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Aubrey Huff G1 Transformers Buy Rene Casey Nezhoda StorageWars AFA $20000

Aubrey Huff G1 Transformers Buy Rene Casey Nezhoda StorageWars AFA $20000

guys Rene and Casey back from bargain
hunters this is the sack you slashed 30 video and I’m going to name it yet so
I’m still like a shell-shocked but this is the video I’m going to show you what
I spent 20 grand on you’ve seen him Jordan posts that I was part of it so
it’s no money back yeah so Casey has no idea what I spent 20 grand on Oliver is
these two boxes the little boxes small box
did they have big boxes for 20 grand of you if you think 10 hours in the box you
know I mean if that if that was full of gold coin of you pretty damn good deal
right here yeah if that was full of Jordan rookies W but yeah today I’ll
take a truckload but hey the most important thing subscribe to us and if
you have stuff that you need to get cash for tonight you call me cuz I spend
money aubrey calling me he’s a great guy you didn’t need the money just needed
move because they’re moving and I brought 20 grand to same day so if you
have stuff you want to sell you call us right here what do people call so I
guess it’s time to show you one gutter yeah I really need to know there’s no
water and just boxes or some pieces of better than others so I’m just going to
pull my see what we got is your heart pounding like mine Afia tea and sec
tacoma okay I don’t know what that one is worth is it created what’s that
sticker it’s great it they’re all graded and slapped hey eighty but I was on it
so I’m sure – you’re just stacking back there I know this one’s another great
it’s out of robot a FA 85 so all these a g1 by the way 1985 so what’s a gimon
name generation 1 transformers ok ok so I’m
just you know what guys guess so many of them I’m going to I’m going to show them
a little bit fast so you know and all these allowed me for sale by the way oh not the AFA 75 Dinobot Bombardier ok so
it’s the number that’s a rare most of the ones we have is 85 s but there’s a
couple 75 in couple a memory night 1/100 often nine more 95 but they’re super
nineties are very hard to get okay I mean in a bet basketball grainy like
these are like PSA nines basically made you drive that’s a good bad guy oh yeah
out of bad search-and-rescue inferno AFA 85 you got my pretty face – yeah yeah I
need to show you my do I I haven’t shaven because Amy hasn’t
ordered more storage wars yet so we hoping they order them soon
then I’m such a vegan BAM subscribe my boy Jarrett taught me that one there you
go out about agent jazz sweet AFA 85 most of my 85 Autobot strategist
Trailbreaker AFA 85 sweet actually this one is an 85 85 to 90 which is better
they create them sweet threeways mm-hmm so by the way most of the ones you have
in now close to thousand bucks of some of my like – three dots of alcohol okay
out about scientist receptor that’s an AFA T microscope nice by the way some of
them I did a little research already and when I know the prices I’m gonna tell
you the prices so I just spent 220 crime because ru attacks right you’re crazy
crazy and sexy con kickback AFA T I think these a few hundred dollars I
don’t think there’s nothing crazy we’re gonna get a lot better stuff you know
it’s funny cuz most people when they see they would think this is like really
killer stuff and I’m like man it’s just so so yeah yeah you know how to how to
active penguin used to do an old bad my movies yeah come on yeah yeah runner
getting cocky is that just me yeah cocky and sexy gone bombshell and it’s a AFA
75 not that great but we’ll take it actually 75 is still afraid I’m too
great okay I this one’s a good one out about
engineer willjack AFA 85 and it’s about a two thousand dollar transformer Wow yeah just like a joke of course you send
it in give it a grade you don’t make it a stacks of tens I’m hoping of 30 pieces
because they’re not paid an average of 650 bucks a piece seven you given given
that you did it Matt high-five it autobot scout hound and it’s another AFA
85 I think that’s like $1,050 but I got a look at nice okay okay so now this is
really cool because there’s six generation one jets and doesn’t email
guys cuz it’s a septic on right yes what you evil see I know my trans momma’s I
get the whole set oh wow and what’s even better the whole
set is AFA 85 and I think the lowest one it’s like $1300 serious so that’s durch
I think he’s like 13 14 hi awesome like that nice I like he releases deceptive
