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American Pickers: Lamp-O-Rama (Season 18, Episode 7) | History

MIKE: Hey, I’m Mike. – Mike.
– Very nice to meet you. I’m Marlene, or grandma. Grandma, OK. And this is Frank. Hi, Frank. – Nice to meet you.
– It’s nice to meet you too. – Pleasure.
– Yes. Thanks for having us. MARLENE (VOICEOVER):
My husband David and I collected for 50 years. We collected all kinds of
things, unusual things. – We have all of this.
– You have all of this. – You have all of that, huh?
– Yeah. Hey, how are ya?
What’s your name? – Josh.
– Josh, nice to meet you. – This is my–
– Josh, how you doing? Frank.
– Josh. – Pleasure.
– Yeah, this is my grandson. So you’re one of the
guys living in the house. I’m one of the four that
lives in the house right now. And we called y’all just to
try to downsize the collection. We enjoy it.
But we also have too much. So you guys are living in
the house with the collection. We’re trying to live in it. Living around the collection. Living around it,
moving it around. They’re moving it from room
to room to try to get things. And said, hey grandma,
this is getting too much. Growing up as a kid, it
was always fun coming over to grandma’s house cause
there was always something new that they’d come home with. And we’d always get to
tinker around with it, with grandpa’s permission
and grandpa watching over us all the time. But now, it’s just a
matter of trying to make the house livable for us. So what year is the house? MARLENE: 1875 or ’76.
JOSH: 1875. MIKE: Really? 1875. FRANK: Ha, that’s early. JOSH: My brothers and I
were packing things up to try to make rooms livable. MARLENE: I wish you
would have gotten to see it when everything was in here. FRANK: So it was just
packed full of stuff, huh? MARLENE: Packed full. FRANK (VOICEOVER): Even though
they’ve cleared a lot out, I still can’t imagine
four people Josh’s size living inside this house. I walk into the main room
and it’s lamp-o-rama. FRANK: Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I am in seventh heaven. Wow. I’m a lamp guy. And I don’t get to see
a lot of good lamps. MIKE: Slow your roll. [chuckle] MIKE (VOICEOVER): After
doing this job for 25 years, I still get a kick out of
watching the little guy get excited about lamps. FRANK: It’s overwhelming here.
Stained glass lamps came out in the late 1800s. Some of the big makers
were Tiffany, Handel. These are beautiful. FRANK (VOICEOVER): lamps have
got at least 70, 80, 90 years on ’em. They aren’t
Japanese or anything. But they’re– FRANK: They’ve got
that look kind of a– MARLENE: They’re the Handel. They’re the Asian type. FRANK (VOICEOVER): They got
great ornate bases too ’em. Sure they might
need to be rewired. This one’s beautiful. You could set it to the
back so that– because it’s got a panel broken out. One’s got a back panel
that’s broken out. Not a big deal. Not a deal breaker
for me whatsoever. What would you have
to have for this one? Well, I– let’s see. We probably– most of the lamps
we paid about two to three. But we bought ’em back then.
so hard to find anymore. But they bought them
back in the ’50s and ’60s and ’70s when you could
find this kind of stuff. Would you take
$600 for this one? [music playing] Sure, if you’d like. FRANK (VOICEOVER): Even
the repops these days go for a lot of money. But these are the real deal. And what about this one
with the broken out panels? What, four or five? FRANK: $400, $1,000
for the pair? – Yes.
– OK. – OK.
– Sounds great. All right. And when we first
came in, I noticed there was a couple that were
sitting on the table in there. – Oh, yes.
– Would those be for sale? Yes. FRANK: I know this is a
little bit more expensive. The colors are
gorgeous when it’s on. Oh, it’s gorgeous. It’s a Handel. And this one is really
pretty though too. This is more of
a slag lamp type. But it’s– yes.
FRANK: More common. Right?
MARLENE: Yes. I bought some in
New York myself. FRANK: Oh boy.
You paid up then,– MARLENE: A couple of them.
FRANK: –didn’t you? MARLENE: Yeah. What would you have to
have let’s say, for this one? Probably close to a thousand. – Close to a thousand.
– Yeah. FRANK: The one lamp is a Handel. It’s not a Tiffany. But this is a major player
in stained glass lamps. And this one, $400 or something? $400 or $500. $400 or $500. So you’re like almost at
a thousand on this one. Yes. And let’s say
$500 on that one. So that’s $1,500.
– Mm hmm. You were fair I think
with the other ones on me. $1,300? That sounds good. – Does that sound fine?
– Yeah. It’s so nice to
be able to buy– To be able to have one. – –original intact ones.
– Yes. FRANK: Danny wasn’t kidding. I’ve stepped 10 feet inside the
door and I’ve already scored. I’ve got a great
feeling about today. So what’s in all the boxes? Hard to say. MARLENE (VOICEOVER): When we
got married, instead of going on a vacation, we went
around to different thrift shops, flea markets, antique
shows out in the country. We just never wanted
to get rid of anything. And that’s why the
house became a museum.

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