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antique & eclectic vintage room tour! // antique collection & room decor ideas/inspiration

antique & eclectic vintage room tour! // antique collection & room decor ideas/inspiration

hey guys what’s up so welcome to my love
for antiques and eclectic vintage decor so today I’m just going to be doing a
room tour of my new aesthetic that I fell in love with a few months ago so
I’ve been antique shopping like crazy and collecting pieces and just fun
little things from each store that just kind of brought it all together so half
of this stuff is from antique stores and then the other is from thrift stores and
I just put it all together and I’m so excited to be showing you guys my love
for everything vintage this video it was inspired by Best Dressed here on YouTube
Ashley does just the coolest videos and her editing and her decor and everything
is just super inspiring so I thought I would show her out real quick also I
just want to ask that you guys would subscribe down below for more videos and
without further ado let’s just go ahead and get started okay so here is an
overview I have this side of my room kind of full and then this wall is
completely empty just to let it be able to breathe because I feel like there is
a ton of stuff going on over here so I kind of wanted this ball to just stay
empty so oh okay so my bed is right here and then I have a little nightstand a
desk and a dresser so it kind of just goes this way and then my closet is over
there so yeah okay so I’m gonna be starting
with this fun little corner over here so here’s the Doris or ebony walk in this
is all right here so we have this full-body mirror which was only four
dollars from Walmart it definitely works your body when you look at it and it
gives some weird dimension there but it was only four dollars and I really like
having a full-length one just to see my outfit see like okay do you look great
before you to work all good so I like having this one here and I just added
these two little stickers to it on the bottom and the top that are floral just
I don’t know if to be cute I usually hang my keys here they don’t look very
cute so I took them off but I usually take my keys here and then I got this
portrait from the Salvation Army for like a dollar and I thought
super Qi didn’t even have to change the photo and I just stuck with the frame I
was like okay cute so I put it there and then I have a line of hats I just got
these ones for Christmas and then I bought this one at a thrift store and I
thought it’d be funny to display them because I had that one up there just by
itself and so I just added these ones to it this one is like maybe the Scotland
or something and it’s like really fancy and she only gave to me for ten bucks if
she said it was 25 when she gave to me for 10 so okay so on top of my dresser I
have my Crosley record player if you guys haven’t seen my vinyl collection
video be sure to check it out I’ll have it linked somewhere and then one of my
favorite parts of my room right now is this antique phone so I went hunting at
so many different antique shops for the perfect phone and I love in this one it
was one of the cheapest ones actually was only twenty-two dollars which is
crazy good for a phone like this because it’s legit it’s not like an urban
outfitters what it was a legit one from an antique store it so I loved it so
much and then I have these two antique books one of them is actually a letter
to the churches like Ephesus and Corinth and the the letters from Paul so I
thought it was really cool to have that in here because I’ve already studied it
and it was just random I was like I like this book and then after I bought it I
realized what it was so that was cool and this one is a National Geographic
magazine and it’s like literally torn up but it’s super old and super cool all
the photos in there are vintage it’s awesome Google’s a 99 cents then I had
this little vintage camera I’ve had for a few years and this little box and
don’t let it deceive you the isn’t antique I got it from an antique store
but it has on the Apple watch bands in it so I was trying to hide the modern
and vintage so I have a blast there and it used to sing and it made this little
really weird noise I threw it away because it was crooning out but when you
open it would had this little creepy noise that would please so I took that
out but yeah that wasn’t good before so it’s cool and then for these wall pieces
I got them all from Salvation Army one of my favorites so they were all under
like four dollars or something crazy so I have this mirror
then these two like grandma portraits I really loved so I wanted the gold frames
I had another one that was bigger but it didn’t match little gold frame vibe so I
just stuck with these ones I’m still gonna be on the hunt maybe I could put
more over here or up there if I find any cool ones and then I met this super
weird ankle but we have my desk so I have my computer on here that’s a bit
complete opposite of antique and vintage but I have this which I actually did
purchase on Amazon it’s like this little mirror and it is plastic I did not
realize that it was going to be plastic but it is plastic but so don’t be
deceived it’s not as cool as it looks good I have a my jewelry tree over there
and then a plant a plant supreme’ Trader Joe’s in this little clock so I would
say that my desk is probably my least favorite but I needs to be operational
not necessarily cute and then over here I have these little mini records so I
have one that is Beatles I’m going to hold your hand at Disney one and then
the other one I have no idea so I thought it was fun and I thought I would
I forgot to explain the meaning of eclectic so this word I recently learned
and it’s kind of fun to say eclectic and it means like No Boundaries
so it means like unique and whatever you want so that’s why I love the whole idea
of antique eclectic because it’s not all 1920s it’s not olds 1940s it’s not one
era it spans so far so we got like so many different eras going on but it’s
just it’s totally my own so that’s why I love it there’s no judgement on like oh
it has to be this era or it has to be this era so it’s just totally eclectic
it’s my own and it’s how it’s fun to look at all this stuff because I got
them all from a different antique shop and each of those shops were a different
