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Bay Bridge Photo Album, ca. 1935 | Web Appraisal | Palm Springs

GUEST: My parents, my mom and dad, were avid
garage sale and estate sale people, collected a lot of things. And they came across this about 25 or 30 years
ago and my dad, a retired building contractor, fascinated with the Bay Bridge, and San Francisco,
which you know, everybody is, and before he passed away he gave it to me. APPRAISER: There’s a great mix of prints in
this album. These are the commercial photographs in here
with the printing on the negative. But then a man named Casper, he’s also written
in some little notations, too, so maybe they were making these as sort of commemoration
of the finished bridge. GUEST: Like this one. He says he’s on top of the main tower. “Casper” and it has a little arrow drawn. APPRAISER: (Laughs) GUEST: So you know, that’s me up there! APPRAISER: And he’s speaking in the third
person, too, which I love. GUEST: He refers to himself in the third person. APPRAISER: And this page has my favorite photo
on it. GUEST: Right. APPRAISER: This one right here which says,
“On the catwalk. Casper, among the strands of the cable. A story to be told here.” It’s just so great, a nice personal story
behind the building of this bridge. GUEST: Right. APPRAISER: The Bay Bridge was constructed
between 1933 and 1936. So it’s a fabulous time capsule for the building
of this bridge and a nice human story behind it as well. It’s not very often that you see albums like
this about the construction of a bridge from this point of view. So I think that if you placed this at auction
today, I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t sell within an estimate of $400 to $600. GUEST: Very nice.

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