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American Pickers: Mike Madness (Season 20) | Bonus | History

American Pickers: Mike Madness (Season 20) | Bonus | History

MIKE: So, what do you think? MEFFORD: I mean, it’s great.
MIKE: This is it, man! This is where we make our money,
on the back roads. You know what I’m sayin’?
I love how excited you are! MEFFORD: I am excited. MIKE: You’re
gettin’ me excited! Oh, man, look at that.
MEFFORD: Oh, god! Packards are incredible. MIKE: Here it is, baby.
MEFFORD: Look at that! MIKE: Okay.
[honks horn] MEFFORD: Ooh, what is that? ♪ MIKE: Hey-hey!
RICH: Hey. MIKE: You Rich?
RICH: I wish I was. MIKE: [laughs]
RICH: My name only. MIKE: I hear you there,
my brother. Hey, I’m Mike.
RICH: Mike? MIKE: Yeah, how you doing?
You talked to Dani on the phone? MEFFORD: Hey.
MIKE: This is Mike too. MEFFORD: I’m Mike also.
RICH: Two Mikes. I gotta deal with two Mikes? MIKE: Hell yeah.
RICH: You guys get lost? MIKE: Looks like you got your
work cut out for ya, huh? RICH: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’ve been
playing around, trying to get
everything going… MIKE: Yeah? RICH: …since my
stepdad passed away. MIKE: I know, we heard that.
I’m sorry to hear that. Sounded like he was
a pretty passionate guy if he’s got all these cars.
RICH: Oh, he loved his cars. RICH: My stepdad Larry
loved collecting Packards, and collecting Packard parts. That was his dream. MIKE: Did he drive
many of them? RICH: Not very often. He was always afraid
that somebody’s gonna come touch ’em.
MEFFORD: Oh! MIKE: No kidding!
RICH: Oh, yeah. RICH: He was a collector, and he saved multiple
things of everything. He was a junker also,
and he’d pick out what the good stuff was
and junk the rest. So we ended up with a lot
of stuff here at this house. MIKE: Can we look in here? Ah, Mike, look at this! MEFFORD: No way!
What’s in there? MIKE: Anything and everything. RICH: It’s packed full. MIKE: There’s a lot
of ground to cover here. MIKE: What about upstairs
in the barn here, the loft? Does it got anything in it? RICH: There’s not too much
of anything up there anymore. RICH: After Larry passed,
me and my brothers actually, we got into opening
the garage up, and seeing how much
he really had. It was quite amazing. RICH: We got a couple
of parts up here. MIKE: Oh, yeah, baby.
MEFFORD: Oh, wow. MIKE: There’s some insulators,
got some radiators. MEFFORD: Oh, look at
this old jump seat. That is cool. Will you take 50 bucks
for this? RICH: I dunno. MEFFORD: Oh, come on!
RICH: That’s out of a Packard! If you want it,
how about 100 bucks? MEFFORD: It’s a deal.
MIKE: Look at that. “Use correct size.” “Packard Automotive Cable:
the standard of the industry.” The gauge of the wire…
MEFFORD: Would you sell that? MIKE: Look at that.
RICH: If the price is right. MEFFORD: That is neat.
Oh, Mike! MIKE: Yeah.
150. RICH: 175. MIKE: Alright, we’ll do it. MEFFORD: What about this? Triple beam, 50 bucks? RICH: Yeah, I’ll take 50 for it.
MEFFORD: Thanks, buddy. MEFFORD: Everything
I found up there… MEFFORD: It’s American made,
it’s a luggage rack… MEFFORD: …I’m either
gonna use it on a project that I have right now… RICH: Make me an offer. MEFFORD: How about 100 bucks? RICH: 110?
MEFFORD: Okay, deal. MEFFORD: …or I’m gonna
find a project to use it on. RICH: I think Larry would
have liked meeting them guys and hearing what
they had to say. He was a very
down-to-earth kind of guy. MEFFORD: Hey,
thanks again, okay? See you again.
RICH: Yeah, you’re welcome. Take care.
MIKE: Alright, hey. RICH: Thanks, Mike.
MIKE: He was a hell of a guy. RICH: He was.
He really was. MIKE: Yeah, alright.
Take it easy. RICH: Alright, you take care.
MIKE: Thank you. ♪ [Mike honks horn] RICH: See you guys.
MEFFORD: Hey, see you later. RICH: Take care.
Happy picking. ♪

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  1. You guys need to come to North Dakota. It's not as plentiful since the oil boom but there's still some good finds just sitting there in fields and barns. I know a farmer that has one of the largest collections of model As and model Ts I have ever see. The guy lives 5 miles from Steel ND I'd be happy to take you there

  2. The seller is a Moron one of the Packards is missing a headlight and the idiot sold it for fifty bucks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Frank arrested for transporting illegal imigrants and sexualizing them with broom stick with word trump written on broom stick?

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