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Antique Vintage PadLock Restoration

Antique Vintage PadLock Restoration

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Lock. If I did any Mistake in this project then, Comment me Below and I Apologize for that. By the Way, I always Try to make amazing Restorations
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100 comments on “Antique Vintage PadLock Restoration

  1. Hello People ! First thing I want to Tell You, I 'm not a Lock-Smith and I Opened a Lock First Time in my Life. But I'm Happy because I Restored this PadLock. By the Way, If I did any Mistake in this Project like many People Criticizing me for using Grinder etc, then I Apologize for that Mistakes.
    Secondly, Tell me Suggestion What should I Do for this type of Locks next Time.
    Thirdly, The People Who Supports me by Giving Thumbs up and Giving the Positive Remarks, I am Great ThankFul to Them !!

  2. If you want advise don't call it restoration till you learn the art of restoration. If you need an item to learn on get a black and Decker power tool millions are made and will never have value .no one will care if it works or if you trash it.they are everywhere . Call the video learning to restore something .or learning the art of restoration. Then the comments will be better even mine.

  3. Es muy bueno, lo haces muy bien al detalle desarmas todo y volves a empezar de cero es muy lindo tu trabajo te felicito, impecable👍

  4. Почему не смазал внутренности замка? Это ж элементарно! Плохая работа

  5. Fucking racist americans, calling us asians dumb. You guys have a call center service for how you turn off your computer and your router

  6. So you took a perfectly fine working lock, dismantled it, did not clean it from inside, did not put any lubricant on the inside, reassembled it, cleaned it from outside. So much for a restoration. Rather you should have just cleaned it from outside. Atleast the strength of lock would still be intact. Those rivets are soft iron rivets. Do not trust that lock.

  7. the mistake was that you made a perfectly working antique padlock into a cheap low technology shiny padlock? I guess value is considered differently across cultures.

  8. Sorry my friend I couldn't watch all of your video as the music was really annoying me tbh . Shame as it looked like a good project but most quality restorations on you tube have no music . Just my opinion . Keep up the good work though my freind

  9. A slight criticism: at times you spend ages carefully and very slowly showing the parts on display but at other times, when you actually do some interesting work, you speed it up to some incomprehensible rate.

  10. No one is bad mouthing your skill in being able to do this but I think people have an issue with taking something at least 150 years of weather ,dirt, oil, age and history and erasing it. all the hands it’s exchanged and have touched it and the history behind it now gone never to return

  11. you own it you can do whatever you want to it and restore it however you like… I think it looks great! Hit it with some automotive clearcoat to stay off the ravages of time and the corrosion that follows…

  12. Clean the edges of each iron plate and spray every part (except copper part) with aluminium paint to give it a long life. Use steel rods (kind of nails) for strength.

  13. People here seem to be confusing restoration and conservation: if you restore an item then it is entirely acceptable to remove rust, patina etc. whereas conserving an item seeks to maintain as much originality as possible whilst repairing where needed.

    For forming the rivets, the use of a rivet setter (e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leather-Craft-Domed-Rivets-Press-Setter-Tool-6mm-7mm-8mm-9mm-10mm-12mm-15mm/401355421629?hash=item5d72a5b7bd:m:meUHJkv_27LukGqmXA4gEiA:rk:12:pf:0) would help form (or keep) the dome head.

  14. All that work and you didn’t clean all the rust from the internal surfaces or the internal parts. Never leave rust on a part.

  15. Well done. You made the lock useful again so that's good work. Instead of a grinder, you can try vinegar bath, or weak oxylic acid if you can get it, just let it soak for a few days and try a stiff brush. If it still rusty try a brass wire brush.

  16. Это даже восстановлением назвать сложно,не то что реставрацией

  17. Cool work. Just consider buying more tools and to improve your possibilities. Some tools would make it easier and do a better job in the metal pieces. It's ok to copy other channels hahahah. Good luck.

  18. good work dude !!! next time work with brass hamer and anvile, it will not damege the metal, all and all nice work man, love it !!!

  19. I have few vintage kerosene petromax lanterns … Would you be interested in restoring them pls let me know … Thnx !

  20. Все видео свелось к полировке снаружи и изготовлению нового ключа 🙁 Механизм бы лучше так отполировал и смазал бы…

  21. Y'all dumbass, salty, armchair craftsmen out here leaving shitty comments. Go build a fucking birdhouse with your idiot sons and shut the fuck up.

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  23. Marked 6 lever, but only contains 3 levers. Unfortunately typical. Nice restoration though. It was pretty roached out.

  24. Внутри не почистил и не смазал. Разбирать замок чтобы отполировать его сверху? Что-то я не понимаю…

  25. I am enjoying your videos very much. I appreciate how you don't use a lot of sophisticated tools and do use things found around a moderate shop! Please keep the videos coming! Your work is awesome!

  26. Good to see an Indian making a video on restoring old Padlock than making some nonsense tik tok videos.

    Jai Hind.

  27. Hi. What an AMAZING JOB you did with this padlock. It went from being a piece of rubbish to a brilliantly restored vintage lock. I think you did great, good job!

  28. I always enjoy watching someone take an item apart, restore it and clean it up. I have a hard enough time putting new shoelaces in my shoes.

  29. Next time, DO NOTHING. You destroyed an antique padlock by "restoring" it. You do not restore antiques by refurbishing them with acid and a grinder unless you want to make them VALUELESS. Congratulations idiot.

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