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American Pickers: Surfs Up! (Season 20) | Exclusive | History

FRANK: We’re in southern
California today. We’re on our way to meet
a guy named Jim. He’s a local historian
in the Santa Barbara area. He owns a surf museum, and he’s looking to downsize
some of his collection. FRANK: Here it is, right here.
Ooh… MIKE: Oh yeah,
look at this place. FRANK: Yeah, this is cool.
MIKE: Look at this place. Look it, this is crazy! FRANK: Grab a flyer,
grab a flyer. MIKE: What! MIKE: Alright. How you doing?
I’m Mike. JIM: Hey, Mike.
MIKE: Nice to meet ya. FRANK: Jim, how you doing?
Nice to meet ya. JIM: You too, man.
MIKE: Gonna hit you with this. Dani might have talked to you
about some of this stuff on the phone here.
JIM: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’ve been here 37 years. I have a surf museum,
so I made– did a surf museum motif.
MIKE: Yeah, yeah, yeah. JIM: I’m a treasure hunter,
so I’m out there, and there’s so much
neat stuff, and I’m a sucker
for all of it. MIKE: This does not
look like a surf museum. MIKE: This museum
is Jim’s life’s work. It’s an incredible space. I mean, what he’s done
with it is next-level. FRANK: Found a couple
of toys over there. This looks like it
was made in Japan. JIM: Twist it. FRANK: It’s just missing
one of the propellers there. Not twisting to make
the ball go up, but still. And this,
this is a really nice toy. It’s a space toy,
plastic wheels, so that kind of dates
it a little bit, you know what I mean? You know, late ’60s,
maybe even ’70s. On the two of them… 175. JIM: Two and a q. FRANK: Let’s split it at 200. JIM: [laughs] Okay.
FRANK: Is that good? JIM: Yeah.
FRANK: Alright, you got a deal. MIKE: I wanted to ask you
about this calendar top. That’s what I think this is,
is the calendar top. JIM: “Chief is still chief,”
yeah. MIKE: It says, “The Chief
is still the chief.” JIM: Right. FRANK: There would have been
tear-offs down at the bottom. MIKE: Santa Fe, right here.
Yep, exactly. But it’s in an older
frame too, as well. Well, what are you thinking
on something like this? I love this.
And this… Buckskin Charlie… JIM: Sub chief. MIKE: There’s two breaks in it. Here’s a break all the way
through here, and then obviously a pretty severe crease, but…
FRANK: Pretty cool. MIKE: What about
these two pieces? Are those something
that you would consider selling? JIM: 300 for the pair. MIKE: Alright, I’m doing these.
I love these. And I like that this one’s
obviously a newer frame, but this one’s a period frame. JIM: We’re all pickers, and, you know, everybody’s
got their own niche. And just, there’s like
the little brotherhood of junk, you know? We’re all playing the same game. MIKE: Hey…
JIM: Alright, my friend. [MIKE: I have not been
to a collection like that in so long.
JIM: Good, good. MIKE: You got such a great eye,
and I love your passion, man. JIM: Well,
I’m glad you appreciate it. MIKE: Absolutely
love your passion. FRANK: Jim is a California guy. He loves the history,
he loves the culture, and you can just see how
passionate he is about it. [honks horn]
FRANK: See ya, Jim!

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