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yes so in this video we’re gonna show
you from the auction you bought like six of these military greats what happens
people overseas and they ship it back family sometimes soldiers sometimes it’s
good sometimes it’s junk so we bought this one because that was the second
half of all the stereo stuff thumbnails box fresh so what we’re gonna do we’re
just gonna load these blankets I don’t know so we’re gonna
open these at the store let’s go look at that upgrades
crates is what easy thing I’m gonna translate Renee’s English hey you know
what so that brown crate right there it has
four boxes in there you see it that one with the wrapping yeah just be careful
at the nails if you guys ever have a chance to hire this guy Noah I am
quality worker you will not regret it so use noting right now all this stuff just
love okay so we’re gonna do a separate video with all the logs and hopefully we
get some scores because I paid 500 bucks we’ll see come on so what’s happening
right now we just quick opening the grades really knows military trunks what
you want to happen is we want to find bags of cameras we have 500 pounds can you pop the lid
for me sure but that do you think that’s right
I know it’d be awesome we’re gonna have to start a drinking habit she knows all
yeah pick and swap likes Warren actually likes any kind of alcohol so dis box I
think I paid either a hundred 150 for my debts from Sicily Italy oh wow Oh check it out guys Chardonnay
to Sicily does it say how long it’s been stored here steady dates how pleased is
good it’s really cold so that’s good our warehouse think you scored guys we’re
never buying only gotten all our like fifteen years twelve six bottles so it’s
not seven eight yeah plus d3 right here if you guys want to see what’s in III at
the source so we’re gonna open these up at the store okay and there’s gonna be
in the next video that’s cool Stacey yeah branches like and subscribe okay
looks like we’re having a wine party for hunters and go back to the video to see
how much I paid but I’m pretty sure this was cut up it was either aged bucks 150
but I think it was 80 bucks so awesome hey thanks is actually good this yes
check you’re um you’re gonna unload this right yeah
it’s five no no I’m gonna unload this I can’t like about six foxy we’re gonna
move to truck right here what do you mean you can’t carry it
lift it yourself right for the phone a right there yeah area put it in the
shade he’ll be fine it’s not gonna go bad after what now
yeah he said it feels good now this one right here we paid 25 bucks just to help
us out here nobody did yeah I’ve been on this for you Jim
I’ve been on this for you for 25 bucks and we’re giving you a hard time
yeah so I don’t know if I got your carmona hopefully like I said of these
right here I get 40 bucks apiece Oh a trench dress looks 10 bucks apiece
with these all day long and they sell easy and our circus burn San Diego I
should have bought everyone whose military grace Oh brand new tags that’s eBay right there
turn turn turn actually Tommy rain for 20 remember guys
would pay 2500 there’s air these backpacks it’s 20 bucks people ask to those I’m
gonna start all the time the whole thing is all come it’s all military here so
obviously safe to say at 25 bucks this with a break by right here I hate to say
stupid yeah this one’s kind of interesting or is it empty we’re headed
this is mine in the widest way oh that’s local here guys we paid 150
bucks for this box over here yeah okay where’s your box so this one
right here we paid 150 bucks okay this is a dummy Oh boobies hopefully it does
prove me you’re not dummy oh they are dummy the dummy boxes
that’s a filler so then yeah yeah dummies just throw over there okay baby
base Judge Judy Hearst Pearl Harbor off no transport he’s some kind of
electronics modems with fiber-optic motors these are
all brand-new computer parts so you know what we’re gonna offload these and we’re
gonna see at the store what these are packing in closes another one
I hope he’s up to date I mean this could be a swirl right here supply department
and it goes awful Pearl Harbor stuffing – what’s a stuffing –
that must’ve worked for all this Navy means Pearl Harbor stuffing to is a Navy
parts but most of the stuff is electronics so this one right here I
think I’ve seen 25 or 50 for make sure we have six boxes so one two yeah you
know what I made a mistake that doesn’t make me the 40 I should have bought
every one he’s more very much Oh some good tape don’t videotape me you’re
making fun of me no just you can’t good yeah no this is the one you helped me
