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Antique Masonic Ashtray and Bottle ?

Antique Masonic Ashtray and Bottle ?

Antique Story My name is Evan Jeff cough and you’re watching antiques story I was traveling and This is what I found on my last journey from the same person. Just want to share those two items with you guys Let’s take a closer look Let’s start one by one starting with this here. This is a very interesting miniature kind of a canteen or bottle From what I can see it is silver-plated It has some more height ornaments and some other redstone inside here We can see the Masonic sign and in the middle the G standing forgotten geometry. The back side is kind of empty Maybe it was left empty on purpose to engrave something later. It has a very nice smooth shape And this is the cap Under the silver plating I believe that it is made out of brass or copper. I’m not sure from what this was used I’m not completely sure to be honest I think that this could have been used for putting some poison inside of it since it is too small for alcohol and I don’t know if the Masons enjoyed perfumes So it’s either a perfume bottle or it’s a poison bottle but my bet is on point. This is for the first item Let’s get to the second one. Alright guys the same person who sold me the bottle so made this one here, too It’s our tray and you can see it it by opening it. I do not know the origin here we can see someone grading Let’s go back to the top section first on the top section We can see in the middle of scope then we have the same Masonic sign here Opening it up here. We have the place for the cigarette all it’s probably supposed to go this way and here is the place for pouring here, ashes it is a Very solid item most likely made out of rice once upon a time It was silver-plated probably like this one but I’m wasn’t pretty with it and some of the silver plating seems to be lost nerds the bottom part you can see it has A copper color to it I believe that this ashtray was probably used to how the person owning Was traveling around the world perhaps and trains and other places This is just a very nice compact ashtray if it was used on train It must be used in his personal cabin and it’s suitable for using it on your desk I really hope that you have enjoyed this video the way I did. I love showing you guys interesting items I’ll keep on trying to find more interesting items as I go along Subscribe if you enjoyed the video drop or like if you liked it and we see each other in the next one. See you around

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