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Antique Hand Drill Machine Restoration

Antique Hand Drill Machine Restoration

Hello ! this is my junkYard and it Cointains
a lot of things of my GrandParents. And Here I’m Finding an Antique Thing for Restoration.
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100 comments on “Antique Hand Drill Machine Restoration

  1. Good restoration, but this tool REQ. very sharp bits to be at all effective. Steady pressure on the handle to keep this drill plumb with the work surface….!

  2. Limpieza muy abrasiva quitó material base de la herramienta , creo que armó en forma defectuosa el mandril o portabrocas quedó bonito pero no es buena la restauración.

  3. I use a 80 percentage same drill and in it that gear can be opened
    The rod comes out from the hole where the wooden Handel is screwed in. But this one can be different.

  4. Ну и нахуй она нужна в 21 веке ( дурная голова рукам покоя не дают)

  5. Bán đồng nát sửa làm gì,khoan china có mấy đồng một con dùng thoải mãi,thời không có khoan điện mới dùng hạ sách khoan bằng tay thôi.(Không biết bạn là người nước nào?where are you from?)

  6. Even with limited resorces you took a worthless piece of junk and turned it into a usable functional tool . Bravo Sir , you did a fine job .

  7. I highly appreciate your restoration of the project with very limited tools, please always use gloves and clamps when using the angle grinder. Nice work bro, BIG WOW.

  8. Dude, while using angle grinder , NEVER EVER get your hands close to grinding or sanding disc. Keep in mind : NEVER EVER. hold the part with pliers or use Vise. Safety first! Except this, you did GREAT job:-) congratulations!.

  9. Don't paint metal parts that rub against other metal parts. Don't paint gears.

    Use better paints. That paint will peel off. It's not properly bonded with the metal.

    Don't put grease on open gears. Don't put grease on paint.

  10. very bad.paint stripper was not used to remove the paint from large gear and coat of another paint was given over it…

  11. Надо было просто выкинуть, не надо было заморачиваться…

  12. Молодец 👏 только когда электролиз делал туда же и напильник надо было отправить а то он у тебя просто трэш

  13. i have one drill like that from my grandfather.it's not working right now because of stain.thanks to your video,you give me idea to restore my tool..

  14. I enjoyed you video. Great job on the hand drill. I remember my grandfather had one just like that in his toolbox. Next time wear those gloves.😀

  15. The restoration ir is soo poor and the colors that You choose for that purpose was the same, the reality ir is very ugly; other thing, looks that You do not nothing of caroentry when instead to level the surface ir the handle and glue a piece of wood to make petfect profile as the original handle had You decide the worst way to fix that problem . ….
    I would say You just repair not restored as supposed be…

  16. i have no idea how old the drill is,but i do know they are exactly,not nearly i mean exactly the same as the ones in the hardware shops today,i guess if its not broken dont fix it

  17. nice to overhaul old tools but your English is horrible (in a couple of time ????? In a couple of hours. also never never wear gloves near rotating tools it is a good way to loose a finger

  18. 3,16 Wrong there is a way to remove the spindle, how do you think it got there when it was made? It should come out the same way the first one did.
    !!49 couldn't you find a bigger hammer? The Jaws were out of alignment. it is worn out, if you had used shims you could have taken up the wear. One more thing it is not an antique. If it were you would have ruined it.

  19. Good videos I've watched you for a while and restore some of my own things one thing though is don't hold you're spray cans that close to what you're spraying and give a few light coats to work you're way up to a good coverage and also u won't get runs ect in you're paint job! Good video keep up the good work

  20. Рукожоп!!! Покрасил хреново, да и еще зубцы покрасил, это просто сказочный долбоеб. Свернутой перчаткой наносить лак это как??? У тебя тряпки на худой конец нету???? И еще много много косяков

  21. 13:46 – He was certainly cranking the drill handle fast to get the drill bit up to that speed (or do you think he was cheating and using an electric drill?).

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