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American Pickers: Mike Puts in Work for a Pedal Car (Season 18) | History

American Pickers: Mike Puts in Work for a Pedal Car (Season 18) | History

RICK: When I was younger guy, I
couldn’t stand ro see a a car go to the junkyard. You know, I would rescue it– MIKE WOLFE: Yeah. RICK: –and put it away
somewhere, so someday, maybe that I could do
something with it. MIKE WOLFE: Stash it. FRANK FRITZ: This guy has saved
everything from concept cars to hot rods. I mean, he has an
amazing collection. RICK: I got something in
here I think you’d like. It’s something from the ’30s.
MIKE WOLFE: OK. RICK: It’s a– it’s
an old carnival ride. We’ve got to move
a lot of stuff. It’s like a ’36 Packard. It’s way back in that
corner, in there. MIKE WOLFE: All righty. So I crawl over a pile. [grunting] And I look down. And I can just see the fender. I mean, this thing is buried. [interposing voices] I see– I can see the– RICK: Way back in there. MIKE WOLFE: I can see
the steering wheel. RICK: Yeah, way back in there. MIKE WOLFE: Yeah,
that is way back. For what I can see,
this thing is sexy. So it’s a carnival piece. This doesn’t have any
pedal drive train in it. A lot of these older
pedal cars are longer. They’re wider. They’re heavier. They’re overbuilt. And
a lot of these cars ended up as carnival rides. That’s not unusual. I mean, for me to
even mess around with trying to get
this thing out, I mean, what are
you thinking on it? I’m looking $500 out of it. It’s got be worth that. That’d be a neat piece. MIKE WOLFE: 500 sounds
like it’s doable. So I start going for it,
start digging this thing out. There’s all this, like,
exercise equipment on top of it. [sighing] All right. You getting it? MIKE WOLFE: So as soon
as I get it chest height, I want to twist and
maneuver it over to Frank and let him take some of
the weight of this thing. [chuckling] Let me turn it over. You’re working, dude. And I’m not complaining, man. I mean, this is what
it’s all about– finding something
like this, pulling it out, working hard for it,
and then reaping the benefits. All right, let’s see
what’s going on here. FRANK FRITZ: Grill’s
pretty good shape. MIKE WOLFE: From the front
grille to the back end of the car, it’s streamlined. It’s airflow. It’s beautiful. FRANK FRITZ: Looks like you
need, like, a little piece to hold it up, there. MIKE WOLFE: It
shows its history. It shows its age. But it also shows this
thing was a carnival ride. You know, it’s got a heavy pan
welded to the bottom of it. The drive-train is gone. It’s beat to hell. It’s still cool. Where did you find it? RICK: I got it in a
garage in Detroit. I think the wheels
turned on it, too. MIKE WOLFE: Yeah.
RICK: I think they do. FRANK FRITZ: Yeah, they turned. They got a swivel on them. Whoa. [laughter] RICK: Well, you could just
back it in the garage, that way you wouldn’t see it. It’s cool, man. The more you look at it,
the more character it’s got. I mean, look at the
weld back here, man. It’s really cool. [banging metal] There you go. RICK: You just– you just
raised the price on it. FRANK FRITZ: He’s just like
you, Rick, doing body work. There, look at that. Looks pretty good. MIKE WOLFE: That’s better
than it was, right? The gauge of the metal is really
made to stand the test of time. I mean, who knows? Maybe it was made from the
steel the actual car was. That’s what it feels like. RICK: What do you think? 500. Let’s do it. We’re doing it. That’ll give us some room
on the back end of it. I think it’s cool, man. It’s definitely from
the right time period. It’s got the look. A lot of these older
pedal cars, when you see them on the ground, they
don’t look like a child’s toy. They look like a miniature
of the car itself. It’s rough, but it’s so cool. We put a little
bit of a scratch– On your collection. –in the situation, but– That’s OK. –you know,
that’s how it goes. – That’s OK.
– You got the back? Let me straighten
the wheels out. Yeah, I got the back. MIKE WOLFE: Frank and I have
come across a lot of cars, but not cars like we saw today. Rick saw the importance,
the significance of these bubble top cars. He was a visionary,
and he saw all of that before anyone else did. So cool.
We did it. FRANK FRITZ: Rick, those are
some amazing cars you got. I wish I had the
crystal ball you had. – Yeah?
– That stuff is awesome. RICK: I’d love to
have the guys back. I enjoyed the day with them. Been a lot of fun. You ever bust it out
and show it, let us know. We might be in the area. Come take a look at it. We come by and
may take a cruise. – OK, I will–
– No doubt. Hey, I will do. I have plenty of projects. I just finished my last car that
I was building for a customer. And now, it’s time
for me to take and do something for myself.
[honking] Roll on, Rick! Yeah, catch you later! See you later! [honking]

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  1. Respect to Both of you A lot Better than drew pritchard from salvage hunters (uk). Keep the videos Rolling Cheers Vi !!!

  2. Man we love your show my wife, daughters and i love watching you guys.. We see your show here in Mexico can not stop watching new adventures….Keep up the wonderful show you guys have you rock…

  3. Love Mike and Frank they don't beat you down on price if something has a dent or scratch or even if it's not all there.

  4. Rick: The best I can do is 30 bucks, that's my bottom rock price. I'm making a gamble, it's gonna be on the shelf for a long, long time…

  5. tell Mike to visit yesterday today. 56 vintage color photos of life in america during the 1940s. he'll see pictures of all the old porcelain signs gas pumps he holds so dear. have fun!

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