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American Pickers: Huge Lot of Vintage Trucks (Season 7) | History

American Pickers: Huge Lot of Vintage Trucks (Season 7) | History

MIKE WOLFE: All right.
Here it is there. ROBBIE WOLFE: This
is it right here. MIKE WOLFE: There
are some old cars. ROBBIE WOLFE: Oh, I love that. I see this truck. It’s a 1947 Chevy. Look at the chrome
coming off the front end. I am just in love. That Chevy’s really nice, dude. Really good. MIKE WOLFE: Then you need to
ship it all the way from here. When you see a full lot
of vintage collector cars, it’s a good sign. That means the guy
is a collector. But the thing is, they
don’t want to sell. I don’t want Robbie
to get too jacked up on something he can’t buy. Howdy. Hey, I’m Mike. – I’m Dave.
– Nice to meet you. Rob. Mostly what I do is
run a recycling business. Can we look around in here? Yeah, sure. Dave cracks open the barn
door, and we look inside. And there’s a lot
of stuff in there. Right away I’m seeing cars. I’m seeing bicycles. I’m seeing some
advertising signs. I mean, this guy must’ve picked
everything on this island. What about that speaker there? Where did this come out of?
Have a look, Robbie. DAVE: I don’t know. Probably a restaurant, I
would guess, or someplace. Uh-huh. To me, music has
always told a story. And the way this speaker
looks, it represents the heart and soul of that. How much is
something like that? Hm. I don’t know. I’m thinking like 20 bucks. I don’t know. I’d probably sell
that for 30 bucks. It’s got a cool look to it. This would look
great up on the wall. Yeah, that’s
another one of those, “someday I’ll put
a speaker in it.” 30 bucks. We broke the ice. And there’s this. What about this? What’s the deal on that? That looks hand painted. When I was a kid, there was
a guy who had a grocery store here that also sold dynamite. So the dynamite was stacked
right next to the grain. So the guy at the grocery
store sold dynamite? Yep All it does is take
me back to the days when I used to blow things
up with firecrackers. I’m thinking to myself,
this is a great piece. “Flammable” on the other side. Yep. Explosives. Does that got a name on it? 50 bucks is the
name on that one. ROBBIE WOLFE: 50? It’s pretty cool. I’d probably do 40. Well, then you’d
probably do 45. [laughter] He’s got your number. ROBBIE WOLFE: I got it. 45. OK. Thanks, man. Mike and I have
driven all this way, but we still haven’t
found that big item that’s going to take us over the top. I keep thinking
about that ’47 Chevy. I can’t get it out of my mind. Hey, Dave. Yeah? That ’47? Yeah. You didn’t tell me it had
a name, that’s for certain. I’m know that.
– No, it doesn’t have a name. No name? Game on. Is that something you might
be interested in selling? Yeah, I suppose I would. This pick has just
taken a huge turn. The cars that were NFS– Not For Sale– this truck could
be the one that is for sale. There it is. Here’s the money
shot right here. “Cope’s Mobil.” ROBBIE WOLFE: Look at that. It says “gas” on here. Ho, look at this, Robbie. It’s got the Pegasus. When I look at a truck like
this, I see its entire life– the hard work, the romance, the
rust and dirt, the open road. This is an amazing piece. Let’s hear this thing run. Crank it up. OK. [engine turning over] Is that the gas? Yep. That’s the [inaudible]. Oh, there you go. Almost, almost. This thing won’t start. But you can tell,
it’s almost there. It wants to start. I wonder if it’s getting gas. Here, hold that up. Dave, let’s do
it old school way. You’ve got a chain? Sure. Another vehicle? DAVE: Yeah, let’s do that. Let’s pop start this baby.
DAVE: That’d be the easy way. Well, I’ll tell you what. Let’s slow down
here a little bit. Robbie is really excited
about this truck. He needs to calm
down, slow his roll. We have no idea what he even
wants for this thing yet. What are you thinking
on the truck? I’d have to get 2,500 for it. ROBBIE WOLFE: Dave wants $2,500. Unless this thing sings like a
Singer sewing machine, no way in hell I’m going to pay that. Let’s get it started, and
then we can talk about it. I want to hear this thing run. OK. We have to pop start it. Mike and I used to pop start
his Volkswagen all the time. This is going to be so cool. MIKE WOLFE: Hit it, brother. All right. MIKE WOLFE: Yeah,
start it in second. Get it, get it, get
it, get it, get it. [rumbling] Is it running? There it goes.
Is it running? Whoa.
It’s running, isn’t it? Running! [cheering] All of a sudden,
I pop that clutch, I feel that engine
start turning over. It was like seeing 4th of July
fireworks on Christmas morning. It’s smoking a little bit. This sucker is firing. It’s not all the way there. It’s only on maybe
three or four cylinders. But it’s running. Everything looks solid. Everything is there. The radiator is not leaking,
the engine is not blowing oil. I mean, this is starting to
look like a really good deal. I’ll tell you what, Dave. We’re going to have $1,000
in hauling this thing home. On top of that, I
don’t really know what’s wrong with the motor. It sounds like she was
running on four cylinders. I’m already calling it she. I’m thinking about
a name for it. Yeah, you see, now
you’re naming stuff. Charlie. Charlie. So? You haven’t made
me an offer yet. I mean, you were at 25. Dave? Yeah. It’s not very often
things leave this island. [laughter] So I’m going to be at 1,800. Well, 22. I’ll tell you what. Two grand. It’ll be the first thing
that leaves this island. Well. I guess, if you promise
to give her or him a good home, that’ll work All right. OK. Appreciate it, man. Yeah. It’s a her with a him’s name. – A her with a him’s name.
– All right. We like that. I’ve gotta hand it
to my little brother. He really saved this pick. He made coming all the
way out to this island totally worth it. I don’t want to
have blinders on. I don’t want to
pigeon hole myself. But today, I kind of did. I didn’t ask about the truck,
because he was a car guy, he was a hot rod guy. But I’ve bought a lot of things
in the past because I asked. Today I didn’t do that. My little brother
showed me the light. All we had to do was
ask, and all we had to do is ask for two grand. Little girl. Take care of my baby. DAVE: There she goes. ROBBIE WOLFE: This
thing’s a piece of art. It’s like folk art
driving down the street. It’s a piece of history. I am the man today. I bought the 1947
Chevy truck for 2,000. Mike’s going to easily
sell this for 6. I’m going to make sure that
I get my cut on this one. All right. ROBBIE WOLFE: All right, buddy. Thanks for working with us. You betcha, man. – Appreciate it.
– Thank you. It’s been fun. I will miss looking out the
window and seeing the ’47 Chevy sitting there. But it’s going to a good place
where somebody will spend some time and energy on it. So I’m fine with it. See you, Dave. Thanks, Dave.

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