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Antique kitchen knife restoration and sharpening

Antique kitchen knife restoration and sharpening

Antique kitchen knife restoration The knife is 47 cm long almost 19 inch It’s an old butchers knife bought in Italy The knife is almost 100 years old Preparing electrolysis to remove rust Kitchen knife sharpening On my new knife sharpening machine This is a 100 years old kitchen knife

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  1. In this video I restore an Antique kitchen knife. It’s an 100 year Old butcher’s knife from Italy. Please leave your thoughts and comment below AND DON'T FORGET TO WATCH MY rare cannon lighter restoration from Vietnam War: https://youtu.be/qvibY_qi7_w

    Warmest regards, Martin

  2. I would not consider that a butcher knife, tho a knife is a knife and can get used to cut anything. I would consider it simply a nice chef's knife.

  3. Hi AR👋👋👋 as always glad to see you and your video 🤝🤝🤝 the restoration of the knife 🔪 at the highest level 👍👍👍

  4. Absolutely awesome… WOW that’s a sharp knife. Most of my knifes wouldn’t cut butter, I think I’d be afraid of a knife that sharp in my cutlery draw, the way I rummage around for a spoon I’d likely draw back a stump.

  5. Like the Video Really Cool. But without music and less "comedy" i liked it more. Just wanted to give you Feedback! Keep on doing Vids

  6. Beautiful restoration! Love the music and pace of transitions… Would like to see a review of your new sharpener and a photo of the butchers shop for background…. Kudos!!!

  7. I wish you'd made a new side slab instead of repairing the old one. It's workable, but I think this knife deserves better. Why the big inserts anyway? How did they effect the balance of the knife? The balance in a chef's knife is important. by the way, they're great for cutting things up fine, once you have them cut from the original veggie or fruit, you put your left hand (if you're a righty) on the tip and just rock it through the veggie or fruit. That is why the blade is shaped that way. Good chef's knives all have a nice rounded tip like that. Some cheaper ones … not so much. When I was working as a short order cook, we all used knives much like that, though more modern, still the same shape. we also had one that belonged to the restaurant that we used for rough things, we sure wouldn't want to damage our own knives, the aren't cheap if of good quality.

  8. Not a fan of the music. I've read many comments on other sites that viewers use the uploads to relax. The music is a MAJOR distraction.

  9. I love that you tried to preserve the original state of it. That‘s a true restoration for me and not what others on YouTube do

  10. The music for the whole video wasn't enjoyable. Love the other videos as there is very little music and there is already music comming from the work being done to the item being restored.

  11. Love how people think only of themselves regarding the music. Some like it. If you don’t, turn down the volume. Yes, it’s that simple.

  12. We have a knife that had been in our family for years that looks almost just like that one. My dad got it in the late sixties I think. Before I was born. First time I've ever seen one so similar. Don't know how old it is, but as long as I can remember it had been used by my family for cutting pizzas. Works perfect for that.

  13. Я конечно, ничего против старой рукоятки не имею, но не проще было бы, новую купить или сделать ?

  14. Now we are talking! With music is so much entertaining. Great work. Greetings from argentina and thnks for read the suscribers comments

  15. If you were going to power sand the blade with an angle grinder anyway then what's the point of removing the rust with electrolysis first? Isn't it redundant? Sanding it with the angle grinder would achieve the same result, no? Seems like it's just adding a needless step at the beginning that would get taken care of later anyway.

  16. Hey, I’ve been working on a 1990 pall mall zippo lighter and I can’t figure out why the thing won’t light, I’ve replaced the flint I’ve refilled the butane and IT JUST WONT light, so I figured you’d be the a person to ask if they could help me out

  17. I admire your tenacity in keeping and fixing the knife handle. Sometimes the, "I make a new one" approach is cool, but I much prefer the, "Let's fix the old and make it new again" angle. Well done, mate.

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