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Antique Furniture : How to Buy Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture : How to Buy Antique Furniture

So you’re looking to buy that special piece
of antique furniture, and you don’t know where to get it. I’m Blake Kennedy with Kennedy
Brothers Estate Services and I’m here to help. Buying an antique piece of furniture can be
a lot of fun but a little bit difficult. You want to make sure that you go to the right
places and know the exact piece you’re looking for. Make sure that you look in your home
and figure out where is it going to go, what am I going to use it for. The best place to
go is try the antique shops and the antique malls in your local area. Get in the phone
book and go underneath the antique shops. And go in there and look around and see what
you like. At the antique shops you can find out, if you see that special piece, first
of all stick with it because antiques move fast. It’s not like they’re coming out of
a factory and they’re making lots of them. So if you find that special piece, stick with,
negotiate the price. You know, always ask for a better price because, you know, you
don’t know if they’ll give it to you. It doesn’t cost anything to ask for a better price. Another
great place to go to is the auction. If you’ve never been to an auction before, what a great
place to buy because a lot of dealers are there buying. My tip that I always give people
when going to the auction, if there’s a piece there that you like, and you want it for your
own home, bid until you get it. Because you’re bidding against dealers who are buying it
to resell it. So if you want that piece, and it’s going to go with your house, then bid
until you get it because it’d not ever going to come back. Good luck with that, try the
antique shops and the antique auction houses. It’ll be a lot of fun. I’m Blake Kennedy

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  2. "bid until you get it". This is terrible advice. Set your limit before the auction begins and don't go over it. I would guess that 90% of auctions are corrupt. Either the auctioneer has people planted in the audience or you are bidding against the owner of the piece which is a dealer and they just price them out if they don't get what they want out of it. Watch an auctioneer a couple auctions before bidding to observe where the bids (if any) are actually coming from. Rookies beware!!!

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