit a home run. I’m so happy for him. FRANK FRITZ: And, you know, now
that I did pull the trigger, was able to buy a car, and
I made some money on it, I got my confidence
built back up. I proved today I can do it. Mike’s going to buy lunch. [horn honks] I mean, this is a day
I will soon not forget. Looks good, man. To Frank! Thank you. I busted my cherry. Curse is over. The curse is over. I got to admit
that this is a day that I never thought we’d see. What, you buying lunch? Right. Yeah. I’m talking about. That’s awesome.

21 comments on “American Pickers: Big Gamble on a Cadillac Fleetwood (Season 9) | History

  1. I need to tell you Mike, when whomever repainted this Caddy years ago they added an incorrect Cadillac and Fleetwood script on the trunk lid. It is supposed to have only a Fleetwood script on the right side but not that one. The one you need is 1960 Fleetwood ONLY. And yes those wheel covers are probably worth that because they are 1959-60 Fleetwood and Eldorado ONLY. I am a lifelong Cadillac fanatic and thought you'd like to know. I have enjoyed your work with American Pickers for years, Mike.

  2. I was always told by my grandpa when looking for a old school car you wanna flip it’s never going to be a four door. It’s always going to be a two door. I think this was a bad deal.

  3. Hey Mike and Frank that's a beautiful car my old boss has one better too bad it's just sitting in the backyard 1959 caddy Coupe DeVille convertible

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