Decepticon warrior skywalk again an 85 again in 2015 at all range Decepticon
warrior thundercracker AFA 85 just give a closer oh nice that’s
a good one week and here’s the grade is actually an 85 85 90 sweet so that’s
even better that’s $3,000 no problem all day long you know what they’re so hard
to get I might put forth as Niles and I just wait to the right person comes
along yeah this is a really nice collection room I’ll probably going to
sell cuz they’re all 85 I’m going to sell all six jets to one guy that wants
to Adam because you just dinner some become available you know serious buyers
only Decepticon ramjet you know again probably not a thousand to fifteen
hundred maybe a little bit more very good
and again AFA oh this one’s even better this at eighty ninety ninety which
forces 1885 that was like so Deborah test tells not only attack so
what will you write a half those pieces or $10,000 mistake the money we’re just halfway there folks
you’re still gonna hold another box let’s look at the second box we should
make a second video we’re just gonna keep it good because it was that creepy
yeah he’s lost his mind is that too much money I know his heart’s time he’s
illusion okay Yankees huh okay out of bought Ariel salt and uh
okay no yeah that’s it it’s a 85 85 90 90 and I forgot what
this one was I think this was like $1,200 or so but I could be wrong could
be a thousand books whatever it’s good this run is a jump starter Top Spin I
don’t think does a death great 85 this one’s actually $85.99 um which is good
so it’s quite a few hundred dollars that’s a really good grading on yeah
yeah actually greats are actually a little bit better than I hope folks I
didn’t look at the small grades jump starter twin twist again at 85 AFA
85 see collections like this don’t come across very often you know when you see
stuff like this and it’s actually available for sale and you know armory
was a great guy I mean the guy was so fun to talk to his history and he opened
up his home to us and we met his kids and his wife and you can tell you it
wasn’t really about the money it’s just dare moving and he’s moving forward you
know he also had a no sentimental value get Optimus Prime and then a Megatron
and I couldn’t buy it all sells it worth a lot I mean the Megatron is like 20
grand I’ll be right back he just wasn’t ready to sell it so he was emotionally
attached with it even it took him a while I mean we’ve negotiated his deal
for like over two hours so the helmets we literally did in two minutes
you know but he was emotionally attached to this and you know again if Aubrey
watches thank you for putting it out and we’ll take care of it we’ll make sure a
good collector gets it you know it wasn’t about the money he wanted to get
somebody that’s gonna take care of it so here’s the autobot bumblebee
seventy-five you know a couple hundred dollars probably it’s not that bright
but still two hundred off you know cases like worst effect number did he save
spent 20 grand you owe yourself out of part sunstreaker app it’s an AFA T will
see the one good keep it flat just sunstreaker that’s mine think that’s not what were
you get confused but it’s between seventeen but I’ll just play three don’t
stop a drug this is a video out of pot spiny Raj sweet AFA eighty-five nice out
of but Cavalier hot rod Rodimus Prime he turns into Rodimus Prime
AFA eighty I think you said this was like seven eight hundred bucks Decepticon thrust should be a FA 85
this is burning us down threats are the six six percent right Renee tickle fight
as part of that six part since this part of 6j 6 Jet Set there we go
oh yeah out of park architect Crapo AFA 85 that’s why I’ve been one cuz I
haven’t noticed it actually have this one’s sitting on my desk but not as nice
as this the drum roll please bus saw Soundwave nice how much is that worth
it’s an AF 889 one chest sold in AFA 84 four thousand dollars which might be a
little bit high but I think it’s easier three to four thousand dollars just for
serious originally was twelve dollars and nine a true value 12 money now don’t
take a box take a bottle put us down for two boxes and EP on
summative Jets even have something to have to pre rup but I don’t know which
ones to pre rup um out about security ironheart I’m not very popular 80 AFA t kc keeps on saying that she’s like just
freaky toys over that respect 20 grand for second oh let me get this shit
straight you spent 20 grand or a bunch of whores that you go down to your local
