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An old FRIEND of coach Guy Sebastian SURPRISES him in The Voice | Journey #55

I love you. But you know that, because we
know each other really well. Oh okay.
– Do you? Yeah. Her voice, she knows it’s a gift. And I tell you
this all the time. Your voice is insane. Hello. Who are you? My name is Chynna Taylor, hello. That’s a superstar name. I’m originally from Texas. But now being in Australia
for about five almost six years… I have definitely made Australia
another home of mine. When I was 18 years old… An Aussie came to my land. And I fell in love. And my now husband, Jordan. Brought me back
to Australia with him. I’ve had some amazing
opportunities. That have happened
in my career so far. I’ve done backing vocals
for Guy Sebastian. Which is incredible
because his voice is insane. And to kind of match him
as a background vocalist. Pushed me really
out of my comfort zone. I’m coming out of the gates,
guns blazing. You just blew
this whole room up. I am literally speechless,
because it was just this… …power and… …great intent and
passion and… I just felt like I just met you,
just through your voice. You know
what I mean, like… …it was just incredible. I love you. But you know that, because we
know each other really well. Oh, oh okay.
– Do you? Yeah, yeah. Her voice,
she knows it’s a gift. And I tell you this all the time,
your voice is insane. We’ve worked together
before, I know that… …and there are three other
great coaches here. So try something new. I think I’m the most scared
to go with Guy. Because it seems like
such the obvious choice. But for me it’s not. It’s actually pretty scary… …because we have history, but… Guy, I’d be honored
to be on your team. I thought that was gonna
go the other way. Oh my gosh! I was trying to
convince myself to not pick you. For my next group,
I put Chynna… …Connor and Akina together. This is kinda scary. Coaching my friend, kind of sucks. To be honest. Because right now,
as the coach… I am in control of what
happens to her near future. So the Madonna song
I’ve given you is… ‘Papa Don’t Preach’. It’s a big one
– It’s a huge one. When you read through it
and you read these lyrics… It’s about not
being that little girl. Who’s dictated to… …by what people say
or what people do. Or the pressures that
they place on you. You know, this is
‘I’m keeping my baby’. But you’re basically saying… Your baby is your gift. Your baby is your career. And you’re not gonna
be dictated to by anyone. So papa don’t preach,
I’m doing my thing. It’s a really good speech. That was good actually.
– That was really good. I thought it was good too.
– It was excellent. I feel really encouraged and… But you know what I’m saying?
– Yeah no, no. That’s your thing,
this is like… That’s what you gotta grab hold of.
– Okay. For me this is gonna be
particularly hard, because… If Chynna really doesn’t shine… I have to let her go. Chynna, you delivered
a really, really good vocal, one. And I was actually… I was looking forward
to hearing you sing. Because I remember
your voice distinctly. I feel like,
I got it wrong for you, Chynna. I feel like you couldn’t
really have done more with that song. You know? There wasn’t these moments
where maybe I’ll let you really explode. And show what you’re capable of. I know what you’re capable of, ’cause… You’re my friend,
I’ve known you for a long time. I know how you can sing. I know that there’s
this insane voice there. I feel like there’s
somebody in this group… …that can do
something extremely special. And something that can
make people’s mouths… …drop to the floor. For me right now… …the person that
I’m going to take through… …is Chynna. Chynna, you’ve done it.
You’re going through. To the battle rounds. Hello legends! It’s always hard
to compete against… …somebody that
you actually like. I think both of you have… …similar challenges. The main one being identity. And that is, like, who are you? Kim and Chynna,
they can sing anything. But as a coach
I’ve got to show… …what sort of artist
they’re gonna be. Not just two great singers
that can sing any song. That was everything and more. Congratulations for having
such control over your voices. To the highest nose,
to the lowest notes. That’s how you do a battle. Okay so… I just felt like somebody… Grabbed the bull by the horns
just a little bit more. That person was Chynna. How are you finding everything? I have loved
this experience. It’s been really great
to be part of it. Because like… In my personal life
it’s kind of been a bit… …like kind of all over the place,
a bit hectic. After the blind auditions. My dad had a really bad stroke. I pulled out my computer
and I wanted to book a flight… …and go home immediately. And that was really hard. Hello Ray and Jessica. Oh, dad! When I found out about… …what Chynna has
been going through… …these last few weeks. I really wanted to organize
something special for her. Hi daddy,
hi mommy! Oh my god, we’re so excited.
Ray, show her the sign. Oh, wow. I wouldn’t be
the singer I am today. Or the person that I am
if it wasn’t for them. We’re just so proud,
just keep on… Daddy, I’m gonna sing this song… I’m gonna sing this song for you. I felt like I was
on the ride with you. I felt so connected to you. You know what I mean? ‘Cause I knew you were
about to break at any moment. You really stay
committed, Chynna. I am rooting for you. You better not make
the wrong decision on this one. Wanna have you
perform this week, confidence… …plus the star that Chynna is. I think maybe the last couple of weeks
haven’t really highlighted… …just how incredible her voice is. To me this is
our last chance. I think we have to see
another side of Chynna… …or she may be in trouble. Semi-finals!
– I know! You’re here, we’ve made it. I can’t believe it.
– Yeah, yeah. I can. I think now is
the time for her to… …start writing her own story. Now it’s about
upping the ante. And I kind of want you
to lead the way a little bit… …with that. So I’d love you
to choose the next song. What? Okay… That’s nerve-racking,
because then it’s my fault… …if the song isn’t it. Exactly. This needs to represent… …who you are as an artist and… …who you think
moving forward… …people are gonna get. I would have to say… My roots are
definitely country. It’s the music that I
grew up with. So choose a country song. I know. One of my favorite
songs is Jolene. From Dolly Parton.
– From Dolly Parton, cool. I like it, because it’s gonna
show a different side too. I will now announce the first artist… …who did not receive enough votes… …to go through
to the grand finale. So the first artist
to be leaving the competition… …is… …it’s Chynna.

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