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– Thanks for joining
Eureka Springs Channel I’m here in Arkansas and in Eureka Springs which is a beautiful Victorian Village. And in the Victorian Village every year we have an Antique Automobile Festival. And typically gentlemen. I’ve got Eric Studer with
me and Mr. Morris Dillow. Thanks for joining me guys. – You’re welcome – Typically we have this every year, in the month of September is that correct? – Yes – And tell us a little about the history of
the automobile festival and why you guys decided to get involved. – Well this will be the
48th anniversary this year, making it one of the longest running car events in the Ozarks. Matter of fact we’re already talking about the 50th anniversary. Morris has a lot of
background with showing cars and especially as a judge at car shows. He is on a board of
director of several clubs. I have some motor sports
background, marketing background. And we’ve lived here almost 10 years. He has lived here longer. And the show in the past, in recent years the
attendance has flattened. And at Pimount Village it was
filled with the show cars, but there wasn’t much
parking for visitors. They ended up parking on the 62 and walking across the busy road. So Morris and I volunteered
to help the Chamber plan the event, do more
marketing in advance, and so that is how we got involved last year with the Chamber as volunteers. – Yeah, so that is gonna be a great. It was a good solution
it sounded like last year in that being how your
location now, Passion Play, is that right? – [Morris] Yes – [Melody] And so you have history of doing judging and all this. And I have to tell you,
I am hoping at one point that all of you can come out here and see Morris’ collection. An extensive collection
of cars, my goodness. I had no idea! – [Morris] Yeah we’ve got
to keep it quiet out here (laughter) – [Melodye] Well it’s a beautiful place and a lot of antiques here. Really phenomenal actually. Tell me about what your involvement is going to be in this particular event. – [Morris] We are, Eric and I together, are trying to promote
this up so it gets to be the largest antique car show
in this part of the country. We want to enhance the
younger people to join us, not only the Antique cars. Last year we increased our participation up to 257 cars from right
at 100 the year before. If things go the way
the projection is now, we could have as many as 400 this year. – My, oh that sounds wonderful. – Being the 48, that
gives us two more years to increase it, hopefully up
close to 5 to 600 by the 50th. That way we will have good presentation of a wide range of cars
from the 1900’s stuff, like I fell in love with when I was 14, up to the more modern muscle cars of the 70’s and 80’s or now. – [Melodye] And so you guys are the. What are you judging for
this particular event? Tell us about what people
can expect who are coming. – [Eric] Well I pretty
much handle marketing and meet with the Chamber
and help with the vendor and sponsor solicitations and
also participant communication because we have two primary audiences. Those people who are
going to show the cars and the people who are going to attend. Morris is more on the technical end, I will have him explain
what, what he does. – [Morris] Primarily making sure everybody gets in there safely. We get everybody in
categories they need to be. Judging goes off smoothly. We get the results prominently at the end, Nobody is waiting for
hours to get the ends. We’ve got a program we are using now that my wife runs out of the motor home. I feed her the papers as
the judges give them to me and within 10 minutes of
everything being entered, we have a result. – Awesome, wow. Streamlining this whole thing. That’s wonderful, wow. – Yeah, we should have at
least 30 major prizes this year but we will also have a
number of door prizes. We just recently got a volunteer
that said they would make some additional handmade trophies for us. The top trophies last year were designed by a local artist, JD Harris. We are trying to keep everything
within Eureka Springs. The event benefits Eco Clinic
here in Eureka Springs, and this year Eureka
Springs School of Arts will be doing the trophies. We are trying to keep
everything within the town. One of the critical things
we are trying to do this year versus last year, is get
the word out earlier, to all the businesses
in Eureka Springs area, Holiday Island, and especially
non-car related business. There’s lot’s of opportunities. There’s vendor space, people
buy jewelry, they buy apparel. We can have food vendors and
a space is 50 bucks to 75 depending on if you need power or not. Last year we estimated the flow, as far as spectators to be
between 3,000 and 2,500. So it makes it worth while
for somebody to come out and set up, you know, regardless
of what they are promoting. – Okay. So the vendor and
the tents, I’m guessing, out there for folks, is that sort of? – We have an area along the sides that are adequate to put power and water to people if they need it. Or, again, another
section that is just dry. – Typically they bring their own tents, they are usually 10 by 40 spaces. – Who would they contact if they are local businesses or
businesses from other locations… – Chamber of Commerce – They would all go through the Chamber for that communication? – Yes – Okay – Right and you can either go to the Chamber site or we have a
dedicated site for the show: antiqueautofest.com, and they
can register there online. Participants can
pre-register their cars also, online, which we highly recommend. It saves time and that way
if they got any questions, and hopefully we will be
selling shirts and gas plaques online, within the coming weeks. – [Melodye] Oh I’m sure, yeah! – [Morris] Yes, within
the next couple of weeks the t-shirts will be on sale online also. – [Melodye] Wonderful. Well you guys are really
putting a lot of energy back into this for this event. This sounds so exciting,
and if you are a local, you want to get involved in this because it sounds like it’s going to be a perfect opportunity
for you to take part, and help support the cause, Eco. A wonderful organization here that I know, that would be happy and
thrilled to have your support. So if you are a vendor get in touch with the Chamber of Commerce. Or if you have questions
about this particular event, I am sure that you can call Eric or Morris and find out more. Is there a particular number
if they wanted to contact you guys directly or? – Yeah they could contact
me at 214-676-3860. Or they can contact Paul Miller
at the main Chamber number. I think that is 253-8737 – 37, yeah I think that is right. – Okay yeah – If it’s not I’ll – We’ve been here too long. – If that number is not
right I will repair it on the bottom screen
there for you guys so. – And one thing about,
you mention Eco Clinic. Last year it was the first year that they were the beneficiary, and we raised over 2,000 dollars. This year we hope to
substantially increase that. – Increase that, that’s right. – It’s a good cause. – It’s perfect timing for them cause they are building up a village, here, particularly, so
it’s a great time for that. So I know they’ll appreciate
you guys for supporting. Well, thank you guys. – Well, you need a contact number. – For, for you? – For me, yes (laughter) – I thought we were gonna
say one number, but go ahead. – Yeah, it’s 501-351-5991 – Okay, alright. Very good. So both of those numbers
you’ve got two gentlemen waiting to help you
explore the possibilities with you for you and your business. And if you are a vendor you
might want to give a call to these guys to ask questions. And if you are a participant
coming to town with your car, you might want to go through
the Chamber for that. Would that be the correct
person to go through? – Yes – Yes, that is the correct direction. – So make your plans. Make your reservations if
you are traveling, now, because it sounds like it’s
going to be a big weekend. – Yeah we’re already
pre-registering people and so the word got out last year. We’re expecting a lot more cars. – Expect a lot more people. Well, I’m so excited and thank you Morris. I am just so thrilled I got
to see all of your cars. – You’re welcome. – Thank you so much. Thank you gentlemen for your
energy and for your support. – Thank you Melody. We really appreciate it. – And thank you guys for
watching Eureka Springs Channel We’ll see you next time.

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