Walmart and start are you crazy your mistreatment accounts for worse you got too much do they spent $21,000 I’m
like you’re kidding right you’re going back he’s like no that’s it
I like they didn’t send the money but we need jokes all the time so then you
never know when to take him serious he’s not he’s joke you thought he had a
truckload huh yeah by the way this action was Casey’s inside voice she has
a little southern axis acts a little quaint oh wow see he’s bilingual
trilingual i’m gonna brighten espanol mini i don’t know you know you know
Spanish – yo quiero Taco Bell right si don’t stop us before walk Dyna pot
flamethrower slide nice AFA 85 very desirable folks it’s actually 80 90 90
very good one I think that one was like close to a couple dozen that one’s rare
just like Casey oh yeah one-in-a-million baby wait a
minute Autobot medic ratchet nice
AFA 75 I remember banging that one together when I was a kid look we don’t
know what toys you been okay not like that you’re a nobody candy when
you’re ready let’s keep this PG alright outer part strategist brow nice
AFA T okay now to the best piece the drumroll please the one that everyone’s been waiting for
who is a key con air commander Starscream sweet what’s really rare AFA
T and actually it’s a tiff excuse me AFA 85 big difference and what does I’m
gonna bring it in Renee one just so this week on ebay it’s an 85 this one is an
85 85 90 so I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t these dead or worse so but
it’s Nayef a 85 also one just sold for 80 100 holy crap baby when you see one
of these just sold this week on ebay for $8,100 so anyway that’s our Decepticon
collection I mean our transformer collection and let me get a quick it’s
30 pieces luster Jordan P so if you count the Jordan piece we spend like 650
bucks on average a piece and there’s only a couple pieces that are not worth
– 650 bucks I mean one piece 8000s several 45.0 pieces so the whole
collection with the Jordan thing I spent $20,000 on exactly to it all I went to
Aubrey’s house with twenty thousand four hundred ninety five no twenty thousand
three hundred ninety five dollars and he took every penny I had in my pocket
actually I got to go back to his house and probably buy more stuff and I owe
$105 has that ever happened to you before where you ran out of money well
yeah he spent every single dollar that you had in your pocket yeah Auctions but
my credit I was good at auctioneer so but yeah that was pretty cool so that
was a cool buy and like I said we negotiated for two hours I think at
$20,000 I got a really good deal however he got a good deal cuz he doesn’t really
want to deal with all this stuff it takes of selling it so you see what
renamed as on his day off that’s my day artist a bargain he gets into trouble
right anyway thank you for watching guys you know if you really liked the videos
that we do and you want to see more the stuff that we do it see this beautiful
lady over here make sure to subscribe and you’ll see more videos and the more
support you get the more views we get you share with
your friends the more videos we’ll do it’s up to you thank you for watching or
going back go team bargain hunters go after hug
somebody you love and you know try to be a good person

68 comments on “Aubrey Huff G1 Transformers Buy Rene Casey Nezhoda StorageWars AFA $20000

  1. Amazing deal Rene & they look so pristine in those cases. I bet you nearly double your money if not more! I look forward to more videos like this!!!

  2. Rene is my freaking idol!! I watch Storage Wars just for him. He's a funny ass dude! I told my wife if I won a "hang out with a celebrity day" it would def be with Rene, laughing my ass off and learn to make some money!! Awesome collection btw, love 80s toys!

  3. lol renee you seem awesome! did you see the trash talkin Pat the Nes Punk said about you? Called you a piece of trash…lol emphasis on the punk

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  5. I didn't know prices for vintage G1 Transformers were so outrageously high. $3K for a G1 Thundercracker? Granted, if I had the money, I'd snap them up in a heartbeat, but that still gives me some sticker shock. I've seen some G1's in the original boxes go for way cheaper, so I'm guessing the high price means it includes all the original packaging right down to the factory seal on the box remaining unbroken?

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