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American Pickers: Bonus – Heart of Gas & Oil (Season 19) | History

FRANK: We’re in the heart
of gas and oil. We’re heading to meet
Mr. More and his son Mike. The family ran a service
station from the early 1900s. They closed in the ’90s,
and supposedly they kept everything. MIKE: Look at this place!
FRANK: Wow, this is cool. Grab the flyer.
MIKE: Ah… Frankie! FRANK: This place is cool, man. MIKE: Oh my gosh,
are you kiddin’ me? MIKE: Hello!
FRANK: Hello. FRANK: Whoa…
CARL: Mike! FRANK: Got some
square footage up here. MIKE: No way.
FRANK: Mr. More, Frank. MIKE: Hey, I’m Mike.
MIKE MORE: Pleasure to meet you. FRANK: Nice to meet you, sir.
MIKE: Mike, nice to meet you. Hello, how are you?
Good to meet you guys. MIKE: I gotta say,
the curb appeal of this building is incredible. MR. MORE: It was a very
busy gas station. We’re midway between Dallas and Lubbock and Amarillo.
MIKE: Yeah. MR. MORE: So this was
the main route of traffic, and they all
came by this station, because there
was no freeway. FRANK: Oh. MIKE: This place was like
an oasis for the weary traveler. MR. MORE: They were open 7
days a week, 24 hours a day. MIKE: Wow! So what did you guys use
this space for up here, then? MR. MORE: They had an ordinance
back in the ’30s and early ’40s against parking
overnight on the street. MIKE: Really? MR. MORE: So if people
stayed in the hotel, you would come over here
and park your car and we got 40 or 50
cents a night. MIKE: No way!
FRANK: Way to go. MIKE: Cars would pull up
right here, huh? MIKE MORE: Yeah.
MR. MORE: Yes, uh-huh. MIKE: Look how narrow
that is, Frank. MR. MORE: This ramp
was made for Model Ts. MIKE: Oh, okay, okay. MIKE: Can we look
over here first? MIKE: This is like walking
through a petroliana history museum. MIKE: So was this stuff left
over from the storage business? MIKE MORE: A lot of this
I acquired. A few of them are family pieces
that we put up here, you know, uh… MIKE: Where’d that
come out of? MIKE MORE: As far as I know, it was probably
in the oil refinery offices that would have been back here. MIKE: Oh, this was
office space up here? MIKE MORE: This originally was. It later became the VFW. I’ve heard stories that–
a guy that got drunk and drove his motorcycle
up these back stairs… MIKE: Uh-huh…
[laughs] MIKE MORE: And didn’t
figure out how to get it down. So they had to bust a hole in
the wall and take it down the ramp for the cars… MIKE: Oh my gosh.
MIKE MORE: …through there. FRANK: It’s cool seeing
a young guy like Mike being so passionate about
his family’s history. MIKE MORE: I feel a sense
of pride being able to carry the family history on.
I take a lot of pride in that. MIKE: Hey, thanks for sharing
your family’s history with us. FRANK: Thank you so much.
MIKE: Good luck with the museum. MIKE MORE: Thank you.
FRANK: You bet. MIKE: Alright, we appreciate it.
You come to Nashville, you’ll see that.
CARL: Be safe. FRANK: Alright guys.
Take care. MIKE: God bless you guys.
[honks horn] FRANK: Later, guys!
Take care! MIKE MORE: Later.

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