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AR-15 Why you should always wear ear protection! AR-15 Distressed Shirts

AR-15 Why you should always wear ear protection! AR-15 Distressed Shirts

what all right everybody I’m Ron this is Brad and we are doing our ar-15 5.56 .223 shirts today we’re gonna
flip over to that in a second but just wanted everybody to see them and what they look like, a lot of people have been asking about them so we’re finally going to get
them done I don’t know when you’re watching this but two days from today
they’ll be up on the website ready to Brad you got anything you want to say
nope just looking good here How bout now first one ar-15 says 5.56 I
think we’re using all 5.56 I don’t think there are any .223
magazines but if there are we’re not trying to lie or anything it’s just I
don’t know what’s in there but we put a bunch of holes in this one I think it’s
the right amount what do you think it looks good hit up any actual I would
additude a couple shots up in here Brad Brad’s wearing his black out the those
aren’t available yet that was our prototype uh-huh so those are coming out
really soon those are the next ones we’re gonna do but ignore that one for
right now they’re so soft anyway there that’s what they look like we’re gonna
do something we just shot that first one we’re gonna do hundreds more but you’re
gonna see us do kind of a random throughout the day amount so I like it I
think it looks good looks really we were naturally we’re just start aiming at
stuff and Brad got is “O” from about thirty yards No thirty feet right about
thirty feet away we got it “O” which is good I missed my “A”
but other than that it looks good I think that’s what they’re almost gonna
pretty much look like I think that’s the right amount will count the holes so
we’ll try to keep them somewhat even give or take maybe three or four holes
per but whatever it looks right is usually when we stop alright that’s good
see ya this is Ron Brads over here we just
finished up doing the AR-15 shirts Brad’s not in frame I don’t want to get too close
to him so we’re leaving right now put the video up in the next couple of
days they turned out really cool we’re starting the next phase of all the new
shirts not till next year so these should be around for a little while go
go to the website and grab them but other than that it was a fun day took us
about I think about seven hours we were out here but we got pretty much all the
ar-15 or .223’s whatever you want to call this shirts done still
don’t know what to call them I have to call them something but they’re gonna be
up on the website soon we’re redoing some of those pictures and everything on
there and getting pictures of a lot of them were prototypes before so we’re
getting some new ones up but that’s it it was a fun day me and Brad just
wanted to say see ya appreciate it for tuning in and we’ll definitely talk to
you all here soon all right bye guys I Armed Attitude T-Shirts, Armed Attitude T-Shirts, T-Shirts with real bullet holes in them. Live Life Like You’re bulletproof!

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