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Antique European – Balkan PAFTI Belt Buckles

Antique European – Balkan PAFTI Belt Buckles

Antique Story Oh It’s you guys Hey, it’s your friend Ivan Your warrior friend I won from a big story and today. I’m going to show you something very cool. It’s down there This sounds awkward, but we’ll go along this is the belt buckle Very interesting piece, let’s get right into it. This is bottom belt buckle from the Balkan region Dating from seventeen to eighteenth century actually it’s one of the first Twelve buckles of this type on the Balkans it is called 1550 is a term for a special kind belt, buckles, which were used for dancing with rows only by women Back in days people love to dance old traditional dances, which you hardly encounter today But you can still encounter them This is the belt buckle which was attached to their specific dress dancing dress of course This is a completely handmade Item one of its kind Let’s get a closer look on it and absolutely videos You can tell how old this item is by Material it was made of to first the early belt buckles were made out of glass and later on As time progressed they started to use silver alloys so this is one of the first photos on the Balkans Actually this here the black or the blue one and the white There’s a green one here to our enamel on some places on some places then I’m always Broken off, but this is normal since this is an antique. Item my can get some close-up shots on Ni mo itself In the middle we have three stones, I don’t have any idea what kind of stones those are but they’re red and This is the back part of the belt buckle party so you can see this is brass again age That bad, but those here are metal ornaments Which helps to attach this to an external belt? Let’s open it up this pin here holds the 50 buckles Yeah, we shave them open Really cool, right This is a very interesting piece Let’s get some shots for you guys If you’re a fan of Balkan folk art I’m sure that you found this video to be interesting subscribe to our YouTube channel for more and stay tuned since Antique iron is going to bring you the best and most interesting antiques in the fucking world Without the fucking part alright see Ron

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