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Behind the Scenes – Vintage 1920s Fashion with the Escape the Night Cast!

Behind the Scenes – Vintage 1920s Fashion with the Escape the Night Cast!

♪♪ [music, camera flash] Ah, good day,
everyone. So today, we are
playing dress-up on set, and don’t I look
quite dapper? [camera flash] It looks so good–
it’s not even touched up! Who needs Photoshop?It’s like a giant party here
with all my friends
for “Escape the Night”
photo shoot,
and we are slaying
some vintage looks. ♪♪ Oh, stunning! Amazing! Beautiful!First up: iJustine,
the gambler.
She’s serving a look
in this
shining, shimmeringsplendid dress.How amazing is
that headpiece, though?
I will take five,
I would actually wear
this dress on, like, a red carpet. And the hair,
too, yes, I love it. It was so much fun. And then this little
headpiece, too–Mmmm. It was perfect. JOEY:Shane Dawson
as the renegade.
[camera flash]I think this was
honestly the best
I’ve ever seen
Shane look.
I’m so glad he left
his over-size t-shirt
at home.I wear, um, Spanx, and I always just like
to keep everything snatched. So… If you saw what
was underneath this, it literally looks like
a muffin tin ready to explode. JOEY:Uh, what a queen.Now for my girl,
Andrea Brooks,
the fixer.She’s giving me
coven vibes,
and I’m obsessed
with her dark red lip!
dark lipstick.
So, when I found out
that I got to wear bold, dark lip, I was like, [inhales deeply]
“Oh, yes,” and nothing else
mattered. ♪♪ JOEY:Timothy DeLaGhetto
is the mobster,
and he’s channelinghis inner bad boy
in that suit.
And even I’m nervous.My favorite part
is probably
the vest-shirt combination. I never really liked
how I looked in, like, a blazer-vest-shirt, but vest-shirt,
I look cool. ♪♪ JOEY:Now, let’s get to
the queen of Vine.
Lele Pons is
the hustler.
My favorite part of the
costume is the pearls. I like pearls. JOEY:I love a good
pearl necklace, too, Lele.
And just wait for
all the drama
that she brings
to this house.
And now, to this
dapper gent.
I appreciate you
calling me dapper. That’s a nice
compliment. JOEY:Matt Haag,
the professor.
He looks
so professional,
and I kind of want
to steal his jacket.
[ding]I think this is
an authentic
World War I jacket,which is pretty awesome. Uh, people keep
telling me it looks really,
really cool, so I guess it looks
really, really cool. I’ve got suspenders. I feel like I’m
my grandpa right now. ♪♪ JOEY:Now a moment
for the queen of queens.
GloZell plays
the jazz singer.
Plus-size in the ’20s
didn’t really exist. So, how they found
this dress, I’m really–Thank you! Thank you, girlfriends. I thought I was
gonna hate it, but I really liked it,
being dressed up. JOEY:Sierra Furtado,
the heiress.
Um, why did she get
a tiara and I didn’t?
Anyway, Sierra is serving
some Paris Hilton realness,
and I am so jealous.My favorite part? Even though it’s really
uncomfortable, the crown because it just makes me, me. Yeah, but it really
hurts my head. [laughs] JOEY:Beyonce said
it best.
“Pretty hurts.”♪♪Now, I’ve waited
patiently enough.
It’s time for
my moment.
Seriously, isn’t
this outfit everything?
I was looking
for inspiration,
uh, like what I wanted
my wardrobe to be, and I came across
this, like, image of a 1920’s guy
in a green suit. And I was like,
“Okay, “I love that green look,
but it needs “to be, like, a slim-fit,
like, nicely fitted tux.”And I came across
this and I was like,
“Oh, my God,
this is perfect!”
But my favorite part
is definitely the jacket.
It’s almost like
a cloak.
I don’t know, it’s more
than just a blazer. Like, it has length
and just, like– I don’t know,
I feel powerful in it. ALL: Ah, good day! I wasn’t ready! ♪♪ ♪♪

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