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Antique Clock Collecting: Boston Styles : Antique Clock Collecting: E. Howard & Co. Clocks

Antique Clock Collecting: Boston Styles : Antique Clock Collecting: E. Howard & Co. Clocks

We just saw an E Howard number five banjo.
Almost equally desirable and many of them still exist; are what’s called the Howard
Regulator Number Seventy or Howard Seventy. You see these often at auctions and collectors
fighting over them. These were common clocks earlier on. They were often in every tea station
in Boston for example. Spread around any place where you needed a durable high quality clock.
These weren’t inexpensive clocks, but as mentioned they weren’t designed for houses. They were
designed for commercial or industrial settings. This one happens to be a little rarer or a
little more important, because it’s the next size up from the standard one. Howard is famous
for making the same style in varying sizes. That banjo we looked at, the number five banjo;
that was the smallest. The made them all the way up to number one, which was much bigger
and used in places where you needed to be able to see the clock from farther away. Normally
the Howard Seventy was a twelve inch dial. This is a fourteen inch dial. Which could
almost double the value of this, because much rarer, harder to find. We have the typical
black, gold and red glasses too. This color that’s sort of a brick red is famous when
these glasses get broken people go to great lengths to try to recreate the color. We also
see, as well, that in this case we have the existing patterning still on the pendulum
bob. This is a pattern that is done into the lacquer or very faintly into the metal so
it’s not often that you find that pattern remaining on the pendulum bob, because it
can get wiped off very easily. So, if you have a larger Howard Seventy, you have a pendulum
bob that retains its patterning, if you have an original weight inside where actually the
number seventy is cast into the weight you have a great collectible item. We’ll talk
more about what Howard made, but now you’ve seen probably the most popular and collectible
models the number seventy and the number five banjo we saw previously.

1 comment on “Antique Clock Collecting: Boston Styles : Antique Clock Collecting: E. Howard & Co. Clocks

  1. Hi,
    I am ownership of 2 large bronze clocks with E Howard & Co electric workings, one is a mantle clock & the larger is double faced & was a ceiling mounted hanging clock. I was led to believe these were originally in the 25 Broadway Cunard Building in 1921. I have done a lot of research over the past few years but as of now have not gained any proof of where they actually came from. I know for a fact they were in storage in the Cunard building 555 Fifth avenue & were on display on the Liner QE2….any info you may have on these clocks would be of great help.

    Here is a link to some photos of the clocks in a complete & dismantled state.
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]

    thanks & best Regards
    Howard Mathurine

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