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American Pickers: Midget Race Car with a Harley Knucklehead Motor (Season 19) | History

American Pickers: Midget Race Car with a Harley Knucklehead Motor (Season 19) | History

What year is this car? That car was built in 1937. Wow. No kidding. And– Aw, it’s got a
knuck motor in it. Frankie, look at that. Oh, wow. Yeah. MIKE: What year is
the knuckle motor? ROY: 1936. ’36. Really? Yeah. MIKE: When it comes
to these cars, there’s four things
you want to know. Who drove the car? What races did they win? Who built the car? And what engine is in the car? This car has a 1936
Harley Davidson knucklehead engine in it. When’s the last time this ran? Yesterday? Oh, really? ROY: When I bought the
car, it was a machine– a machine with horsepower. Then I learned more
about the driver. Barney Barnes was a midget
racer from the Ohio area. I know he started
racing in 1936. He’s got championships
from different tracks up there in Pennsylvania
and so on and so forth. MIKE: Yeah. ROY: He drove this car
until 1947 or 1948, and he grenaded it. And he was running again
in the old timer stuff. No kidding. Right. He had a bunch of cars. When he died, he had six cars. MIKE: OK. Once I saw that car,
and I love motorcycles, and then a knucklehead– you
know, are you kidding me? I got a lot of
information with the car. Here’s this right here. Top speed is about
100 miles an hour. The car is to be driven. We’re going to push
it straight back to here to make sure we got fuel in it. All right. And I’m going to take it
to the bottom of the field. Yeah, it’s fun to look at. Yeah, it’s a knucklehead. That’s great. So you’re going to
let me drive this? Yeah. He’s going to come
behind us with the car. You’re going to count to three. The wheels are
going to turn over. The motor is going to
turn over a couple times. And you click on the mag. MIKE: While he’s pushing
me, I got it in gear. You got it in gear. Count to three. One, two, three. And hit the button. Put it on. Put it on. And you’re gone. MIKE: This is a race car. It doesn’t have
conventional brakes. It doesn’t have a starter. This is going to be wild, man. Yeah, this is–
this really is. MIKE: I’m starting to
get a little bit nervous. From here to the corner– you got all that turn-around. Don’t go too far down,
because it gets narrower. And don’t let off when
you’re in the corner. If you drop the power
off, then it wants to– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not your whole power. I don’t want to
roll this thing. No, right. It’d be like trying
to turn in third gear– – Just drive it.
– –or something. And I’d be chugging along. Try to keep it running. Yeah. Nice– nice knowing you. MIKE: Roy gets in
his car behind me. And I’m going through
everything in my mind. And I realize, OK, I’ve
got to count to three. One, two, three. Boom! Flip the switch. Dang! [laughs] Woo! Whoa! [laughs] I had no idea a 36
knucklehead engine would be capable of this kind of power. ROY: Oh, my gosh. When you get in the midget
car and you’re running 65 through that field,
you feel like you’re going 200 miles an hour. [cheers] Whoa! Oh, my gosh! [interposing voices] Oh, my gosh. It’s insane. You were flying. Wow. ROY: Mike, I mean,
he got into it. You know, he’s a
little fearless. You know, he’s still
zingy anyways, so– [laughs] you can see that. What do they call it– HGH or something or other? HARLEY: ADHD?
– ADHD? I don’t know. I think I saw a
little that, you know? All right, I had
interest in this car. There was no doubt about that. I mean, as soon as we
pulled the hood off of it and I saw the powertrain
was a knuckle, it had me. Here’s what I’d do on the car. I’d do 28 for the car. ROY: Mike appreciates
the history on that car like anybody should. Yeah, if he were to
take that engine out– Oh, no. –chop it back up and
turn into something else, it’d be a disgrace. You know– But he’s not going to do that. So– No. So are we doing 28? Yeah, we’re doing 28. We are? Yeah. We’re doing 28. MIKE: [inaudible] All right. MIKE: This car has
everything going for it. It was built in 1937. It’s got a 1936 alcohol-burning
knucklehead engine. It’s got a tremendous
amount of history. And it runs. You still want to buy
this after driving it, huh? I mean, you’re that nuts, huh?
– Oh, my gosh. That hooks me, man. That hooked me, big time. All right. MIKE: Collecting is all
about decisions– what you’re going to buy, what
you’re going to keep, what you’re going to sell. And today, Roy had to
make a hard decision. Hey, man.
Thank you so much. Harley, nice to meet you. Thanks for showing us around. I appreciate you. The car needed now to
go out into the world again so that
people could see it. We had fun with it. And let’s go do something else. [horn honks] Roll on, guys! See you later! [horn honks]

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  1. You sold it to the wrong people if you wanted it preserved for all to see. These guys will strip it for profit if need be.

  2. Really, you didn't know a knucklehead could go 100? Wasn't that the main selling point of it back then?

  3. Always too cool !!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 Mike you're the key ingredient, and you're lucky to have true friend Frank !.

  4. I'm surprised Youtube hasn't banned this channel for "hate speech" having "Midget" in the title. and then ruined your life….

  5. i was thinking 2,800 dollars, i think they made up a tv price. its a useless toy that cant race anymore….its a go cart

  6. Mike's a total idiot, how easy would it be to roll that car on that paddock and end up a quadriplegic, no seat belt, helmet or roll bar, insane !

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