Austin here out on right no no one my house out here was over dad
I was full of gear was it yeah that’s this one right here I think I paid a
hundred or so I don’t know I thought I paid two big I’ve seen one one fifty one
hundred no I’m very happy with you Fox
Hey so this one had a bike in it on it
bike is right down there steepest area set the bike is a track woke you all right so guys if you want to see the
video to military stuff this will get full justice by two
I didn’t careful with the nail damn strong so guys we’re gonna use three
separate videos one will be to lock trunks one will be the dishes that we
buy and one will be all the military you don’t have to get hurt every video
babe I don’t know if you guys know this but on storage wars Renee pretty much
got hurt and hit every filming like in here DVD wants the old CDs huh I said
the gamers want the old CDs yeah that’s a Sony DVD player and some of some
stereo stuff so wolf I’m just worried or not people come in all day long looking
for VHS players still and DVD players I don’t know why everybody wanna be a
chance yes turn off the camera no you can do it was all but really quick I
don’t see how much I pay for these boxes okay these are the good ones stuff okay
so we have one at 81 at 51 at 150 which I think what’s the one over here 25 was
with all the uniforms this was probably 75 cuz they don’t mark room and then 280
was probably the wine one so that is so all this text boxes is gonna be one lot
we paid 80 132 8305 365 365 and 75 is for for 35 you never gonna have to have
a wine and cheese party ever half before everything is seen in a military cranes
will pay for 35 plus 10 percents of just under five hundred and what will be good
with that so I think we scored so we got six right six one two three four that
was another one right go three I don’t know yet a three over there to over here
plus the one over there six office so just enter 500 for all the greats just
to wine alone it’s worth it let’s just all the million military uniforms and
the one is worth it nice I turn it off and we’ll go back to store Roland hey
guys so in the last video you just seen us spent two thousand dollars with
American auctioneers we’re gonna cut this down into four
videos number one well number one this video we’re doing right now we bought
all the military trunks remember we paid like 500 bucks for all that stuff Oh
in those grades of cases this was one case I think I’m gonna do a separate
video because what it turns out to be there was a ship
called the USS Haley haey I don’t know if it still exists I haven’t looked it
up yet but these are all brand-new spare parts for this ship so we’re gonna do a
separate video see if we do good this is gonna be complete junk food so it’s
gonna be like thousands of dollars who knows lean mountains yeah and right now
we’re gonna do the crates then we gonna do a separate video remember that one
back we bought for 500 bucks with all the trunks with locks on them we gonna
do that and then we have another separate video which was like all those
household boxes where they said to serve some ladders and they’re ready so
hopefully front some lager stuff let’s go through some of these military boxes
and we gonna do the segment’s though you never know with these like that’s trash good packing material packing material then we’re good oh oh don’t give up so
but mostly it’s great oh yeah I don’t care what’s wrong it’s not junk so we
gotta do the segment we price stuff and then that’s actually a display with the
stand over gap jeans pants oh that’s cool mash and this could be housing I’m also for
these we get ten bucks all day long get rest as close as was on the exciting
actually 20 so then these boxes so military pockets we just loaded up in
this military box so we don’t know out of which box comes out of watch but
either just a military box this is all great stuff and you guys remember seeing
all the way this looks a lot of times you get good at electronics diesel but
you know you’re looking for uniforms like cats five bucks out of five bucks
actually some nice hats yeah really nice a five dollars all day long I saw Elmo
japanese-version this fox is full of CDs but using these are not because what
happens in the military they take him of books to save space Xbox copy yes ok that’s probably we have
to sleep this in there but wait look I’m Millicent so that’s why I say when you
break it we’re like sherlyn are like what that’s
money yeah but I think a lot of stuff this was real heavy that’s s dishes oh
yeah we open up in this video like this box that’s kind of disappointed after
