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American Pickers: Mike Wheels and Deals for Harley Knucklehead (Season 6) | History

– Wow, look at that place. FRANK FRITZ: I don’t
think anyone lives there. MIKE WOLFE (VOICEOVER):
Danielle’s sending us to a guy that’s been
collecting his whole life. Is that it? This is it right up here. MIKE WOLFE: He’s
at the point where he wants to sell some stuff. This is a perfect
opportunity for a picker. So how long you
been collecting? You know, off and
on, over 50 years. Oh my gosh. Sounds like you and me. We’ve been [INAUDIBLE] since
we’ve been little kids, too. Can we take a look around? Yes, sir. Which way you want to go? Right through
this puddle there. All right. MIKE WOLFE: We walk out in
the back into the garage. This is my accumulation. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wow. Oh my god. MIKE WOLFE: It’s insane! Everywhere you look, there’s
handlebars, gas tanks. Every corner is
cluttered, and there’s stuff hanging from the ceiling. This is going to
be an awesome pick. What’s under here? I just see this– I see this– I was afraid y’all
were going to say that. You were afraid we
were going to see it? MIKE WOLFE: He pulls
up the black tarp, and boom, there it is,
a 1937 Knucklehead. Wow, that’s awesome. God dang, this
thing’s [WHISTLES].. MIKE WOLFE: Anything
that you can find pre-1940 that’s
Harley Knucklehead is like mining gold. This frame is butchered, man. MIKE WOLFE: The chassis
is all jacked up. It’s chopped, it’s raked, it’s
got a lot of incorrect parts, but the motor is sitting
there looking beautiful. We see Knuckleheads
from time to time, but finding somebody that
wants to sell one, no matter the condition, is really rare. What are you looking to
get out of this, Eddie? Or is this something
you’d even sell? I know it sounds crazy,
it’d take 5 big ones. 5 grand to get
all of this here? Yeah. Would you sell just the motor? I would, but I’d
throw the frame in, too. So you’re buying–
you’re buying it all. No, I mean, really. I hear you. I’m just asking, you know.
– Yeah. MIKE WOLFE: I’m
not really seeing any value in the
chassis, but this motor is worth fighting for. I love the motor. If you were to separate it
and just sell the motor, I’d be interested
in it for 3 grand. MIKE WOLFE: If Eddie let’s go
of this 1937 Knucklehead motor, that alone is worth
the trip to Georgia. I’m going to do that. Are you going to do it? I’m going to do it. MIKE WOLFE: Any Harley
enthusiast would walk barefoot through a junkyard without a
tetanus shot to buy this motor, and I just bought it. Eddie? Yeah? Now that I’ve got
my hands on this thing and I’m moving it around– Yes? –I’m kind of liking it. MIKE WOLFE: Yeah, it’s raked. Yeah, it’s chopped. Yeah, the fork
has been extended. But you know what? It’s got a cool front wheel. The rear wheel is
in decent condition. It’s got the original
transmission. Yeah, man, I’m
feeling like Fonda. MIKE WOLFE: As a picker,
it’s important to know when you make a mistake. I should have bundled
the motor and the chassis together in the first place. You were at 5 grand
on the whole thing. Right. OK, I already bought
the motor for 3 grand. Right. How about another 1,000
for this so it’d be 4,000 total for the whole package? 1,800. [GROWLS] All right, let me see. Let me get off of it
for a second here. FRANK FRITZ: Mike
really lost his leverage when he paid up for the motor. Now Eddie’s got his
3 grand, and he’s at his mercy for the chassis. For 1,000, it looks good. I’m at a grand, 4 grand. You were at 5. You’re only– I’m– you’re
only coming off a G-note. It looks better
at 12 and a half. MIKE WOLFE: I’m going
to be really bummed if I have to leave
this behind today, but there’s no way I
can do more than 1,000. Ah, go ahead. You want to do 1,000? Yeah. All right, 1,000 bucks. MIKE WOLFE (VOICEOVER): I
bought the ’37 Knucklehead motor and the
chassis separately, but this is a really good deal. Well, we appreciate you
letting us look around, man. – Heck yeah.
– It’s been fun. Eddie was such a cool guy. I mean, this is a guy that’s
been riding motorcycles longer than I’ve been alive, but he
had the same exact passion as we did. Got it? Yeah, get it up there. FRANK FRITZ: Hey, that’s
my side of the van. MIKE WOLFE (VOICEOVER): I
bought the chopped Harley frame with the Knucklehead
motor for 4 grand. I’m going to ask 7,500. [CASH REGISTER DINGS] Hey, it was an honor. Thank you. It really was. It goes both ways, fellas. Nice to meet you, partner. It’s always nice to
meet somebody who’s got the same passion we do. I may go out and
buy some more stuff. Just don’t tell my wife now. – Thanks, man.
– Goodbye, brothers. See ya. Thank you. MIKE WOLFE: Days like today,
when I can find a 1937 Harley Knucklehead engine– [HORN HONKS] See ya, Eddie! Ciao! Keep rolling! MIKE WOLFE: –that’s the kind of
stuff that keeps me motivated, keeps me passionate,
keeps me on the road. It makes you think,
hey, it’s not all found. It’s still out there.

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