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Asia Week Episode 5 A Lifelong Saga of Lark Mason part III

Asia Week Episode 5 A Lifelong Saga of Lark Mason part III

The most
rewarding experience that I’ve ever had within the world of Chinese art was the
nearly a year, slightly less than a year, that I spent with Wang Shixiang.
Although I was quite experienced at the time when I went to work with him in
1988 and 89, working alongside such a great eminent scholar was truly
life-changing. Truly in Western terms a “Renaissance man” he knew so much about so
many different areas ranging from Chinese furniture to the Chinese
musical instruments, the chen, Chinese paintings, gourds, lacquerware.
He wrote voluminously across a wide variety of categories and was
acknowledged as an expert in those categories. So I was actually approached
by him through Sotheby’s to assist with the translation of his book on Chinese
furniture, Connoisseurship of Chinese Furniture is the Western name, and it
enabled me to have an appreciation that was deeper than what I already had, and
an understanding that was wider than what I had before, and that’s been
you know really a foundational aspect of my learning to know more about Chinese
art and culture, and share my enthusiasm with people here in the West.

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