seeing this I’ve hopefully become kind of into stereo-b pioneer sony dvd player yes fine as a military but I don’t know
whether this Rockford Fosgate power whoo sorry the brand new speed but I think
he’s a little bit older but actually some people will collect – yeah that was
scored on that air oh I’ll be happy to taste I said for you this is ne a
pioneer DVD how do you video receiver hello fine that’s good yeah so buy it so
now these three pieces right here actually paid for that whole box the
whole structure me oh yeah score Casey can you say military
camo so when they’re brand new like these we get 1999 for ya actually you
know what we’ll probably do 15 cuz they’re not new with tags if they’re new
attacks we do 20 fifteen so 45 bucks yeah 60 bucks right
here 75 90 see you like this with tax we got 20 months 110 and i neva check if
these other ones had tax 110 we’re just saying out of 30 bucks 140
and that’s more stuff in here too that’s why you buy use military boxes yeah oh
yeah yeah and it’s a large two which is nice
don’t worry about the clothes right now let’s get off okay so this is all just
must be not a case of wine right here anything that’s a nice I’m sure we’re
not drinking okay okay I’m Irish in kobane Russa Prosecco Moscato rosa
vino monday russet for it how you said that very nice thank you that’s how good
case you’re just talking with sexy telly Oh pop the bubbly I mean we probably got
like close to corner ball over there oh all right is it all the same man no
certification just different stuff going absolutely fantastic so just won’t vino
vino and we’ll keep this on the table okay so
actually now that that one ryuuta I wasn’t happy what turnout cuz that one
box came out of it it was all military closing night so we’re making money and
we go back to the Madonna’s five ten bucks pension point ten bucks Otis the
seal tetra boys hmm so guys when you get is it sealed I know
it’s been open when you guys give sealed record Stephanie put them on eBay like
anything is 20 bucks these are good on sale and it’s probably
40 50 bucks in records hero from but if somebody says you know Renee prices to
stuff I I sell records like crazy guys Casey’s favorite she does she just
doesn’t know well Dana said either like you don’t like addresses contours it –
did they ship this stuff from Japan Air Force in they stole this I don’t think
it was supposed to take that oops but we didn’t we bought it and then we
get all GameCube controller Oh Oh pictures so now if I find information
who this person was I’ll set it back to pictures but he’s actually just cd/dvd
colors – not pictures but it’s a DVD player they’ve been asking for those divisions so that that that’s one the one that
have to vent Asterius stuff in it but it looks like we find something exciting
guys will update you but I don’t want to show this bike at the trek bike down
Loutre that wasn’t in a box that’s close that’s okay I write a have like a
military closed in a stereo the stereos 40 bucks best there’s a pair of
all-stars that’s 20 bucks hey guys in San Diego was so close
really good these are nice sweatpants athletic department at five bucks each
no problem the three of them nice colors it’s
actually nice clothes you know so this looked to be a female saw heels in there
so it’s all closes this is great clothes this is what a store mean this box was
that area would have been in here and that’s what I tell people that’s the
difference between having a store not having a store there’s easy 100 bucks in
there yeah I so stupid I can’t get 25 cents on my yard so hold the camera so
remember guys we have a retail store in Southern California retail store in
Southern California this is none of your self now at 409 to keep that that’s several in here so that’s
probably three notes prank at 40 bucks we sell the big one just for 40 okay so
we showed you guys oh yeah okay maybe that one is partial let me see it Japanese toilet right we should gift it
on a door that’s dirty that’s cool teehee Sheeta and it’s signed by a whole
bunch of PM doublemeat super shop taki Shara
sorry Miranda so it just seems to be like Japanese troops Oh everyone from the movie that’s the
Marines it’s some really absolutely I got 20 bucks for that you guys be
surprised I’m a time element get Marines coming in and they cheat on their
girlfriends and they burn their clothes it happened several times in the soil
the uniform I mean is responsible for his full gear the highest guy who ever
had so does marina he came up with a bunch of other Marines and he had to
like literally she burned everything I said okay whatever us in the store in my