little adventures so I know that’s corny but like it was so much fun getting all
this stuff so yeah okay so then I have these fun antique posters with the sub-q
tone on them I found them at two different stores that I was just hoping
that they would all look similar so I think I want to get some more actually
to kind of fill in the spots I didn’t realize
that I only had a few I thought I had more I literally thought it’s not more
than actually did so I have these ones this one is a Marilyn Monroe at the
beach this one is a scene of just a little market drive-through a station
type thing and then this one is from them to know the first season or second
season it is where my favorite TV shows the 90s version I’m on season seven out
of ten and I’ve been watching it for like three years
so I’m really like tied in and I love the show so I thought when I saw that it
was like no way I have to get it so I put that one up and then this is the
Beatles live in August of 1969 this to us cool and then man on the moon so yeah
I think I’m gonna get a few more just to kind of complete it but for now this is
what I have up and these are about four dollars each which is not bad another
awkward angle but this is probably my favorite part of my room right here’s my
nightstand so I got this cute little tray for $15 it has a mirror in the
middle and it’s gold all around the edge from an antique store one of my
favorites and then I put these flowers in there I love the vases from at
Salvation Army and then one of my favorite parts of this is the antique
perfume bottles I love them this is probably my favorite one I got the set
of random thirst store and I tried to bargain her for it and she was like no
it’s so cute so I ended up paying full price for I think it was like $8 only
but it actually pumps I love it so there’s that one this one is a fake and
this one is brand-new it is from home goods and actually works
I thought it’s a room spray so I was like why not so that actually works and
then this one I don’t want to open it this broken but it is so cute like look
at this adorable and then I put these pearls on there it’s not supposed to be
here and then I have this perfume that I use all the time and then this one is a
little portrait that I got an antique store and it is a bunch of kids on top
of a car and I’m like you know what’s crazy is that this is someone’s life
like this happened in their life and they took a photo of it and now I have
it in my room so in a way it’s creepy to have random strangers in your room a
picture of them like what if and 100 years someone had a picture of me and my
and in their room and they called it antique like that’s so weird to think
about I get too deep into things but anyway so I have that and I just love
this little spot right here it’s like really dainty and girly so I love it
probably my favorite of my room oops then I got these curtains off of Amazon
they’re not properly installed because my dad hasn’t come home yet and I just
got them today but I wanted to film Soho yeah so they’re just lightly hanging up
there and I’m scared it’s gonna fall down but I got these racy curtains they
are an off-white they’re really pretty and I wanted some curtains for a while I
couldn’t decide if I wanted to just get it for this window or both windows not
sure what’s gonna end up happening but yeah I love them I think they’re really
cute and they make everything look a little more antique so I wanted to talk
about the infamous Polaroid wall for a second so I have it up and I’m going to
keep it up I know it’s like doesn’t match the vibe but I was thinking about
it and I was like you know what’s crazy is that Polaroids are technically
vintage and/or retro they’re technically retro and it totally matches it but it
doesn’t now because it’s been modernized so much that it’s not really matching
but I love it so I’m gonna keep it up I’m not gonna take it down but I was
gonna ask you guys I am so indecisive if I should move it from this wall to the
gray wall because the gray wall has nothing on it and I could put it up
there and spread it across the whole wall and it’d be really cool but I
haven’t decided yet so comment down below what you think about that but yeah
so that’s my little where am I it’s kind of frustrating that it’s so
modernized and and whatnot but I love it so it’s all my memories something to
keep it up okay so another favorite part of my room is this trunk that I have to
hold on my records I got this one for $15 and a little story times so we’re at
this really weird thrift store in Orange County late at night not late but it was
like 9 o’clock and he was about to close and then he just like stopped and he was
mesmerised by the fact that there were two tea
dangerous in there it was me my best friend and we were buying this and he
was just talking about how like they used to make things so much better
quality back then and how we’re making a real investment and he was going off and
saying like I can’t believe there’s teenagers in here I only see like
elderly people in here buying this stuff and he was like so captivated and he was
all interested in why we were doing it and what we wanted it for and so I felt
like so cool that each piece of my room has a story to it because this guy who
sold me this really really pretty trunk just loved the fact that I was buying
old things and so I love keep Americans and it’s really sturdy and it’s super
cute so it has just like this fluff on it and it has this really nice detailing
it’s all embossed it’s really pretty to have the vintage one that’s hiding all
the modern ones right here which I love to listen to I’m gonna try to find
anyone to like what is the cover and then I have these old Doc Marten shoes
that I’m loved I got Plato’s Closet and so I thought it was appropriate so I’ll
just keep them here just to put something right there to kind of fill in
the spot so I think it’s really adorable and I just love the whole setup of it so
yeah so that is my antique room I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did
make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe down below I hope you learned
something new I had found some pieces that you liked if this is not your style
I get it but I hope that it inspired into like antiques so I will see you
guys in my next one bye guys

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