rain gear will give you 50% off the guy still spent five hundred bucks
wow you’re like he literally need everything we sold I dressed lose
everything computer monitor Stan that’s some Shrek
toys from the vintage foxes that’s just more suitcases in there that’s so that’s the stereo that’s in
the box right there so but it’s just air haven’t seen the speakers so it’s kind
of happen with us stop in a minute oh you know what rocky Springs tell you
here let’s look what’s this mirror box huh you know that’s books but like all
the audio box there should be about five or six out a box a stereo that’s book
just put it down on the floor okay it’s an ammo box and we’ll hurt it you
go to the gym every day to be a Muslim girl I have a frozen heart and I’m
lovely okay oh here oh this is great
oh it’s for the workforce oh wow just gonna give a beating stick nice just one
in every office oh geez look at wonderful home I thought that would be
one for each one of us but that’s a pretty powerful yeah I found it oh Jenny
are in United States Marine chorus she called the Louisville Slugger and so it
has to recruit us names on it still kind of cool somebody a Marine Corps will
bite I will get 50 bucks you know I was hoping it would be an actual baseball
player but you know what we’ll take the stupid that’s cool that’s another one
and everything get out that needle and thread I gotta stitch you up get the
needle and thread well shaving himself over here as a razor see tennis racket one time is records
and rates in some polka well that’s like so it’s military means the movie
companies do it yeah if you need a slice of pizza the table military bags begun I want to buy realities oh it’s the pellet
was Abruzzi just a thing notebooks nothing that’s it Fathead all right now let’s
look at somebody vintage audio gear this lot we paid 400 bucks all right I think
none of these other boxes a part of which one is it we have to have it you
don’t want it suppose yours can you get it on oh okay just leave it at the end I
can end it later so these are obviously in here host three Oh ones so what I’m
gonna do original packaging what I’m gonna do guys I’m gonna put in the top
right corner what they were worth so I think three Oh ones are probably just
gonna go to the store my estimate right now I think about a hundred bucks the
sixties used to be really really once both here’s a dbx for BX I’ve never had
this one before same thing it’s in there looks nice that’s good I’m gonna say
hundred bucks again it’s gonna pop up as we do these so this is the key item we
bought to learn view this one lost yeah so I looked this up online already so
this is you know like 100 to 200 bucks if it’s in here all the original boxes
which is nice speaker cables all the manuals and
amplifiers in there it looks pretty good vintage 1980s people love that stuff
it’s a receiver so I’ll probably like a hundred fifty bucks in the store not one there you know if I should start buying
this now look at me I’m fancy cuz they see somebody was price to school that
beast yeah probably twenty bucks now people start buying the law yeah this is
a Sony stereo system actually know what I think this might be this is actually
JVC I think these might be two really good ones where people might be a
hundred bucks right here again it looks like it’s in dewitt instruction actually
looks like I’ve been out of the box so much I am more footage than that later
actually no it’s not it’s not what I was thinking it’s a different way it’s 50
bucks so and then here this should be an okapi TRX 202
so no one a box and say Nakamichi well the monomer rx – or – it’s not gonna
meet you some people just kiddin me know what you guys really want to buy is
dragon so dragons used to be like new $3.00 dollars and it would go use 4000
then in a time when nobody wanted cassettes you know dragons were gone for
like three four hundred bucks you couldn’t do them away now they’re back
to like 1500 three thousand depending on and guess what guys can you see that I’m
not gonna be cheap see right here yeah there it is yep
thisis what Thursday that’s that’s not gonna beat you were here so that’s gonna
go to store I’m gonna put like wow nobody will buy that no it’s gonna be a
lot of people complaining dealers cause to get mad so this is a game plan yeah
what we’re gonna do we’re gonna price this stuff really quick and then we’re
gonna make another video for you guys we’re gonna open up these locked boxes
so make sure to subscribe to their channel and some more stuff


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